Monday, October 05, 2009

Granada: Last days

Hi there everyone!

Do you know? I am with insomnia. I can not sleep how nervous I am about what's ahead in the coming days ... update so late at night!

The problem is that I'm a little sad to see these photos and remember many things that I have lived in Granada. He left behind many who love you and I am a bit sad ... but I'm sure in a few months will smile, remembering all this and look at these pictures!

Rubén and Jairo at Six Colours

Me with Jairo at Vogue.

Some views of Granada... the grafitti is made by "El niño de las pinturas", also know as Sex... one of the best ever!

Jan, Sete and Jairo having dinner on tuesday.

The German partner of Jairo, Jan, prepared us on Tuesday evening a delicious pasta with tomato, garlic and shrimp. It was a great farewell dinner.I'll miss them all!

Indeed, as you can see, I changed the background and the header of the blog, I have done a girlfriend, Cat .. the truth is that I love the background, but the header doesn't convinced me... but well, they're doing something different to see which one fits best.

So well, now I must go to sleep, tomorrow I must do some important things... good night & good morning to you all... have a nice day!


  1. Awwwww *hugs* I hope you sleep better soon!

    Love the pictures.

    Hope you had a good weekend.

    I like the header + background.


  2. k monosa!! te lo abras pasado bien eh? x3
    descansa guapa :3!

  3. los últimos días hay que aprovecharlos bien... luego se echa todo de menos! al menos a mí me pasa

    guapa :)


  4. Nice pictures !

  5. que bonitas las fotos de granada :)
    pues el bombin es de ahora de H&M y también lo hay en color camel
    1 besazo

  6. Me gusta la foto de la farola :) Muás!

  7. i lvoe the new layout
    loving the photos too :)

    I'm excited for ur journey too :D

  8. That building behind me is actually a high school:) Love the look of it:)
    ANd thank you so much for your vote!:)

    On the other note, these are such great photos! You look so fab on that second one!
    Great background for the blog:)

  9. Me gusta mucho el nuevo header!

    Pff no me puedo ni imaginar lo nerviosa que debes de estar xDD ya nos veremos un día de estos, y si vienes a la Feli avísame!!! :)

    aysss he dormido poquísimo esta noche y estoy super espesa, me voy a cenar y a dormir, besitos preciosa!!

  10. Your new header is amazing. I think you should definitely keep it!! And the background is gorgeous.

    I also get insomnia when I have a lot on my mind that I'm worrying about. The best thing you can do is before bed make a list of everything that's bothering you and keep the list next to your bed. If you wake up and think of anything else, just quickly add it to the list.

    So many gorgeous pictures. It's hard to leave things behind that we love.

  11. WOWWOWOOW thats a really pretty picture of you, and that headpiece is so toally fabulous!!!


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