Friday, July 23, 2010

Oh boy, you make me feel like...!

Last week, Laia and I receive a wondeful package from Sweden full of cute things: candies, tea, a lovely postcard, animal toys, a crown and a little Eiffel Tower. It all were presents from lovely Sandra Beijer, the girl behind Niotillfem. Sometime ago we sent a lovely package to her and she sent us back all these cute things!

But not only we receive this; my lovely Vane brought us some french macaroons from Paris Ladureé. It was the first time I was eating these macaroons, and I must say that the raspberry and vanilla one were my favourites!!

They were a little bit broken but so delicious anyway!!

Among other things, sweet Naka gave me another wonderful award:

So I have to tell you about 10 things that I like... here you've got!

1. Rain

2. Music

3. Vanilla

4. Cats

5. Cute shoes

6. Hello Kitty

7. Fenec Foxes

8. Sushi

9. Daisies

10. Cold.

So I want to nominate:

Pandore, from One girl from Paris;
Laia, from Let me feel like a doll;
and Mo, from Me, Mo and Myself.

And one thing more: I add some pages on the top of the blog, under the header, as you can see. And as I made some changes, I want to ask you if there's something you would like to see/read at my blog.
Is there something you misse on it? Something you would like to read about? I think that sometime's goo asking you for improving it :)

Thank you so much for being there, lovely people!!


  1. Que ricooo macarons ^^ yo solo he probado en alemania ajajaja, ansio mucho ir a paris.

    Ese zorrito no lo conocia O_o, que cute.


  2. Oh, thanks for the award! I will do it soon ^3^/
    If you come to Paris one day, you will have to go to Sadaharu Aoki Patisseries, their macarons are even better than the Ladurée's ones!!! Mixing japanese and french recipes *O*
    Kisses!! ;)

  3. the cute mouthwatering macaroons!

    congratz on your award

    come visit my blog and let's exchange link! :)

  4. That package looks so cute! I love all of those things, too, except daisies. :o

  5. oooo Thank you soooooooo much !!!! that's so nice of you !!

    those shoes are crazy adorable !!

    That's fun, i think vanilla and rasberry are my favorite Ladurée macarons too !!

  6. Waaa! cuantas cosas ricas ^.^

  7. Me gustan los macarons! que ricos! Quiero volver a Paris yaaaaaaaaa!
    Un besote!

  8. oh those shoes are so cute and lovely package ^^ and thank you for doing the award ^^

  9. Mmmm...qué montón de cosas ricas...
    Feliz fin de semana.

  10. Qué bueno! M eha gustado ese post. Menudo regalito te llegó! Los macarrons esos, a ver si pruebo los auténticos en Paris en agosto porque los que porbñe en MAdrid no me parecieron para tanto...

    B* a la Moda

  11. es genial entrar en contacto con gente a través del MundoBlog,
    Y ya tengo curiosidad por los famosos macarons!


  12. I love Sandra's blog! How lovely that she sent you a package back. And I've never had macarons, but I would so love to try them. I see them everywhere on blogs (:

  13. Todavía me pregunto cómo leches te puede encantar y hacerte feliz la lluvia... pues nada, reitero la invitación de que te vengas una temporadita a Coruña. Ahora mismo no, porque este verano, ¡increiblemente! está haciendo muy buen tiempo y no llueve casi nada... pero menudo otoño-invierno-primavera hemos tenido... y seguramente no tarden en volver las lluvias, este verano es sólo un espejismo jajaja
    Pero bueno, en el resto de cosas coincidimos bastante... a mí no es que me encante el frío polar pero lo prefiero al calor achicharrante, y me encantan esos zapatos que has puesto. Si la palabra cute pudiese representar a unos zapatos, serían esos sin duda!! Y los macaroons son riquísimos... y eso que yo sólo probé los congelados del Lidl, si tomo unos parisinos seguro que me gustan mucho más

    1 beso!

    P.D. espero que estos regalitos te hayan animado un poco :)


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