Monday, July 26, 2010

Interview: Elsa Billgren (Need help dressing?), the redish vintage queen.

I'm so happy today about sharing this interview to all of you, because Elsa is one of my muses. I love her not only for being the most beautiful redish girl around the net, but also because her love for vintage clothes, specially dresses.

Elsa is a gorgeous woman who works for Beyond Retro, writes for swedish Elle Magazine and has a progam in the swedish tv, where you can see her showing some amazing vintage shops.

She was recently married with a handsome man who makes her always smile, the wolf -as she likes to call him-; and I can assure you that her wedding was one of the most beautiful I've ever seen.

As you can see, I don't have words for saying how amazing I think Elsa is... but...

Thank you so much for accepting doing this interview, Elsa! First of all, could you please tell us who you are and a brief description of you?
A: I'm a 24 year old married and vintageloving girl from Stockholm who can not live without high heeld shoes and strawberries.

Oh, I cannot live without them too...!What do you do? What do you like to dedicate?
A: I love to picnic in the park, mostly everything that you can do outside in the summer time. I love to cook and have friends over so we can play cards and drink wine.

Can you talk a little about your interests?
A: My main intrest is vintage fashion. I work as Press and PR officer for Beyond Retro Sweden and a dedicate all my time to beautiful things. I love to shop old stuff I don't need and then just take pictures of it.

That's a great hobby, haha! Ok, so, tell us a book, an album and a movie without which you could not live.
A: I read Tintin when I travel, maybe it's not a book, but close enough... I listen a lot to JJ's latest album and I think I watched Edward Scjssorhands about a hundered times.

Would you share with us a memory that makes you smile?
A: I will never forget my wedding day. It was a rainy saturday in May and now I will always think about how happy I was that day when the rain falls in May.

Any favorite quote?
A: "A career is wonderful, but you can't curl up with it on a cold night." - Marilyn Monroe

So, talking a little bit about fashion, at what age did your get interested in the fashion world?
A: When I was about thirteen I think. But it wasn't pretty...

That's really difficult to imagine for me! Could you explain us a bit what has been the evolution of your image?
A: I was white trash when I was young. Horrible outfits that showed to much. But then I saw a movie with marilyn and I was hooked.

How would you describe your actual style?
A: Like a young girl trapped in a Disney movie from the sixties mixed with a german woman who bakes cinnamon buns.

What inspire you in choosing your clothes? Do you follow a pattern to match your clothes or just choose randomly?
A: I just buy stuff I think are beautiful. They are often in bright colors and in cotton.

Where do you usually get your clothes? Do you customize or sew any garment to you?
A: I buy almost all my clothes from Beyond Retro. I do put a bit more money on shoes and I just love Sonia Rykiel!

Sonia Rykiel is one of my favourites too, I adore her! Have you got any special obsession (like shoes, bows, skirts...)?
A: Dresses. I only have dresses. Not a single pair of jeans and that's the trouth!

I think that all the people who reads your blog already knew that! Ok, so now, about blogging... When and why did you decide to start writing a blog?
A: Swedish Elle magazine asked me in december 2008. They got in touch with me from my work with vintage fashion and said they needed someone just like me.

What do you want to express with your blog? Do you think it adds anything to the people who read it?
A: It should be an inspiration and an opposite to all the blogs out there who makes you feel worse about yourself. It shoul be beautiful, colorful and honest.

That's so honest, and makes me say "tahnk you" to you again!
As you may know, you're such a great inspiration for people all around the world -as me-; what do you feel when someone says you are his/her inspiration? What would you say to those people?
A: I get surprised and flattered every time! They are the reason I love blogging so much! It gives me strength to proceed and continue wanting to give people positive energy!

What do you think about the actual Bloggers' world? Do you think they've got some influence into the fashion world? In wich way do you think they make the fashion world evolve?
A: I don't read a lot of blogs accually. I just read my friends blogs. It's very easy to be judgemental towards all the young girls who write about fashion and their lifes. Internet is a harsh place. I'm not vety interested in trends and fashion. I like people more.

Have you had some experience with any fashion or beauty brand for being a bloggers, just to promote them? Wich ones? How it was?
A: A lot of companys send you stuff. I don't write about anything I don't just love. It would chabnge my blog into something else.

How did you started to colaborate with Elle Magazine? Do you think that promote bloggers between magazines is a good idea?
A: I worked with Elle before I starded to blog. I borrowed out a lot of clothes for photo shoots. Working wioth Elle has been pure joy!

About your recent entry of the desing of bowties, how was the collaboration with Flugorna? Have you done something like this before? Would you like to do this kind of things more often?
A: They asked me if I wanted to design bowties ages ago, in my early blogging days. I said yes because I didn't get a lot of proposals like that. Now a days a get a lot and I try to be careful with what I do. I do love the bowties though and really enjoy illustrating patterns!

And finally (but not less important), tell us a tip for your readers (a tip for their lifes, for the fashion bloggers' world or whatever you want to say to them.
A: Don't take life to serious. Enjoy yourself and spend time with only people you love. Surround yourself with beautiful things and never let anyone tell you you're not fab. You are. Abfab.

Thank you so much, Elsa!!

You cannot imagine how happy and inspired I was when I made this interview, it was really great for my final project and I learned a lot about this gorgeous woman!

So... did you know about Elsa?

PS: By the way, I'm thinking too seriously about moving into Sweden... so, if there is some swedish readers around here or people who lives there, could you please tell me a little bit about living there and working? I really would love moving into Stockholm, but I don't know if there's a job for a psychologist and coolhunter as me (with poor swedish but excellent english and a little bit of german!)
I would really appreciate any comment about it!!


  1. I love Elsa! She's one of my favorite inspirations, too. Thank you for this interview, it was so nice to read and to find out more about her! Such a beautiful spirit (:

  2. No sabia de ella *__* que emocionante leer y encontrar otra inspiracion en el mundo de la moda!!
    buen trabajo saha


  3. That interview was really lovely! My tip to you. Never underestimate Stockholm! i live in a small town far far away from Stockholm but these few days every year i spend my time there are like heaven:)

  4. soy de suecia, tengo unos amigos de inglaterra y espana que trabajan en estocolmo y no hablan sueco. pienso que es posible para ti tambien.

  5. i love her hair and beautiful dresses :3

  6. Me encanta Elsa, es de mis favoritas en el mundo blogger.

    Estocolmo es precioso, estuve en Enero y me enamoré, creo que es un sitio precioso para vivir, pero en cuanto al curro no tengo ni idea de como andará la cosa.

    Malta es curioso, es una amalgama entre Europa y África, eso sí, ahora que lo sé iría en primavera, que ahora en verano casi muero de calor. Haré un post con fotos que saqué alli cuando la pereza me permita descargarlas de la cámara jejeje

  7. me ha encantado la entrevista! yo tp sabia de ella!! pero la verdad sk me recuerda mucho ati! con ese rollo y ese estilo tna inconfundibles! un bso guapaamiaa

  8. Toda ella es puro amor, pero el paraguas y los calcetines de piano me han matado!!!! *o*

  9. pues no conocía a esta chica, pero me ha gustado mucho leer sus respuestas y su opinión sobre la moda, y por supuesto me ha encantado su estilo. Además por regla general me encantan las chicas pelirrojas, como mi querida Tori.
    ¿Así que piensas irte a Suecia¿ pues a ver si tienes suerte y allí puedes encontrar algo, yo creo que siendo psicologa y coolhunter, con tu nivel de inglés y sobre todo el talento y la iniciativa que tienes, y esas ganas de descubrir cosas nuevas, seguro que encuentras algo. La verdad es que por aquí las cosas no están nada bien, y menos para las personas creativas como nosotros. Los pocos trabajos que hay son de vendedor, o administrativo o técnico o cosas orientadas más a las mentalidades comerciales o "prácticas". Ay, no se puede ser artista! jaja

    1 beso

  10. Elsa is certainly in my top 5 favorite bloggers ever. If not #1!

    How lovely that she did this interview on your blog :) great post!


  11. No conocía a Elsa, pero ahora y gracias a tí la conozco; aunque no especificas su blog.
    Te quiero alegre y feliz ok???
    Te abrazo fuerte desde berlin

  12. OMG I adore Elsa!!Another wonderful interview,Libe!!!
    I only wear dresses(frocks)too!!

  13. Libertad, yo llevo más de 15 años aquí.
    Tiene sus ventajas y sus inconvenientes como la mayoría de los países.
    Cualquier pregunta concreta que tengas, estaré encantada de ayudarte.
    Un slaudo.

  14. Before considering moving to Sweden, you should definitely take a long holiday there first.

    I'm from Denmark, and while i must admit that it sometimes seems like everything is 'happening' in Stockholm, i would never be able to live there.

    First of all, the Swedes are very restraint - politically correct, and I think it has to do with the puritanistic movements they've had over there, which has resulted in the fact that it is illiegal to buy alcohol in supermarkets and kiosk. It is entirely controlled by the government - and so is alot of other things!

    I could imagine it would be an even bigger difference, when you're from Spain, since it is a very 'warm' country.

    By being there, I quickly get annoyed by how shallow it seems keeping a 'straight face' all the time. Most of the Swedish people i know, spend hours and hours getting ready (less time to have fun and let loose).

    But thats just my opinion.

  15. Well it's an amazing city! There are so many amazing stores, coffeshops,restaurants and parks among some things. It is such a beautiful city. I love love love Stockholm but it takes a while to get to know the city by heart. But when you do it gets even better.

    But I must agree with Danielle the people in Stockholm and in Sweden in general aren't very outgoing and social. People here tend to keep to themselves and the people they already know. Which sometimes is very frustrating. (I'm not saying that every one in Stockholm is this way)

  16. Danielle, I really didn´t think denmark was that different from sweden. I am swedish, and yes we are upthight, but I just always thought you in denmark were to ;)

  17. Everything works and is quite easy in sweden, and it's very safe, which is what i love. Psychologists are needed. Two things to consider though. 1. It's almost impossble to find an apartment in Stockholm if you don't have money enough to buy one. And Stockholm is wonderful if you live in the city-area, not so great if you live more than ten minutes away with the tube.
    2. The weather. October-March it is AWFUL.

  18. vad gosig läsning och vackra bilder. Elsa är så fin.

  19. I'm Swedish and I have actually lived in Barcelona for a couple of months. I'm from south of Sweden and when I was 18 I moved to Stockholm. Like someone else mentioned before, it's really, really hard to find a place to stay there. Even shared flats. This makes it really hard to feel at home, because all the people who are from Stockholm stay together.. That's how I see it. I don't think it would be impossible to find a job though.. But I would advice you to move to Malmö or Gothenborg, those cities are more welcoming and relaxed. They're more vibrant, cheaper and the weather is better. In the end, my advice is this: try not to think too much about the obstacles - you should always follow your heart.

  20. I'd say go to Stockholm for a holiday instead. It's a nice place but not great.

  21. What a wonderful interview! Thanks to both of you :)

  22. Elsa is the coolest. So honest and smart.

  23. not so excellent english though, you could really use some more reading/grammar etc to freshen up your language!

  24. I can understand that you're curious about Sweden. - People here are so fashionable and stylish. And the nature and atmosphere is really different from Spain. But I do think you would need to speak Swedish if you want to work as a psychologist.. I'm not sure English is enough.. But I'm sure you can learn Swedish, because I get the feeling that you learn easily. Un beso!

  25. Vivo en Estocolmo, pero soy espanola, de Valencia. Vine aquí hace 5 anos. En cuanto lo de mudarte a Estocolmo, piénsatelo dos veces.

    El blog de Elsa muestra la vida aquí como un cuento de hadas, Suecia no es así. Es un país que funciona, avanzado tecnológicamente, pero la calidad de vida (cultura, espectáculos, discotecas, tiempo,...) no se puede comparar con la de Barcelona. En cuanto a encontrar trabajo si no hablas sueco no tienes nada que hacer. Yo soy ingeniera y ahora después de 5 anos tengo un trabajo de acuerdo con mi nivel de estudios, pero me ha costado un montón de esfuerzo. Nunca he estado en paro pero muchas veces he estado a punto de tirar la toalla. Hay discriminación laboral hacia los extranjeros. Quien la busca la consigue pero estate concienciada de que no va a ser fácil. Amigas mías que han estudiado carreras de letras no han encontrado trabajo hasta después de un ano. Y no de lo que ellas querían. Eso sí, si tienes contactos es más fácil.

    La vivienda como ya te han dicho en otros comentarios es carísima si no compras. Y si no vives en el centro es mortal.

    En cuanto a los suecos son muy fríos y cerrados, no hay espontaneidad. Eso sí, son educados y cuando consigues hacer amigos son amigos de verdad. A mi parecer, en Gotemburgo y Malmö son mucho más majos.

    El tiempo es HORRIBLE.

    Suerte y espero no haberte desanimado, pero quería ser sincera. A veces los espanoles subestimamos la vida en Espana!

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  27. Alicia: Wow, no entiendo por qué alguien se gustaría quedar en Suecia entonces.. si no se siente en casa y todo es tan horrible? Sé que la cultura sueca se difiere mucho a la española.. pero lo que escribes de este país pienso es un poco injusto.. también a veces es hermoso vivir aquí. Eso digo, aúnque me puedo imaginar que es dificil mudarse a Suecia, por que a veces tampoco se siente en casa en España - allí también es dificil vivir sín saber que hablar español.

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