Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday inspiration: Happy anniversary, Twiggy!

Hi everyone! It's been a few days without writting, but I'm back! I've been a little bit busy!

But before we talk a little about my week, I'd like to share with you some pictures of twiggy in honor of its sixtieth anniversary.

Twiggy is still today one of the most charismatic and groundbreaking women on the planet. In the sixties her image and innovative mod look broke with the previously established stereotype. While I have always found extremely thin, also I find it fascinating and beautiful woman.

Congratulations on your sixtieth anniversary, Twiggy!

Also, looking for pictures of the famous model, I met Mary Quant gaps and designs that I love ... and that makes me think of a dress I saw the other day and you can buy me, because I love it!

The Stones with a Patty Boyd wearin a Mary Quant dress.

And I can not speak of the sixties without mentioning my great idol, Davi Bowie ... how handsome he was! Do you know that my father looked like he was young? Let's see if I look a picture.

On Tuesday we went to Sabadell Nati's birthday at a Japanese restaurant that was not bad, though they wanted us to eat more sushi than recommended for your health!

Dress - H&M
Tights - Calzedonia
T-straps - Promod second hand
(Yes, my new hair color is darken but in my room there's no light, so it looks like almost black and it's not like this!)

On Wednesday I went to Ikea with Stefani, Mareen and Martina, my roommates, and we bought many things for our rooms and for general household: candles, blankets, dried flowers ... I will come back yet again find a shelf ... and to buy more meatballs! I love Ikea food!

And yesterday was raining all day until nearly night. Esther, Elena and I had a coffee before lunch, while we were waiting to Laia for going to the new Cos shop (a branch of H & M) that have opened in Barcelona. They have beautiful clothes, though a little expensive for my pocket. We were also trying on clothes in Adolfo Dominguez.

Afterhaving lunch and taking a walk in the rain, at which point I got soaked, I was with Kim, Esther's boyfriend, who is a filmmaker and a while we were talking about lot of things.

Finally I returned home, but before I bought socks imitation Miracle Angelic Pretty Candy ... I laughed a lot to see and to me I had to take!

This afternoon I will stay home until 7, as I have to send an email to try to attend the Tea Pary of Baby the Stars Shine Bright at that hour, Wish me luck!

PS: My look of yesterday! I was wearing a coat too and my red umbrella!

Tshirt - Bershka (it's really old!)
Skirt - Bershka
Tights and socks - Calzedonia
Shoes - Bodyline
Headbow - Calire's

Yes, I must change my posture for pictures, hahaha!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Let them eat... crêpes! ♥

Hi everyone! How was your Monday! Mine was really good!

Yesterday was a busy day. Early in the morning, I went to the airport to pick up a suitcase that my mother's boyfriend, who is working near Barcelona, get from Algeciras to me.

Then I ran home to get ready, as it had been for lunch with Vanessa, and what is my surprise that when I got to Plaza Catalunya she was with Yayra!

We had lunch at Quicks, a fantastic burger, and then we had coffee ... and to my surprise, Vanessa brought me some gifts! A card game The Macmillan Alice ~ Putumayo; from Japan! And the album and EP from her boyfriend's group, The Last 3 Line.

Then I was with a fantastic cafeteria Laia specializing in crêpes, we are looking for a venue for the Tea Party Baby the Stars Shine Bright, and it seems a great place to do it ... well, everything was great!


Laia eating a gorgeous crêpe!

Then we were looking at clothes in Blanco, Topshop and vintage shops in the centre of Barcelona ... I found a pair of interesting things in a mod shop... they've got Ben Shermans' shirts, great! And there were lovely vintage skirts in another shop... I must investigate that street!

And slightly more for a Monday!

Ant today, Tuesday, I've got a Birthday party... I'll tell you about it tomorrow!

Thanks for reading! I hope you pass a great Tuesday!

PS: My outfit for today!

Sweater- Trakabarraka
Skirt - H&M
Tights - Calzedonia
Socks - Oysho
Boots - Offbrand (almost vintage)
Beret - Primark
Brooch - Vintage

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dreaming with fairies...

Hello everyone! I hope that you all had a great weekend; mine was really nice!

On Friday, Cris came home just for cutting my hair and we met Esther and had a very great evening chatting and drinking coffee. Then, on Saturday, I went into Tamar's shop and talked about what we're doing on the next Salón del Manga de Barcelona next week. By the way, maybe I may participate in a debate about Lolita fashion in Spain and Japan, I think it will be very interesting.

All afternoon we talked yet working, preparing things to sell at this event; and then, at night, I went to a party with Micky, Sergio and Mario, where there were playing two cool rock groups; we had a great time!

This is how I looked on Saturday!

T-shirt - Pull&Bear
Skirt - Putumayo
Tights - Primark
Socks - Blanco
Shoes - Bodyline
Hairclip - Offbrand
Brooke - La virgen de los broches

Today I spent the whole day with my friend Alejandro, he's from the same town as me and has been friends for many years. We had lunch at a Japanese restaurant that I love; the Sushi-ya, and then we went to the El Bosc de Fades, a lovely cafe next to the wax museum. It is decorated in a magical way, judging by the photos!

At the city centre! I was wearing:
Brow top from Bershka (second hand)
Miniskirt from Mango (second hand too)
Socks from Calzedonia
My lovely brow t-strap shoes that I bought at Granada!
Bag from a Disney store (it was so cute!)
Sunglasses from Claire's

At the entrance of the Cafe.

My lovely Alejandro!

You may not know, but I love fairies, mythology and stories, and this place is wonderful, all its essence reminds you of that magical world.

After this, we went to the Maremagnum, a big Shopping mall that opens on Sunday; I bought this headband with feathers for hair, I thought it was hilarious! I hope to use it the next day 22, I'll go with Laia to the store opening!

I hope that tomorrow you may have a great Monday!


Friday, October 16, 2009

Sagrada Familia and Gracia.

Yesterday I spent the day in the neighbourhood of Gracia and the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. It had been many years since I visited the Sagrada Familia, but nothing has changed since the last time I was ... or how beautiful it is ... or cranes! Never finished it, argh!


In the Gracia district, I bought this book, which cost me € 10 due to the 25th-anniversary edition from Taschen, one of my favourites. The book is very interesting and complete, I highly recommend it! Talk about all the great designers of the fashion world, from Karl to Slimane or Galiano. 

I also photographed the graffiti, I must return to that store when it is open.

At night we went to the photo exhibition, and to our surprise ... had not exposed the pictures of our friends! I was very disappointed and sad for her especially since she hadn't been warned about it... at least they'll be posted at her school, although it seems unfair that exposed jobs of less quality than hers. Actually, I only liked this one...

And my outfit yesterday.
Ramones' T-shirt - Zara
Skirt - H&M
Tights - Zara
Boots - H&M
Bow - Primark

Today I'll meet Cris, who's going to cut my hair; and Esther... I hope you all have a great evening!

And congratulations to Laia, who wins the Wish Wish Wish giveaway!! :*!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

But fortunately, I'm alive...!

After almost a week without updating, I am finally installed in my new house and could say that I have spent almost a week in Barcelona, despite having spent the weekend away. 

I live in an apartment with two girls, Stefani, from Belgium, and Mareen, from Norway. Both are lovely and we get along very well.

We have been in a house in the forest spending the weekend, and I really enjoyed it. The house was beautiful and very big, and we were in the middle of the mountains, so you can imagine the number of photos I've taken from the forest. 

Here I show you a few.


And I leave you with a couple of pictures of my new room, which I am slowly decorating, and vintage brooches I bought this weekend, are very nice.


So well... I think that finally, I'm back :)! Thanks for all your lovely comments at my last post, I'll answer them all in a while!!

And thanks for reading this too!!

Have a nice evening!