Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Shoreline - Broder Daniel (About Swedish Poppare Culture)


Several months ago I found a girl in the fashion community Lookbook fascinated me. Her real name is Towe, but her nickname is Pandawhore, and soon I started to follow her blog, fascinated by her beauty and style.

I guess, after seeing this first picture, you will understand my fascination: that bouffant hair, sinister style of the 80s but with a perfect shaped bob, the impending monochrome outfit, makeup ... What was this? Where did it come from?
The answer came recently to me from the hand of Pandasoppa (Agnes), a Swedish thug lolita that I really love and who looked before as a Panda Poppare, the name of this Swedish subculture.The '90s was quite confusing in general aesthetic levels, but in Sweden, there was a teenager movement based on the music of Swedish indie bands such as Kent, Håkan Hellström, Mando Diao (minor) and, above all, Broder Daniel, from where the poppares take the aesthetic inspiration of drawing stars under her eyes, as Henrik Berggren used to do. 

It's funny 'cause I've been listening to Broder Daniel for a long time now, but I never stumbled into this subculture before, so bad for me :(!

They are also heavily influenced by the mods and slightly romantic air expressed in peter pan style collars often look in their dresses and blouses. The most used colours are white, black and sometimes red (in fact, part of why they are known as 'Pandas' is to use black and white in their clothing), and are inspired by the makeups that Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton used to wear in the 60s, with false eyelashes. Also, as I mentioned before, the most impressive of the look is her hair, that 'fake bob' fully carding yet perfectly curved and hairstyle. 

 Towe and Belle
 Hanna and Towe
Minna by Sophia Scalpel

Sadly, as the own Agnes (Pandasoppa) comments on the Tumblr dedicated to Poppare Panda, is that most of these people are no longer within the movement, and today is reduced to only a few brave (as Towe).

Anyway, a couple of weekends ago I tried to make my own tribute to these gorgeous girls (I really love the way they all look, seriously) but I failed miserably when trying combed hair ... I have too much, too long! Even with tutorial videos, I think I need some advice for improving this (as of course, I'll try to do it again). 

We were painting our house, so it was a little mess everywhere you looked... Anyway, all the things I was wearing are really old: the pinafore dress was from Zara, ages ago. The t-shirt and tights are from H&M and the shoes were off-brand... and I talk in past 'cause they died that night :(!! They were really old, like 10 years or more (in some way they're almost my first Lolita shoes).

So, did you know about this subculture? What do you think about them?

All images are taken from Fuck Yeah Poppare Tumblr.


  1. Cariño, esto solo se consigue con MÁS LACA TODAVIA. Cuando vi el video que pusite en el FB pensé que la chica en cuestion tenía muy poco pelo. Aii, españolas, que le vamos a hacer?

  2. Siempre he amado el estilo monocromático, así que cuando vi este post dije: "Ahhh por fin una explicación de este trend!!!"

  3. hace un par de años mi padre me conto que habia gente se vestia solo de blanco y negro.

    una vez me puse a buscar y habia dado con esta moda se lo mostre a mi padre y me dijo que era esta... no tego ni idea si es nueva o no, o simplemente mi padre me mintio y le dio justo en el palo XD pero me llamo la atencion que me contara mi padre sobre esto :S

  4. Pues sinceramente, me gusta más como queda tu pelo que el de las otras chicas. Están genial pero el aire desenfadado que te ha quedado mola tela *__* venía a preguntarte como lo has hecho xD

  5. graciasss en unos días colgaré ya todo, es un pequeño proyecto que empecé en mayo nada menos, jeje.

    No conocía este movimiento, que post tan interesante, Libertad. Viendo las fotos aseguraría haber visto algo antes, pero al no saber que se trataba de una subcultura, había pasado ante mis ojos como unas lolitas góticas con el pelo cardado a lo retro. Justo hace un tiempo que tengo ganas de aprovechar alguna fiesta y experimentar con mi pelo algo parecido, aunque no tan bestia, jeje, además seguro que me pasaría como a tí, tengo mucha melena y necesitaría mucha laca :P

  6. Estas espectacular!!!

    Yo creo que sobre todo la máxima dificultad esta en lo que al cardado alisado se refiere :O. Y no me digas porque pero yo veo un conjunto loli con ese tipo de peinado una muy buena combinación XD

  7. Yo también lo pregunto XD: ¿Cómo se hace? O__O XDD

  8. Hello!
    I found your blog randomly and I think it's great that you decided to pay a tribute to the panda pop-culture! there still are a few poppare, in which I am a part of, but I have too short hair to style it like panda, but I have this black wig that I've made look big!
    But I think I'm more like a poppare by my clothes and music, though when my hair grows out a bit, I'm going to go back to style it panda-like, as I did from the age of 15-17. :)

    1. Hi Linnea, and thank you for your lovely comment <3! I really love Pandas, I find you fascinated not only because your appearance, but also for all the music movement that contains... I'm so happy to know that there are still Pandas in Sweden... maybe one day I'll go there and meet you all, yaw <3!


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