Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Brandery 2010 Winter Edition & Ultraplayback show

Last Thursday I went with Laia and some of her classmates to The Brandery, a fashion event here at Barcelona. We saw some good stuff on the stands and discovered some new lovely brands!


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Live aus Berlin (part IV): Sun children... in the snow!

So here I am with more Berlin pictures! This belongs to our Monday, a day that we spent shopping and having fun around Prenzlauer Breg and the city centre of Berlin. We had vintage shopping, ate a delicious burger, went to Ben Sherman's store (where I bought some things, as my new grey and black coat), after that, we went to the Checkpoint Charlie and finally, we had dinner in a lovely restaurant with Stefano and my cousin Rocío... and of course, quite made our photo mat on pictures!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ten reasons for being a redhead (quick post)

As I don't want you to get bored of my pictures from Berlin, I was thinking today why I like being a redhead so much... so I decided I want to share this with you, without any particular order... so, my favourite redheads (yes, some of them dyed their hair, I know, but I don't mind) are...

1. Pippi Langstrump
2.  Shirley Manson
3. David Bowie

Monday, January 25, 2010

Live aus berlin (part III) and cinema evening.

Our third day at Berlin... 
We had brunch near my cousin's house with her roommates, visited Mauerpark and Tageles, had dinner at another House Project and made a snowman... well, a snow-gaga!

It was snowing again!

I look like a fur ball here, haha!
Stefano, Rocío, Clara and Albert.
Jorge and me
Delicious brunch!
Amos with two of his three brunch dishes... yes, he eats a lot...
High heels waiting for the tram...
Lady SnowGaga was there...

Yesterday I went to the cinema and I saw Sherlock Holmes... I must say that I had a very good time, it's a quite funny film, a little bit slow but good for a Sunday evening!
We went to the Maremagnum mall, and I wore my new Topshop's coat... a big bargain because it only cost me 15 € (and it was 110€!)

And you can see there too my new boots from Aces of London, I bought them at Berlin only for 49€... the were 119€!!

Yes, I'm the bargain girl!

I found this lovely announcement from Alice in Wonderland too...

So, how was your Sunday?

Oh, as you can see, now there's a lovely and funny picture from Laia and me at Berlin... if you click on it, you can go directly to Laia's blog!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Live aus Berlin (part II) & blog awards!

Our Saturday at Berlin... I still cannot believe that last Saturday I was with so much snow around me! Be prepare for a good bunch of pictures...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Live aus Berlin (part I)

So... we're back from Berlin!! It's been a lovely time there, with snow and cold but not the cold I was expecting... I can't believe I'm back in Barcelona! it was so awesome... I don't know where to start!

So I guess that the best thing is to start from the beginning...

Germany is totally different from Spain. I was completely captivated, and I cannot help getting excited when I think I'll come back, maybe in spring or early summer. In fact, I'm seriously considering spending the summer there, I'm sure is that's a wonderful experience ...
I mean, I'm sure Berlin has its good and its bad things, but I definitely want to live in this town for a while and experience being a real "European", live a different culture from mine, which promotes recycling, Vegetarian food and social projects ...

Anyway, we arrived to Schönefeld airport on Friday, and we get the tickets to the S-Bahn, just for going into the Ostkreuz station at Berlin, where my cousin Rocío was waiting for us with little Kora, her dog!

Laia and Albert at the train. 

Friday, January 15, 2010


So tomorrow is the big day! At 16:00 pm we're off to Berlin!! Laia, Albert and I are so happy and excited about this... yaw!! I can't believe that the day is almost here!!

Finally, we're staying at my friend George's house, at Sewanstrasse... oh, my, I'm so happy about it! I haven't seen him in ages!

So, before we leave... remember I asked you about some tips for the cold and recommendations about Berlin? Here they are!

 Laia and I made a very similar post, so we're sharing all the answers you gave us... thank you!!

Sandra told us...

You have to bring lots of warm clothes! For example, if you are wearing skirts and tights you have to wear at least two pair of tights. And warm warm sweaters (I wear three pair of tights and three pair of sweaters). It's not as cold in Berlin as in Sweden, but it's still really cold. Don't forget really warm socks, a hat and a scarf. ♥

Emma said...

It's almost -10 here and I wear 4 pairs of tights, a polo shirt under the dress, two cardigans and a wool coat. and a double pair of gloves!

Maria gave us some more tips...
My suggestion is to bring lots of clothes you can layer and maybe even some long johns to wear under your clothes like you would if you were going skiing. Definitely bring warm hats, gloves and scarves and if you have them, some practical winter boots. When it’s really cold I try to wear pants instead of dresses or skirts, but if you want to wear the latter make sure you wear warm tights or wear two pairs of tights doubled up. Oh, and sometimes it helps to bring extra pairs of socks in case your feet get cold or wet from the snow.

If you need any clarifications or have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask!!

I look forward to reading about your trip!

Ariella told us some good advice as...

I have to tell you, -10 is pretty cold for my standards too. I live by the coast so it rarely gets that cold (although a few days later it has indeed been that cold and it was practically unbearable) - I really hope it won't be quite that cold in Berlin!
Anyway, to keep warm, wear many layers. If you like to wear dresses or skirts make sure you wear wool tights. You might even want to wear two pairs on top of each other since that usually helps. What matters the most is that your feet won't get cold because that will ruin your day, so wear shoes that have a thick, warm sole. And don't forget mittens (better than gloves since they keep your hands warmer than gloves), scarves and a hat!
I went to Berlin almost two years ago and it was great. The eastern part is where it all happens!
You need to go to the Jewish museum in Berlin. It is so striking, impressive and interesting. We only had two hours there which was way too little. It's the most interesting museum I've ever been to.
Have an amazing trip!

Sweet Mo said to us...

 I' m not quite sure I know so much though...I guess I'll say what's important for me is:
  • To always cover your head cause all the heat from your body "leaves" from there + when your ears are cold it hurts freaking bad
  • Nose, fingers and toes are the places that have a tendency to froze the fastest so make sure you take good care if them (u can use that handwarmer stuff that you "break" and it provides warm for a while)
  • Put cream on your face and protect your lips !!
  • Wear high socks so it also protects your leg under your pants or a pair of tights under your pants.
  • Don't forget to eat and to have several teas and hot chocolate breaks;-)
 That's pretty obvious but that's all I can come up with to prevent me from freezing so far!

Lovely Natalia said... 

I think the layering of clothes is most important when it comes to dealing with cold weather  You need to have a hat, gloves and some additional socks, cause it's mostly through those three places on the body that you lose most warmth from;D I can't really think of anything else..hehe..maybe because it seems so ... normal to me
 But hopefully, I was able to help a bit! Have fun in Berlin! :*

And then, some lovely people recommended us great places...

Laia said...
There's nothing better than walk near the Wall of Berlin and the go to the museum... I loved it!! Loof for some markets, I'm sure that you'll find some good and lovely bargains... and about the food, I survived thanks to the Donner Kebaps!

Marit also said...

You should go to the east (I think) part of Berlin. Vintage and 2-hand shops all over the place! And in Galeria at Alexanderplatz, they have the coolest tights. I think it was almost a floor with tights and socks.
And at the milkabilly, if I don't remember it all wrong, they have the best ice cream ever!
Hope you'll have a great time in Berlin. It is a lot to see there. Enjoy!

So that's it... thank you for all these lovely advice and suggestions!! I'm sure we'll have a great time! See you next week!

Tschüs!(Bye in German!)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rude girls, don't love a rudie!

I think that is not something strange that the mods evolved into the skins. I mean, the depression of the country and the change of the style, perfectly normal in any fashion style; provided the perfect emergence for the rude boys (maybe the parents of the skins culture). The clothes change, the attitude changes... but, what about the girls?

They changed their style too, but without refusing to the cute skirts and feminine shapes (although sometimes you can see the rude girls wearing the typical jeans with a shirt and suspenders). I think that the above picture is one of the best examples I could find, because you can see a mod girl and what could have been a rude girl, both with an awesome style (in my opinion).

Fred Perry campaing
Two mod girls having fun
An actual skin girl

But please, make no mistake with what I'm saying; I'm not talking about politics or ideologies, I'm just speaking in the change of a style during the sixties...

 A skinhead's party?

Who said that skins were only white people?

The rude boys and girls started to use clothes made of very good quality, so they could last a long time. I guess that's why the rude girls left nice dresses and started to wear the typical clothes that nowadays everybody knows as skin's clothes.
But I really love the step between both styles... I find it really awesome!

By the way, thanks for your lovely comments on my last entry, they mean a lot for me! And thanks again for your advises for the cold weather in Berlin; we're staying finally in a lovely hostel... I can't wait for going there on Friday!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Into the West.

Yesterday night I had dinner with all my cousins and went to dance. My cousin Rocio was leaving today for Berlin, and we wanted to have a good time with her.

Me with Rocío!
At la Vaguada, as always here!
Tshirt - Pull&Bear customized
Skirt - Bershka (second hand)
Tights - Calzedonia
Shoes - Sonia Rykiel vintage
Ribbon - Offbrand

And today, I pass the evening in a hip hop competition, it was great and I had a lot of fun there! We've got here plenty of good guys on this!

Tonight I was going out, but when I was having my dinner, I realized that they were showing on TV "The Lord of the Rings: The return of the King"... so I stay home for seeing it. Yes, of course I saw it before (at the cinema, two times; on DVD -I've got the collection-); but I love those films and those books... you know, there are lots of good books outside here, I know... but for me, TLOTR contains not only a good story, but also means so much for me... Let me show you why...

J.R.R. Tolkien.

It was the 9th of December of 1991, my tenth birthday; and that day, a package arrived home, from my dad. My parents were divorced when I was very young, and I didn't see my father very often, because he lived so far away from me. Sometimes he sent me presents, normally books... and in that time, he realized that I wasn't like the "normal" girls; so he was always sending me books and tapes with awesome music.That summer I spent it with him at Barcelona, and during it, he had been telling me stories about a faraway place called Middle Earth, about a magician and a tree that could speak. My curiosity was boundless, I wanted to know who or what was Tom Bombadil, I wanted to read the poem about Tinúviel ... and he insisted that I should wait, that was not the time yet, but I insisted and insisted ...

So, here I am, my birthday... I opened the package and I found three books wrapped, and a letter. In that letter, he explained to me that those three books were the path to another world, a world full of adventures, good and bad moments; that I might cry, I might smile... but always, always, I should lead my imagination fly and my heart guides me into the shadows, just for finding the light...

He said, "First, you must know Bilbo Baggins, so you must read The Hobbit first. After that, follow Gandalf into The Lord of the Rings... and finally, find the beginning of al the things that cares at The Silmarillion". So I took The Hobbit, opened it and started to read, smiling as I was reading the dedication wrote inside it... "Walk with Bilbo and don't lose sight of Gandalf. In the next book you'll meet Barbol. Leave your imagination fly free..."
And I read...

And in a week, I read the full story of The Hobbit (for a ten years old girl, reading a book like The Hobbit in a week is too fast!). So I opened the second book, The Lord of the Rings, and read the dedication... "So that the paths of the imagination lead you to the truth"... and I read... and read... and read for six months... and I laughed, cried, smiled...


And after those six months... "Meet the beginning of everything, and make your dreams come true", said The Silmarillion...

So for my next birthday, he gave me a Bestiary from Tolkien's world. And a book for learning Quenya.... And I read all the books again, and again...

My father died when I was twelve years old. And I keep all his books and records, and the books he gave to me... Thus, these books are not just nice stories about things I like. They're almost like his legacy, a gift that opened the door to an unexplored world for me, to be who I am today.
He never saw the films of Lord of the Rings, only the old animation ... but I'm sure that, despite the failures, would have liked them, perhaps because it is set in the beautiful illustrations by Alan Lee, our favourite illustrator... I remember talked with him about this...

So, now you know why I love so much this books! And why I always cry and smile when I see the films, read the books or listen to the music of the films!

Thanks for reading and have a nice Sunday! I'm coming back to Barcelona today... yaw!! Oh, and thank you for all the cute comments, tips and advice for the cold weather at Berlin!!

Illustrations by Alan Lee and John Howe.