Friday, July 31, 2009

Sushi and cinema.

On Tuesday, I went to Estepona and we had lunch at a japanese restaurant call Yamato, were you can eat in a buffet and they cook the food for you at the moment. We had tuna maki sushi, and salmon and tamago suchi; gyozas, yakitori chiken... it was really nice; I love japanese food and we had a lovely time. I went with paula and Cris, two friends from my office... I want to repeat very soon!

Gyozas, so delicious!

This week I've been alone at home, and it was all very quiet; the only bad thing is that here is SO hot... 43ºC!! yes! Yesterday we had 43ºC!! I hope today it would be a little bit colder...

On Wendesday I had lunch with Rose, Jose and Jairo, "The Lisbon Team"; I cooked chiken curry, it was delicios! i'm pretty good cooking curry! Then, at night, we had a henna tattoo workshop. It was my first time making this kind of tattoos, but it was ok.

And yesterday we went to the cinema just for seeing "Up", the new Pixar's film. Its WONDERFUL, right now it's my favourite Pixar's film ever... so cute and beautiful!

I was wearing a black and white lolita skirt by Anna House; Little red ridding hood t shirt by Stradivarius, black socks by Macmillan Alice and my white tea party shoes by Secret Shop. And almost all the accesories were made by myself with clay; I'm pretty good on it, do you like them?

Bonus picture nº 1: Rose & me making the freak in a very small carrousel.

Bonus picture nº 2: My Mando Diao's t official shirt! I love it!

And tonight we´re going to Fangoria (it's a disco at Jerez) for a party!! I'll make pictures!

Enjoy your friday!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Useless things (quick and stupid post)

Nowadays there's plenty of social networks around the net. Some of them are fun, like facebook 8for me facebook is fun) but others are just silly... and I'm addict to them! Like Twitter! I made an account recently and I didn't use it for two months.. and now, I'm using it a lot...

I leave you here all my "useless accounts": twitter, facebook, pouppegirl... add me if you want!

(And now, Libertad's useless things!)

* Twitter:
* Facebook: Libertad Sahakiel
* Flickr:
* Pouppe Girl:
* Modepass:

This, with my two blogs (here and the Metrobblogen one) are the things I use more... I'm leaving the links in my link's box...

By the way (and looking to Modepass), my friend Fernan told me about two more fashion communitys that I must join... and as you can see, today I'm not so busy at work :)

I'll post later about my japanese lunch on Tuesday! And as Laia reminds me, I must post my new Mando Diao's t shirt too, yaw!!

Monday, July 27, 2009


Last weekend I had a lot of fun! Since thursday, I haven't stop at home!

On Thursday night I had the t shirt customization workshop, do you remember? Well, I forgot to show you this lovely cap I've made for my friend Vic!

It contains a rainbow, some stars, hearts, spirals and a lovely pirate bunny! I love that kind of desing, so colorful and cute!

Then on friday evening I saw "Across the Universe", a lovely film; and later I had dinner with my friend Rose. We went to Foster's, we love that restaurant and we're bigger fans of their burguers; you know, once at month is ok for us, but... yaw!! I choose the Grand Chef burguer, it's my favourite one!!

That night I was wearing my handmade t shirt, i was in a punk mood that day!

On saturday, we went to the cinema just to see "Brüno", it was quite funny and we had lots of laughs... OMG! That film is soooo brave!! I wear my customize Bodyline skirt with an Alice in wonderland t shirt; Alice and the pirates socks and my new white tea party shoes!

My tea party shoes are so confortable, I really love them!!

And finally, yesterday I was at tarifa, at my uncle's house. I love that house because he collects vintage things, so I took some pictures of cute things.

Oh, yes, we had coffee in those lovely cups!! Aren't they cool?

One thing more: do you see that "island" on the horizon? it's not an island, it's Africa... yes, i live very close to it, only 14 km of separation between two worlds....

What about your weekend?


he tenido un fin de semana muy movido, apenas he parado en casa desde el jueves, que realicé el taller de customización de camisetas y le hice la gorrita que os enseño más arriba a mi amigo Vic. Es muy mona, ¿verdad?

El viernes vi la película "Across the Universe", me pareció preciosa; y luego por la noche me fui a cenar con Rose al foster's. Nos encanta ese restaurante y una vez al mes vamos a cenar allí, soy adicta a su hamburguesa Grand Chef!!

El sábado me fui al cine a ver "Brüno", me apreció una bizarrada de película, pero muy divertida. Os dejo una fotito de como iba vestida, con mi falda customizada de Bodyline, camiseta de Alicia en el País de las Maravillas, calcetines de Alice and the pirates y mis nuevos tea party blancos de Secret Shop, son muy cómodos!

Olvidad mi careto y la calidad de la foto, la hicimos con el móvil XD.
Luego cenamos con Anabel y nos fuimos al centro a bailar un rato, me lo pasé bien y conocí a carlos, un chico muy majo del grupo de "rapaditos" de Algeciras.

Ya el domingo pasé el día con mi familia en la casa de Tarifa de mi tío, la cual adoro porque tiene montones de cosas vintage; mi tío colecciona antigüedades e hice algunas fotos para mostraros cositas.

Este abanico es muy antiguo!

la foto del paisaje que os dejo más arriba es una visión volviendo de Tarifa, de África. Parece increíble que sólo 14 kilómetros separen dos mundos tan diferentes...

¿Qué tal vuestro finde?

Friday, July 24, 2009

Making T shirts and music recomendations.

Yesterday I had an infantile workshop about customizing your own t shirts, and I made for me this one. It's about the Sex pitols, you can see john Lydon's face and lots of lyrics from the band... I like the result, it's so punk. We painted the t shirts with special pencils for fabrics, you must wait 24 th hours for washing it, but then it's perfect.

I was wearing it with my military boots and a pair of tartan leggins with an spike belt; and my new Sex pitols' bag that I bought at Lisbon las weekend, yesterday night I felt like a young Vivienne Westwood!

I must show you my Mando Diao's t shirt, by the way :)

On the other hand, on tuesday my new white tea party shoes arrived, and I hope that this night I could wear them (I'm having a dinner with friends); they look so lovely and confortable.

Finally, I must make you a music recomendation. Last year I discovered a great woman with an excellent voice, and last 6 of July her album was out. Her name is Florence & The Machine, and you can listen to her with the little iPod I've put in this page (with other great artist like Mando Diao, Maximo Park, The Horrors or Beirut... and of course, Sex Pitols!).

I recommend you earnestly to listen to her work, because she's fascinating and is worth it. I'm sure you'll like her.

And take a visit to her great site.

Have a great weekend!


Anoche tuve un taller infantil de customización de camisetas, y para no ir desentonando, me hice una por la tarde. Como podéis observar, mi temática particular fue el punk, dibujé la cara de John Lydon y puse varias letras de canciones de los Sex Pistols; la verdad es que me gustó mucho cómo me quedó la camiseta y me sentía un poco como la joven Vivienne Westwood.

La combiné con mis botas militares y mis leggings de tartán, y un cinturón de pinchos, además de mi nuevo bolso de los Pistols que compré en Lisboa (lo cual me recuerda que tengo que enseñaros mi maravillosa camiseta de Mando Diao!).

Por cierto, quiero recomendaros el trabajo de una mujer que descubrí el año pasado, y cuyo primer disco salió a la venta el pasado 6 de Julio. Se trata de Florence & The Machine, podéis escuchar algunas canciones en el iPod que he colocado en la barra de la derecha (junto con temas de Mando Diao, Maximo Park, The Horrors o Beirut... y por supuesto, los Sex Pistols).

Os recomiendo encarecidamente escuchar su trabajo, la verdad e sque su voz es fascinante, fresca y original; y merece la pena. Si queréis visitar su página, pinchad aquí.

Pasad un buen fin de semana.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Other of my passions is punk. EVERYTHING related with punk. I love punk music, punk fashion, punk thinking... sometimes I think that I should have live at London on the 70's decade.
Vivienne Westwood is one of my favourite designers EVER. I knew about her when I was 14 years old and I started to read about the Sex Pistols (my favourite punk band; yes, maybe you think that it's a topic but I have always love them). Her style catched me and stole my heart. She's always so great and original...
About music; yes, I love the Sex Pistols. And with the Sex pistols I mean John Lydon. I'm not one of those fanatic girls who sais that John Simon Ritchie (Sid vicious, you know him like that) was the best (I really believe that he was just a victim, anyway I'll write about him other day...)... I love that guy who was always screaming about politics and the disenchanted of the society. I must say that I love Public Image Ltd, the band that he formed after Sex Pistols; it was very original.
The Clash, The Jam, Social Distortion, The Adicts, Die Toten Hosen, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Sham 69, The Exploited, Misfits, Buzzcocks, Ramones, The Damned, Blondie (in her punk beginning), Dead Kennedys, Gang of Four, Generation X, Strangles, Vibrators, Ultravox... I've grown with all this music; and the fact is that no-one showed me, I discovered by myself; which sometimes is strange, because normally you listen to some kind of music from your parents, friends, brothers or sisters... but not in this case! One day i saw the Never Mind the Bollocks and just said... "for me"!

About the thinking, i must say that the real punk way of life is a little bit impossible today, but at the 70's it was a mood, a state of mind created by the disenchanted society in the UK. Yes, I know that the punk movement started at the NY City, but in that case it was music; it doesn't contains any politic ideas or critiques towards the society; they were a group of young people having fun... but in the UK it was much more; they were angry... really angry... and so I am sometimes these days!
My destiny was punk...!
.. but I'll talk about the skins & punk another day... (yes, the 60's skins is my other big influence!)


Otra de mis grandes pasiones en esta vida es el Punk. TODO lo relacionado con el punk: música, moda, pensamiento, ideología... a veces creo que debería de haber vivido en el Londres de los años 70, con toda aquella explosión creativa que el punk significó.

Vivienne Westwood es una de mis diseñadoras favoritas. La descubrí a raíz de leer sobre ella con 14 años, gracias a una biografía de los Sex Pistols (mi banda favorita de punk; sí, a lo mejor es un típico-tópico, pero los adoro desde siempre). vivienne ha sido siempre rompedora y original; y éso es algo que me encanta de ella...

... y adoro esa campaña de accesorios con Luke Worrell!

En cuanto a la música, sí; amo a los Sex Pistols; y cuando digo Sex Pistols me refiero a John Lydon. No soy una de esas fanáticas que afirman que John Simon Ritchie (aka Sid vicious) era el mejor de todos ellos (al contrario, siempre he creído que era una víctima, pero ya escribiré sobre ello). Yo siempre he preferido a aquel chico que gritaba sobre política y el desencanto de la sociedad. Por cierto, también me encant ala banda que formó tras los Pistols, Public Image Ltd.

En serio, me hubiera casado con él... XD

The Clash, The Jam, Social Distortion, The Adicts, Die Toten Hosen, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Sham 69, The Exploited, Misfits, Buzzcocks, Ramones, The Damned, Blondie (en sus comienzos punk, aunque también me gusta su rollo disco), Dead Kennedys, Gang of Four, Generation X, Strangles, Vibrators, Ultravox... He crecido con esta música, y es curioso que nadie me la enseñó, sino que la descubrí por mí misma. Normalmente tomamos este tipo de música de nuestros padres, amigos, hermanos o hermanas... pero para mí no fue así. simplemente un día vi el never Mind the Bollocks y dije... "para mí".

Sobre el pensamiento, dcir sencillamente que el verdadero pensamiento y forma de vida punk es algo imposible hoy día; pero en los 70 era un modo, un estado de la mente; todo creado por el desencanto de la sociedad en Reino Unido. Sí, el punk surge como movimiento musical antes, en Nueva York; pero es en Reino Unido donde surge toda su filosofía debido al malestar social que había en los 70. El punk neoyorkino no contiene las críticas hacia la política o las ideas que el inglés contiene, éso no puede discutirlo nadie... en Reino Unido estaban enfadados... muy enfadados... tanto como yo me siento a veces hoy día...

Mi destino era el punk!

... y de ahí, el skin, pero el de los 60; del cual os hablaré otro día (aunque sí, soy demasiado punk para volverme una rude girl XD)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lisbon and Super Bock Super Rock!

Finally, I’m back!

Last weekend I was at Lisbon with some friends, and we had a great time around the city and at the Super bock Super Rock festival! Here’s our little adventure...

On friday, we started our trip early in the morning, at ten o’clock; and the way to Lisbon was very quite and funny. We arrived about six in the evening to our little apartament; a lovely place in the Chiado’s neighborhood; the older part of Lisbon. It was really beautiful! From our window we could see a church that every morning woke up us with the bells.

The first night we went to a little place at Chiado. It was really small, only for 20 people, and they served the best fish on the city. We had squids, cod and salmon; all with salad and potatoes... delicious! For drinking, green wine, best one I’ve ever drink; and chocolate cake for dessert.

Then we went to a pub where we had some margaritas; and we met this lovely couple; Celia and Gonzalo. She’s an actress and he’s a mage!! They came with us around the city all night.

In other pub (with great music, by the way) we had some cosmopolitans. It was the first time I drink it, and it’s delicious! We had another drink there, safari (some kind of peach licor) with coke; great too!

Finally, we went to the oldest pub at Lisbon; it’s from the XIX century and it was pretty cool and beautiful!

On saturday morning we woke up early in the morning and had a delicious breakfast.

Then we went around Lisbon, making some shoppings, and about three o’clock we arrived to the Restelo’s stadium. we met some great people there from Barcelona and Valladolid; and more people from Lisbon too! And finally, the concerts started! I leave you here some pictures from The Walkmen; who were pretty cool; The killers (fabulous) and Mando Diao (perfect, as always... second time this year!)

I love Mando Diao... you can have a look to more pictures here:

And by the way, I get a Sex Pistol’s bag and a Mando Diao T-shirt (a present!).


Volví de Lisboa!! Como ya comenté antes de irme, he estado este fin de semana pasado en la capital lusa para asistir al quinceavo Super Bock Super rock, donde tocaban The killers, Mando Diao o The Walkmen entre otros.

El viaje transcurrió tranquilo y entre risas; salimos bien temprano por la mañana y para las seis de la tarde estábamos en Lisboa, concretamente en el barrio de Chiado, donde teníamos alquilado un pequeño estudio desde el cual se veía una bonita iglesia (cuyas campanadas nos despertaban por la mañana).

El viernes por la noche fuimos a cenar a un pequeño restaurante típico, donde bebimos vino verde y cenamos salmón, calamares y bacalao; todo acompañado por ensalada y patatas asadas; delicioso! De postre tomamos una fantástica tarta de chocolate que wow, estaba de muerte.

Luego fuimos a un bar donde bebimos unos margaritas y conocimos a celia y gonzalo, una adorable pareja que nos mostraron la ciudad nocturna. Celia es actriz, y Gonzalo es mago. Nos llevaron a un bar de ambiente donde ponían una música fantástica y donde bebimos cosmopolitans; nunca los habíamos probado y estaban deliciosos. También bebimos safari con cola; el safari es una especie de licor de melocotón que está muy bueno. Tras esto, fuimos al pub más antiguo de toda Lisboa, del siglo XIX; era precioso y lo pasamos genial allí.

Al día siguiente dimos un paseo por Lisboa e hicimos algunas compras hasta las tres de la tarde, hora a la que llegamos al estadio de restelo, donde era el festival. Nos colocamos en primera fila y disfrutamos de grandes conciertos: The Walkmen, Mando Diao y The Killers fueron fantásticos; no puedo decir lo mismo de Duffy (fue patética); pero mereció la pena.

Por cierto, me he comprado un bolso de los Sex pistols y tengo camiseta de Mando Diao.

Si queréis ver más fotos de los conciertos, visitad mi Flickr!