Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So, this is what you wanted to know!

First of all, thank you so much for such a bunch of good questions! I didn't expected so much of them, I'm so happy and I hope I would answer them all!

And I'll do a post as Naka asked me to do!

So, here we go!

 A polaroid from the last Lovely Flea Market
Answers, this way, please!

1. When did you start to get yourself into the fashion world? What was the first thing that caught your attention?

I've been always interested in fashion. When I was a little girl (about 7-8 years old) I knew about designers as Agatha Ruiz de la Prada or Coco Chanel. But it was when I was thirteen years old that I realized that I love this world so much. In that time I discovered Vogue Magazine thanks to a Annie Leibovitz and a gorgeous editorial mades with models and cats wich looked like giants. So I started to read that magazine, and dreamed about working in there.

2. In this moment, in an outfit what is more important, the clothes or the accessories that you combine?

I think that the accessories  are the most important things in a outfit. You can wear the same dress thousand of times, but using some different shoes, bags, hats, necklaces, etc; you can change it a lot. And if you wear a great dress but with the inappropriate accessories, you can destroy it all!

This editorial by Grace Coddintong was creatind due to the accesories, because the clothes were from 2007!

 3. Why do you post all in english and never in spanish, though you're a spanish girl (am I wrong?)?
Sometimes I write in spanish, but it's true that I always write in english because I want that many people understand me, and nowadays english is the "universal" language. Moreover, is a good way for improve my writting english skills; I'm so good talking in english, but not so good writting!

4. What's your favourite music type?
Wow, difficult one. I thin I haven't got a favourite type of music, due I love lots of different bands and musicians. Maybe some rock, as my favourite bands are The Smashing Pumpkins, Maxïmo Park and Mando Diao; but I love Dead Can dance too, Beirut, Joy Division, The Kinks, David Bowie, The Cure, Sigur Ros or Florence and The Machine... there's no special music type on my iPod!
Maxïmo Park, The Kinks, Florence...

5. What's your favourite video?

I assume that you're asking about music... it's a difficult too! It changes by time because I love so much videos and bands, but at the moment (and due to my Mori Girls passion) I think it's  Glosoli, by Sigur Ros. It always makes me cry.

6. Which foreign countries have you visited so far? which was your favourite?

I've been in Portugal (Algarve and Lisbon city), United Kingdom, Hungary (Budapest), Germany (Berlin), Holland (Amsterdam) and Morocco. When I was travelling by bus to Hungary I saw thousand of wonderful places, but I cannot count them as "being" there. Despite I've been living in the United Kingdom, my favourite place from all these ones was Berlin, without doubt. That city changed my life and my point of view about almost everything.
Last January at Berlin

7. For some reason, I never seem to read about your love life. Are you with someone? Anything juicy to share with us?
Hahaha! So lovely! Well, i don't like to talk about my private life, but sometimes I've say around here that I've got a boyfriend, and for almost two years right now! His name's Micky and he works in a comic store, but he makes some toy art and illustrations in his free time. He's so great and I really love him so much; I don't know if destiny has something prepared to us, but at the moment I feel so great with him ^_^

8. A film, a song and a poem.

A film: In the Name of the Father
A song: Good morning, herr host, by Mando Diao.

A Poem: A Margarita Debaile, by Ruben Dario. It's my favourite poem over all, my mother used to read it for me every night when I was a little girl.

9. What do you love in your life?
All the wonderful people I've meet and from who I learned, good things and bad things. From my family to the latest persons I've met, I really believe that everybody teach us something in our lifes.

10. What thing don't you change never?
 Everybody says about me that I'm a really brave person, because I'm not afraid of doing things alone in my life (like moving from one city to another alone, for example); so I guess that I always want to be so brave.

11. Are you really happy?
At the moment it could be better, but yes, I'm happy. And I'll be more happier, I know :)

12. What is your favourite clothes?
I guess that dresses, all kind of dresses! I love them so much, specially if they've got a fluffy skirt!

13. You know, for some reason, even if I've been reading your blog for a long time, I can't seem to remember what exactly you do. I know that you are just finishing your degree in fashion (I believe?) and that you're doing your final project. Though, could you tell a little more about that, and if you do anything else at the same time?
I'm a psychologist, but I've been studying a Coolhunting degree for Fashion Industry for about six months. I ended it last week (finally!), so at the moment I'm searching for a job... and I wish I could get one soon, I need it!

14. I'd like to know where you see yourself in one, three, five and ten years. 
 In one year, maybe I'll be here, at Barcelona. in three years, maybe in Berlin or Stockholm. In five and ten years, Stockholm, Stockholm. I want to move to that city with all my soul, it's where I want to raise a family and live until I'm old. And if it is working in what I like, better!

15. Why did you started your blog?
At the very beginning, it was a place where I could express my poetry and feelings, and I was writting it in spanish; but about a year ago I started to write about fashion and my daily life because it was a very sad place, and I didn't want to look like a sad person, because I'm not; so I started to do what I do now, trying to write about inspiration and happy things.  Of course not everything in my life is happiness, but there's lot of bad things outside there, so why I sould share sad things? the world is full of gorgeous things too, and posting the good things that happens in my life makes me appreciate them more.

16. What fashion style do you think is the predominant right now?
It depends on where you look, but on the streets it's summer, and I see lots of floral prints and beach style in the streets of Barcelona; but also some romantic looks with straw hats and lovely dresses. I think that in the future we'll go into a minimalistic style, due to all the extreme styles we've seen in the first decade of the new century.

17. What do you do now and what do you want to dedicate in the future?
As I said before, at the moment I'm searching for a job, but also I'm writting for some trend webs, as or Trend Hunter; I'm a part of Vice Bloggers Network and I've made some collaborations with some magazines as Showdown magazine or My Buffer Guest.  In the future, I'll like to work as a coolhunter, of course, and maybe writting for some fashion magazines, not only about fashion trends, but about social trends too.

18. Wich hair dye do you use?
Actually I use the light red from L'Oreal Excellence (I think that's the name), but I'm thinking about using something more orage... what do you think?

19. Which geographic region most influences your style?
Japan and Sweden; I've got two inspiration folders on my computer with pictures of both countries and bloggers, magazines and clothes from both places.
Some of my inspiration: Dolly Fashion, Mori Girls, Elsa Billgren, Elin Johnson, Sandra Beijer...

20. What do you like most about underground fashion?
The feeling about there's no rules on it; no matter what you use, it's always changing; and that's the most greatest thing about it!

21. How importat to you is having a blog?
Well, now it's a part of my life, because thanks to my blog I've met lots of gorgeous people from all around the world, and not as in facebook or another social network; blogging is an exchange of experiences with those fantastic persons, a way of learning more about others that social networks cannot provide right now.

22. What is, if you have a defined one, your philosophy of life? How does your day to day bases?
I base my daily life in two wimple quotes:

"Don't imitate, innovate", by Hugo Boss
"Wonder is the essence of life", by M.C. Escher.

For me, these two things are the most important in life, and I repeat to me everyday, tryinf to find something that wonders me and trying to find originality.

So, here you've got, I hope you enjoyed reading this as I did answering!! And thanks again!!


  1. This was such a cute entry! It was like a mini interview. GLOSOLI IS MY FAVOURITE VIDEO EVER, TOO. :))))

  2. Que bonito esta entrada *___*
    gracias por contestar las mías XD.
    Por cierto que cute sale tu novio con ese peluchin jeejeje.
    mm ojalá pueda conocerte algún día, sobre todo si andas por Alemania, ya que ese país es uno de mis intereses, solo conosco Hamburgo, pero a ver si voy a Berlin alguna vez ;)


  3. You are an inspiration.
    Gracias corazón!!
    Un abrazo tan fuerte como lo necesites y random kindness!!
    No te sigo, te espero con impaciencia...

  4. Me ha gustado poder conocerte un poco más.
    Te "veo" sencilla, agradable y simpática (aún más, después de leer este post).

  5. oakjfajsfajf una foto de polaroid Y__Y!!!
    a mi se me ha acabado el papel y no encuentro por ningún lado~~!

    Menuda pedazo de entrada eh! me ha encantado, de verdad ^^
    Voy conociendote poquito a poco, hahaha.

  6. i love your detailed answers :3 it was great to read and i lvoe the photo of u in berlin :3

  7. Yo hace tiempo que te leo, pero es la primera vez que nos cuentas tantas cosas sobre ti.
    Me suena mucho tu cara, logicamente con el pelo y el estilo tan peculiar, si te he visto alguna vez por Bcn, me suenas por eso ( y por mucho que digan lo grande que es Bcn- mentira! Me encuentro mil conocidos por todos lados:)))

    Me han gustado tus respuestas.


  8. Oh, the more I read about you, the more I love you!

    And thank you for answering my question, it's lovely to hear of how happy you are with your boy too! Fate definitely has something big in store for you both:)


  9. me ha encantado leerte, tantos detalles interesantes, es divertido conocer un poco más a quienes leemos en sus blogs!
    Y creo que tu color es muy bonito, y va genial con tu tono de piel. Y yo estoy cansada del cobrizo-anaranjado, así que de ahí la pregunta, jéjé!
    besos y gracias por todo!

  10. Libertad!!!! Qué chula entrevista. Ahora te conozco "un huevo" más!!! :)))) Está muy bien y me ha encantado conocerte. Seguro que tus sueños se hacen realidad.¿Algo de curro por el horizonte?

    B* a la Moda

  11. A pesar de no haber preguntado nada me han gustado mucho tus respuestas. Estocolmo, aiss qué ciudad, me enamoró

  12. I really enjoyed reading this and learning more about you! You seem like a really cool person :)

  13. awesome to read more about you.
    you should visit me in STHLM ;-)

  14. nice post & good blog, i think u must try this site to increase traffic. have a nice day !!!


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