Monday, January 23, 2012

Close to me.

Hi there!

I still cannnot believe, but tomorrow (or in a few hours) I'm buying my tickets to Bilbao BBK Libe Festival!! This year, Radiohead and The Cure are coming (with Klaxons, Snow Patrol, Noa and the Whale; and others...). I'm a BIG fan of The Cure and Radiohead... so here we come!! I'm so exited about it; the festival is on July and I'm sure it's gonna be great!

Anyway, I wanted to show you some of the cute new clothes that are arriving to Cache Cache this spring-summer.

The cute skirt is one of the basics for thes upcoming season, with lots of colorful polka dots and a lovely belt with a ribbon (but I forgot to wear it in the pictures, argh!)

The lace neck of the t-shirt is so cute, isn't it? This belong to one of our new collections, called Funny Lady, with lots of colors, ribbons, cute skirts and romantic shirts!

The tights are from Calzedonia, and the little cute shoes are from Claire's, a present from my mum! They're great for work. 

Oh, I cannot wait to show you the cute things that are coming to our shop!

And next week, I'm attending to The Brandery Winter Edition! In this edition, they're having so may interesting things, like a Retail Lab, great Workshops and concerts! On friday I'm going to see 2 Many DJs! Cool!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Little pearls of inspiration.

And above everything here: 

Some inspiration I found via Tumblr. Mine's here, I post a lot about Crystal Castles and weird things.

Click on the images for sources.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Noise

New Noise is one of the most famous songs by Refused, a Swedish hardcore band who's back in scene this year! And one of my favourites, I must say.

But I used that song not only for named this post or talk about the band. There's a second purpose about it: the March to Athens, Ocupy Vatican, the World Wide demonstration of next May... the 15M movement continues, and I guess lots of people thinks that we're dead as there are not so many actions these days. But wait. Spring would come, and we're coming back with Spring ;)

Anyway, I went to the cinema last 6 of January for a special sessions of Gremlims and Ghostbusters. I dressed as a lolipunk that day:

At the begining, the films were a surprise, but we all were guessing that would be these two. We really had a lovely time!

Btw, a girl named Bella asked me about writting a post talking about places around Barcelona for a weekend... so I'm prepairing it! Hope it would be useful!

Saturday, January 07, 2012

While the Earth sleeps.

Our New Year's Eve was an amazing one, I must say!

We started having dinner at Ester's house: Marc, Filip, Ester and me. I cooked for the four of us and we teached Filip the spansh tradition about eating the grapes at twelve o'clock.

 Ester doesn't drink alcohol, so she had a Cacaolat ;)

After the grapes, we run to Plza Catalunya and from there we took a train to Rubi with Fey and Íñigo. At Rubi was Garrobo, waiting for us for the party!

We actually had lots of fun and arrive home in the morning. Filip was leving Barcelona on that day, so I went with him to the bus station and on my way back home, I bought some donuts for my flatmates and Ester! We spent the rest of the evening watching Millenium and Harry Potter's films!

By the way, that black & white photo was taken for a Carolina Herrera Contest; I really like it :)!

Did you had a great New Year's party?

Monday, January 02, 2012

Before New Year's Eve...

As I told you on my last entry, I was having a special guest for New Year's Eve here at Barcelona! Filip, one of Sandra Beijer's friends, visited me last weekend! He arrived on friday, and we had dinner with Laia at one of our favourite places around Barcelona: Big J's Burguer!

A couples of days before that I had another great dinner with my 15M-gang at Alejo's house. I cooked some curry and we spent the night together having fun.

I was wearing my new H&M cats' dress and Forever21 leopard platforms. Aren't they cute?

Did you had a good New Year's Eve? I really hope so! I'm showing you mine at the next post! :)!