Tuesday, October 03, 2017

The Ghost of You

I saw corpses cut in pieces and inside bottles, corpses from other time, another century, that showed how Nature can also be wrong when experimenting. That made me think that we are just one of her errors, maybe the more lethal she's ever made; that's why she's rebelling against us (Against us? Maybe she's only trying to save what's left of her broken heart). 

Most of the time I believe that we're a plague, the real plague that's destroying Earth. And that makes me feel sad because I've always dreamt about what's behind the stars. I always thought we will discover what's outside our Galaxy, or through a Black Hole. But nowadays, instead of dreaming with great achievements, I dream with the ghosts of the past. What we've done, what we're still doing. 

And while thinking about the past my mind does also with those ghosts that scare us in the middle of the forest at night, what they're trying to say to us. I guess that is something like 'It is not too late, turn around. You can still save yourselves, save us all'. But we never listen. We never care. 

I guess that if anyone's ghost should shout to me, that's the Ghost of You. 

Last week I could visit the Vrolik Museum, a little space at the  Academisch Medisch Centrum in Amsterdam, paradise for those who love Anatomy and diseases related with the human body and its development. It's not aloud to take photos in there, but worth it to visit!