Wednesday, February 27, 2013

They did it again: The Last 3 Lines

They did it again. The lights were dim, casting around the room ghosts, ghosts who congregated around the cover of an album, 'Leafless'. The FNAC Triangle gathered a group of devotees who were waiting impatiently for, once again, the show began.

They did it again. Armed only with his acoustic sound and in front of a small crowd, The Last 3 Lines demonstrated once again that they can either make us tremble at the Sant Jordi Club or small Heliogàbal. And, when a band can do good music, no matter if they make large venues or small rooms, what matters is the ability to touch our most sensitive soul.

They did it again. With a clean sound (despite Dani, guitar and vocals, was suffering some flu) and leaving us all speechless and wanting more; humming Lonely Parade, Sleepwalker, Growing Stones, Women and Children First or the well known Fish Tank. The beautiful voice of Xavi was invading your brain, more and more, leaving you on that point of reality in which you realize that you do not want that song to end. Marc, sometimes helped by Sergi when he blew the guitar, set the light percussion and effects appropriate to transport us to that dream world that is shown on the cover of Leafless, while Raul kept time with his bass, concentrated, and Dani was marked memorable guitar riffs and hit the floor with a small tambourine. Nothing canned or large assemblies effects. The Last 3 Lines don't need any of that to show the greatness of their sound and grow in our subconscious the question of why more bands are not able to cope well nude (musically speaking) before an audience.

My love for the band The Last 3 Lines began many years ago, but throughout their career does nothing but grow and grow, and yet, wonder why the great festivals from our country don't have them on their headlines since the quality of their sound sometimes exceeds one of many other groups I've seen in festivals like Bilbao BBK, SOS 4.8 or Primavera Sound.

Perhaps it is precisely because of that sound quality is so good that those who don't not anything about them never imagine that The Last 3 Lines are among us and belong to this country, creating jewels as their debut album You are a deep forest or Crows EP. Perhaps no one can imagine that these six kids (five in their acoustic version) are able to create a sound so magical and real at the same time that transport you to places like Oniria, the place where they were and bring us back their album Visions from Oniria and after this, in this gift called Leafless.

Well, for all of you I have a message: get up. The Last 3 Lines are here, and they deserve everything and more.

 All photos by Libertad G. <3

En El Nerdo me han publicado este artículo sobre The Last 3 Lines. podéis leerlo en español aquí

Monday, February 25, 2013

Stammtisch der My Buffer Guest

Hi all!

My laptop has been broken a few days, and I have a lot of work lately, so I cannot update as often as I'd like, I'm sorry! However, to say that I am well and I hope to be updating a bit more these days :)

Today I leave you with some pictures of the Stammtisch party that My Buffer Guest, the online magazine of Julio César Aguilera
were hosting a couple of weeks ago. Veronica and I went to take a few cocktails and spend a pleasant evening listening to the beautiful voice of Emilia Lazo and Cadhla Kennedy's sax, a discovery for me that night.

¡Hola a todos!

Mi ordenador ha estado estropeado unos días, y ultimamente tengo mucho trabajo, por eso no puedo actualizar con la frecuencia que me gustaría, ¡lo siento mucho! No obstante, decir que estoy bien y que espero poder ir actualizando estos días un poco más :)

Hoy os dejo con algunas fotos de la Stammtisch party de My Buffer Guest, la revista online de Julio César Aguilera, que cumple otro año más. Veronica y yo nos acercamos a tomarnos unos cocktails y a pasar una velada agradable escuchando la preciosa voz de Emilia Lazo y el saxo de Cadhla Kennedy, todo un descubrimiento para mí aquella noche. 

We tasted  Casualfruit, a new fruit snack made ​​quite good!
Probamos Casualfruit, un nuevo snack compuesto de fruta bastante rico!

Veronica won one of the gifts that were stretched, and I won a facial cosmetic male treatment that I gave to my roommate, Hector.

Veronica ganó uno de los regalos que sorteaban, y yo gané un tratamiento facial de cosmética masculina que regalé a mi compañero de piso, Hector.  

Here you can see what I was wearing.

Aquí podéis ver lo que llevaba. 

 Dress - Primark
Cardigan - Fashion Pills
Tights - H&M (old)
Socks - Tutuana
Shoes - Fashion Pills
Glasses hairpin - Present from Laia!

Monday, February 11, 2013

080 BCN Fashion: a little chronicle

Monday, the start of a new week ... finally! You cannot imagine the tiresome week that just left behind, not even have time to stop by here!

And, to make matters worse, my computer needs urgent formatting, as it gives me constant errors ... So today's post will be brief.

Lunes, el comienzo de una nueva semana... por fin! No os podéis imaginar la durísima semana que acabo de dejar atrás; ni siguiera he tenido tiempo de pasarme por aquí!

Y además, para colmo de males, mi ordenador necesita un formateo urgente, ya que me da fallos constantes... así pues, la entrada de hoy será breve.

Today I'm showing you some pictures of the last edition of the 080 BCN Fashion, not many because, as I told you earlier, my camera lens is damaged and could not do a lot of good quality photos until I found out what was wrong.

These are some pictures of the Brain&Beast's show, which I loved! If you want to see more photo, I invite you to stop by the page Rocio Ponce Photography.

Hoy os muestro algunas fotos de la pasada edición de la 080 BCN Fashion; no son muchas ya que, como os comenté con anterioridad, el objetivo de mi cámara está dañado y no pude hacer muchas de buena calidad hasta que descubrí qué le ocurría.

Estas primeras son del desfile de Brain&Beast, que me encantó! Si queréis ver más foto, os invito a pasar por la página de Rocío Ponce Photography.  

These other photos are from Yerse's show, all with some kind of biker's inspiration. I loved the red and black leather jacket and shoes, fabulous!

Estas otras son del desfile de Yerse; con una inspiración muy motera. Me encantó la cazadora de cuero roja y negra y los zapatos, ¡fabulosos!

Shirt- Glamorous UK via Asos
Skirt - Metamorphose (Japan)
Tights - H&M
Shoes - Tao Bao
Coat - Zara (old)
Bag - Morgan De Toi
Belt - Topshop
Hat - H&M

The first day, along with Ramiro E (the author of the first picture, for Yo Dona's website), Laura (Moderna con gafas) made me ​​this picture for her Instagram. This year I decided to combine some of my Lolita style clothes with others, more casual.

El primer día, además de Ramiro E (el autor de la primera foto, para Yo Dona); Laura (Moderna con Gafas) me hizo esta foto para su Instagram. Este año decidí combinar algunas de mis prendas de estilo Lolita con otras más casuales. 

 Jumper Skirt - Indrolita
Shirt - Cache Cache
Tights - Madame Chocolat
Sequin Shoes - Bimba&Lola
Bag - Blanco (old)
Flowers - Handmade

That's what I was wearing the last day. Marta, from Urban Closet and John Anger, from Glace à la Mangeportrayed Veronica and me wearing clothes from her brand, Indrolita ... Soon I'll show you more details of the dress. 

Así es como fuí vestida el último día. Marta, de Urban Closet; y John Anger, de Glace à la Mange, nos retrataron a Veronica y a mí luciendo ropa de su marca, Indrolita... próximamente os mostraré con más detalle el vestido.  

Despite the problems with accreditation (which I was rejected for 'not having a very famous blog', whatever) I had a pretty good time. Let's see how would be the summer edition, and if this time I can have access as a blogger or not ;P 

A pesar de los problemas con las acreditaciones (la cual me denegaron por 'no tener un blog muy famoso', en fin) me lo pasé bastante bien. A ver qué tal será la edición de verano, y si esta vez podré tener acceso como blogger o no ;P

Sunday, February 03, 2013

We're all sleepwalkers (The Last 3 Lines at Heliogàbal, January 31)

I think at some point I have spoken to you about the band The Last 3 Lines. Well, last January 31 at Heliogàbal they presented in an intimate ambient their latest acoustic work: Leafless.

Creo que en alguna ocasión os he hablado de la banda The Last 3 Lines. Pues bien, el pasado 31 de Enero presentaron en Heliogábal de forma íntima y acústica su último trabajo en acústico: Leafless 

The adventures of The Last 3 Lines began more than six years, back in 2006, when Sergi, Dani and Jordi (guitars and drums) decided to unite forces to create, along with Xavi (vocals) and Ruth (bass) the first sounds of what would be the start of their trip.

Currently (and following the departure of Ruth) the band has two members: Sac (bass) and Marc (keyboards and programming). Their good work has been reflected in the concerts that have in places like Razzmatazz or opening for the English band Placebo in their Spanish tour.

Las aventuras de The Last 3 Lines comenzaron hace más de 6 años, allá por el 2006; cuando Sergi, Dani y Jordi (guitarras y batería) decidieron unificar sus fuerzas para crear, junto a Xavi (voz) y Ruth (bajo) los primeros sonidos de lo que sería el inicio de su viaje.

Actualmente (y tras la marcha de Ruth) la banda cuenta con dos miembros más: Sac (bajos) y Marc (teclados y programación). Su buen quehacer se ha visto reflejado en los conciertos que han dado tanto en salas como Razzmatazz o teloneando a la banda inglesa Placebo en su gira española. 

Well, if I use a word to describe the concert on Jan. 31, this is AWESOME. From the first moment, they sat down to smile at us and talk like they know, so close and grateful. The chords flooded the room environment with their magical sound, the one that grabs you and making you float almost wishing that this moment never ends. Jokes, melted bulbs, travel to the past ... The ambience, magnificent, the repertoire, short but intense, and feelings flourishing on your skins.

Pues bien, si he de utilizar una palabra para definir el concierto del pasado 31 de enero, ésta es SOBRECOGEDOR. Desde el primer momento en el que se sentaron para sonreírnos y hablarnos como ellos saben, de forma cercana y agradecida. Los acordes inhundaron el ambiente de la sala con su sonido mágico, ése que te atrapa haciéndote casi flotar y desear que ése momento nunca acabe. Bromas, fundimientos de bombillas, viajes al pasado... La ambientación, magnífica; el repertorio, corto pero intenso; y los sentimientos a flor de piel.  

Actually, I have to be a fan of The Last 3 Lines from long ago (and dazzled me with his first job, in 2008, 'You're a deep forest') and I can say without any bias that are my favourite Spanish band . They deserve all the best and more. You are great, guys.

Ps: the autofocus motor of my camera is broken, but still I think I did good photos with manual focus, Do you like?

La verdad, llevo siendo fan de The Last 3 Lines desde hace muchísimo tiempo (ya me encandilaron con su primer trabajo, del 2008, 'You're a deep forest') y puedo afirmar sin ningún margen de error que son mi banda española favorita. Se merecen todo lo mejor y más. Sois grandes, chicos.

Ps: el motor del enfoque automático de mi cámara se ha roto, pero aún así y creo que hice buenas fotos con el enfoque manual; ¿os gustan?

Friday, February 01, 2013

Divinizy, real beauty from real girls.

On Wednesday, Sara invited me to the launch party of Divinizy, a new web community very interesting where normal girls like you and me, raise their beauty and hair tutorials.

El pasado miércoles, Sara me invitó a la fiesta de presentación de Divinizy, una nueva comunidad web más que interesante donde chicas normales, como tú y como yo, suben sus tutoriales de belleza y peinados.

The event was held at the W Hotel's Eclipse Bar, an ideal place with great views. We had the luck of receiving different beauty professionals, as the girls of Makeup Montserrat Fajardo, the wonderful cosmetics brand Être Belles, Peggy Sage and their great products, Alexandre Cosmetics, Bliss World or Ontop, which gave some accessories for the hair (and people went crazy forgetting the rest of tutorials).
El evento se realizó en el Eclipse Bar del Hotel W de Barcelona, un lugar ideal con preciosas vistas. Tuvimos el lujo de recibir a diferentes profesionales de belleza, como las chicas de la Escuela de Maquillaje Montserrat Fajardo, la marca Être Belle y sus fascinantes cosméticos, Peggy Sage y sus geniales productos, Bliss World, Alexandre Cosmetics o Ontop, que regalaron accesorios para el cabello (la gente se volvió un poco loca con éso y se olvidaron del resto de tutoriales, en fin).

 The girls from Make Up Montserrat Fajardon giving us a makeup lesson.
Las chicas de Make Up Montserrat Fajardo dándonos unas lecciones de maquillaje.
 The girls from Ontop / Las chicas de Ontop.
 Être Belle's presentation / Presentación de Être Belle.

The truth is that Pili and I were very attentive during the presentation of Être Belle, as their products fascinated us. The diamond powder is a basic product for their makeup or lip gloss, and their pencils illuminators can revitalize a look off in only three gestures ... Seriously, I found them fabulous.

La verdad es que Pili y yo estuvimos muy atentas durante la presentación de Être Belle, ya que sus productos nos fascinaron. El polvo de diamante es base para sus polvos de maquillaje o gloss de labios, y sus lápices iluminadores pueden revitalizar un look apagado en sólo tres gestos... en serio, me parecieron fabulosos. 


Pili and I call some attention because, faithful to our style, we were dressed in Lolita style to the event, enjoyed it and we enjoyed meeting both professionals as lovely people, as Gina Roma (whose work I invite you to know ).

Pili y yo llamamos un poco la atención ya que, fieles a nuestro estilo, fuimos vestidas de estilo Lolita al evento; disfrutamos muchísimo y nos encantó conocer tanto a profesionales del sector como a gente encantadora, como Gina Roma (cuyo trabajo os invito a conocer).  

You want to know Divinizy? Visit their website, you'll love it!

¿Queréis conocer Divinizy? Visitad su web, ¡os encantará!