Friday, February 26, 2010

Interview: Rocio Ponce and the Skins Spain Project.

Iwrote today my first interview for Skins, El blog, and I would love to share it with you... enjoy it!

Rocio Ponce has a gift, and is the gift of showing us the world through his eyes curious, always expectant to their environment. She began to dream about photography since her very youth, but her real interest was created with about 18 years, when she felt she wanted to live by this art. So she left her high school education and began the High Grade Art Photography at Barcelona.

How were your beginnings, so to speak, "formal" in the photograph?

I began to wonder being a photographer with some 18 or 19 years. By then I had a very basic camera and used Photoshop to make small changes. As I realized that I love this, I decided to quit school and started studying the grade Senior Art Photography, which I'm about to finish shortly.

And how you started to spread your work?

I've always hung my work in the network. At first I was worth of Fotolog, although later I began to use Deviantart and Flickr, the last one I think it's a great tool of dissemination. Internet is a useful tool for this, but also dangerous.

How do you usually focus your work?

As an aspiring fashion photographer, my works tend to be oriented to that world, but personally I like to do more artistic things, express feelings and the world around me through my photos, so that everyone can see the world as I see it.

I enjoy portraying people, especially when they express some feeling, something that is difficult at times. I also like to portray specific moments that make a situation or experience, which transport the viewer to that scenario. 

When did you start to see Skins and how did you come to realize this project?

I began to see the serie after reading an article that was about Cassie and anorexia, that piqued my curiosity. I had insisted to watch the series sometime ago, but when I read about the problems that it dealed and how well it portrays the reality I felt I needed to know more about it. I saw the first two seasons in just a couple of days, and now I recognize that I am totally hooked on the series, and that I love.

Anyway, I thought the project as a way to contribute something to the blog and the forum. I'm not very good at translating and write, but I can capture moments with my camera, so I thought this could be very interesting, entertaining pace.

What character do you think will be easier to find and portray?

Sid's going to be easy, particularly because we've found the perfect person to do it and I think he'll give the type, only need to characterize a little.

And the more complicated?

There are some complicated characters. I think Chris is going to cost a little, but undoubtedly the more difficult will be Toni, because he's very charismatic, with a very strong attitude, and all this must be reflect both the model and the photos. However, I'm sure Toni will find the perfect Spanish version.


What to do to participate in the project?

Well, in the forum you can find an open issue for this, but the basic requirements are hanging a picture, tell what character you look like or think you might have to take the hit and availability for moving to Barcelona for the session. When candidates get together all or almost all the characters, we'll do the official selection and after that, we'll begin with sessions.

And what can you tell our readers to encourage them to participate?

Well, this is a very nice, original and above all fun, done with love so that we spend a long time ... so do not be shy!

You can read this interview in spanish here.


  1. Si es que sus fotos son una maravilla :D

  2. Tengo que ver la serie de Skins ya! A ver si me pongo un día de estos!
    Muy buena la entrevista, me han gustado mucho las preguntas y sus respuestas, se ve una chica con las cosas muy claras y desde luego con muchísimo talento! Ya había visto su trabajo en la sesión de fotos en la que Laia hizo de estilista, y me había encantado!
    Me gustaría saber fotografía, es un mundo que siempre me atrajo... pero bueno, de momento me conformo con las cuatro chorradas que aprendí de photoshop en un curso de verano de diseño gráfico jeje
    Por cierto, estabas guapísima en el post anterior, con tu nuevo jersey y faldita de Sonia Rykiel... tengo que pasarme por H&M, aunque con lo pobre que soy mejor no, que me gasto los cuatro duros que me quedan jaja

    Ah, y yo también AMO a Tori Amos... y me da igual si me pega o no, la adoro, sobre todo el Little Earthquakes, uno de mis discos favoritos... un día le tengo que dedicar un post a ella

    1 besote!

  3. Mi fotografa favorita! x3 ROCIO MOLAS!

    PD: tienes un mail!

  4. That's such a great interview and that project sounds amazing! <3

  5. I love how gothicy her pics feel, definitely love her style...



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