Friday, January 15, 2010


So tomorrow is the big day! At 16:00 pm we're off to Berlin!! Laia, Albert and I are so happy and excited about this... yaw!! I can't believe that the day is almost here!!

Finally we're staying at my friend George's house, at Sewanstrasse... oh, my, I'm so happy about it! I haven't see him in ages!

So, before we leave... remember I asked you about some tips for the cold and recomendations about Berlin? Here they are!

 Laia and I made a very similar post, so we're sharing all the answers you gave us... thank you!!

Sandra told us...

You have to bring lots of warm clothes! For example, if you are wearing skirts and tights you have to wear at least two pair of tights. And warm warm sweaters (I wear three pair of tights and three pair of sweaters). It's not as cold in Berlin as in Sweden, but it's still really cold. Don't forget really warm socks, a hat and scarf. ♥

Emma said...

It's almost -10 here and I wear 4 pairs of tights, a polo shirt under the dress, two cardigans and a wool coat. and a double pair of gloves!

Maria gave us some more tips...
My suggestion is bring lots of clothes you can layer and maybe even some long johns to wear under your clothes, like you would if you were going skiing. Definitely bring warm hats, gloves and scarves and if you have them, some practical winter boots. When it’s really cold I try to wear pants instead of dresses or skirts, but if you want to wear the latter make sure you wear warm tights or wear two pairs of tights doubled up. Oh, and sometimes it helps to bring extra pairs of socks encase your feet get cold or wet from the snow.

If you need any clarifications or have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask!!

I look forward to reading about your trip!

Ariella told us some good advices as...

I have to tell you, -10 is pretty cold for my standards too. I live by the coast so it rarely gets that cold (although a few days lately it has indeed been that cold and it was practically unbearable) - I really hope it won't be quite that cold in Berlin!
Anyway, to keep warm, wear many layers. If you like to wear dresses or skirts make sure you wear wool tights. You might even want to wear two pairs on top of each other since that usually helps. What matters the most is that your feet won't get cold because that will ruin your day, so wear shoes that have a thick, warm sole. And don't forget mittens (better than gloves since they keep your hands warmer than gloves), scarves and a hat!
I went to Berlin almost two years ago and it was great. The eastern part is where it all happens!
You need to go to the Jewish museum in Berlin. It is so striking, impressive and interesting. We only had two hours there which was way too little. It's the most interesting museum I've ever been to.
Have an amazing trip!

Sweet Mo said to us...

 I' m not quite sure i know so much though...I guess i ll say what's important for me is:
  • To always cover your head cause all the heat from your body "leaves" from there + when your ears are cold it hurts freaking bad
  • Nose, fingers and toes are the places that have a tendancy to froze the fastest so make sure you take good care if them (u can use those handwarmer stuff that you "break" and it provides warm for a while)
  • Put cream on your face and protect your lips !!
  • Wear high socks so it also protect your leg under your pants or a pair of tights under your pants.
  • Don't forget to eat and to have several tea and hot chocolate breaks;-)
 That's pretty obvious but that's all I can come up with to prevent me from freezing so far !

Lovely Natalia said... 

I think layering of clothes is most important when it comes to dealing with cold weather  You need to have a hat, gloves and some additional socks, cause it's mostly through those three places on the body that you lose most warmth from;D I can't really think of anything else..hehe..maybe because it seems so ... normal to me
 But hopefully I was able to help a bit! Have fun in Berlin! :*

And then, some lovely people recomended us great places...

Laia said...
There's nothing better than walk near the Wall of Berlin and the go to the museum... I loved it!! Loof for some markets, I'm sure that you'll find some good and lovely bargains... and about the food, I survived thanks to the Donner Kebaps !

Marit als said...

You should go to the east (I think) part of Berlin. Vintage and 2-hand shops all over the place! And in Galeria at Alexanderplatz they have the coolest tights. I think it was almost a floor with tights and socks.
And at the milkabilly, if i don't remember it all wrong, they have the best icecream ever!
Hope you'll have a great time in Berlin. It is alot to see there. Enjoy!

So that's it... thank you for all this lovely advices and suggestions!! I'm sure we'll have a great time! See you next week!

Tschüs!(Bye in German!)


  1. Have a good travel and enjoy Berlin!! Take a lot of photos!! ^O^/
    Kisses from Paris!!

  2. that's so funny it post on the 15th, i like in the US and it's still the 14th! anyways great blog, love it

  3. Oooo sounds like a cold, cold adventure to me!! Great tips on how to combat the cold:)

    Have loads of fun, my dear, looking forward to see more pics of Berlin!!


  4. Great post! So many great suggestion! Have a great trips!

    -Coco from Our Paper Moon

  5. Oh, I'm so excited for you guys!!! You're going to have a wonderful time. I'm glad you liked my tips, it was fun reading the other girls suggestions.


    Lulu Letty

  6. que te vaya lindo y me traes salchichas alemanas XDDD
    feliz estancia muah!!

  7. Oh, how cool! Enjoy!:)


  8. can't wait to see your posts about Berlin, i've never been there !! i hope you won't be cold !!!!

  9. Hola. Ya le he dicho a Laia. Para mí lo mejor son las camisetas térmicas interiores. Al final te protegen un montón sin tener que llevar tanta capa que puede resultar engorroso. Pasadlo bien.

    B* a la Moda

  10. aay pues yo me e comprado unos calcetines termicos mega calentitoooos!! son geniales! y las ugg me mantienen los pies super calentitos tambien *o*
    seguro k lo pasas genial! buen viagee *O*

  11. Es la técnica de los superhéroes: capas y más capas.

    Lo de LaChapelle ya te contaré por qué es cuando vuelvas y nos veamos. Buen viaje, no paséis demasiado frío debajo de todos esos pares de medias y haz fotos de esas gotichunguis que tanto me gustan ^^

  12. si pudiera, a pesar del frío iría, pero te seguro que el frío podría arruinar mi buen humor, xq si ya no soporto el frío que hace aquí...

    que lo pases genial!!

  13. Espero que te lo pases de lujo!
    Estaremos atentas aver si posteas alguna cosilla del viaje :3!!

    Pasatelo bien y hax muchísimas fotos!!! <3

  14. cerda -.- no haces más que viajar y viajar, que envidia XDD

    Na, que te lo pases muy bien y veas muchas cosas bonitas y todo eso!! A ver que te compras por ahi ehhh!!!

  15. Puff, yo ya me muero de frío aquí y estamos a más de 0 grados! Si tengo que estar a 10 bajo cero me puede dar algo, con lo friolera que soy! Pero si el fin de semana pasado que hizo tanto frío (y creo que lo menos que hizo fue -1º) me dediqué a vestirme de esquimal y de señorona con abrigo de pellejas... en Berlín parecería el muñeco michelin jaja

    Pero bueno, espero que el frío no sea un impedimento para que os lo paseis genial...esperamos muchas fotos a la vuelta!! (Para que nos muramos de envidia jaja)

    1 beso!

  16. Great advise! Hope you have a great trip!


  17. Hallo!! Wie geht es dir??!! Te tengo mucha envidia, ya lo sabes!! xD ¿Te lo estás pasando bien? ¡¡Más te vale!! x***

  18. have a great time in berlin! and these are actually helpful (i'm freezing cold here!)

    btw, you got four awards waiting for you on my blog when you come back!)

  19. have a great time in berlin! and these are actually helpful (i'm freezing cold here!)

    btw, you got four awards waiting for you on my blog when you come back!)

  20. Hope you had a nice time !!
    I really love your header ! ITs awesome :)

  21. have fun in berlin!Kiss from france!

  22. Ohh, this gonna be amazing for you... :)
    I hope you have a great travel and I like to see the photos of Berlin here! :D
    kisses from Brazil!!

  23. Have fun in Berlin! I wish I could come, too... :D
    and everyone has such great style!

  24. You are going to have a wonderful time! Enjoy!

  25. Espero que cuando volvais no seais un par de cubitos,porque tendréis que vivir en la nevera....

  26. La nieve me da ganas de jugar.


  27. I hope you have lots of fun in Berlin Libs :)


  28. Enjoy your trip! Berlin is definitely on my list of places to visit.


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