Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The songs we used to sing...

2009 was a year full of great inspiration for me. As you may know, one of my sources of inspiration is music, I think the biggest one... and since I blog, there are some lovely bloggers that I really feel like they're muses for me... Here I want to share some of the people and things which inspired me last year and would be inspiring me this year...
Folies Bergère Performers
The Clash and Joe Strummer
John Lydon

The past fascinates me, from the muses of the late nineteenth century to the present pin ups, but if there is something that fascinates me are the happy 20's, sixties and seventies, especially in its most punk way. I really believe in punk as a very powerful ideology that given the current political situation can be repeated as a cultural movement or counter-cultural. And every day that passes, I am clear that this revolution can begin in Berlin ... I guess it's a hunch.
I think John Lydon and Joe Strummer were the punk thinking heads, each with a different ideology but successful, and that led to each one to different extremes. Joe believed in his ideas to the end, John ... well, you just have to look at it today and see what has become something that I hated ... maybe that's why I respect him even more.
And Twiggy... she's magical. She always gives me the inspiration of freedom in her pictures!

Mando Diao (I adore this funny pic!)
Maxïmo Park
Guys well dressed (as Joshua Third)

I cannot deny it: I am a fetishist of menswear. And when a guy is well dressed and he also tells beautiful things in songs, as a poet, like the menI mentioned in the pictures ... I fell in love. Curiously, the artists that I like (at men) tend to be always well dressed.
This doesn't mean that a smart man will be well dressed and vice versa; there is everything in the world, but curiously the boys who I always have interesting encounter a unique style ...
Of course, many other artists inspire me, but these are the most remarkable to me in 2009 ... and will be in 2010. Foals will release soon a new album, and I will vibrate with their math rock again. Interpol will also release a new work soon. And Mando Diao and Maxïmo Park... I simply love them (they are the first two in my Lastfm) and I hope to see them live this year (again!).

Florence + The Machine
Shirley Manson from Grabage
Little Boots
Amanda Jenssen
Miss Li
Theoretical Girl
Hannah Murray, from Skins

My musical muses, some from last year and some new.
Florence and Shirley are my favorite redhead, with opposing voices and styles contrasting, but equally inspiring. While Florence inspires you to scream and go out dancing in the rain, Shirley encourages you to snuggle in your room and whisper in the ear of someone special the lyrics of her songs. Florence sometimes wears costumes seventies, Shirley is sophisticated ... but both have an inner world that show us in their songs, and are fabulous.
Little Boots, Miss Li (whom I recently discovered), Amanda Jenssen and Theoretical Girl are my bets for 2010 women, particularly Theoretical Girl, who has an attractive voice and a fascinating minimalist ... not to mention that her style is wonderful (and already is starting to influence mine).
And at the end I mentioned Hannah Murray, Cassie from Skins' serie... I simply love both, the actress and the character. I've been all 2009 saying "wow"... and in 2010, I will doing it again, and again, and again... 

Three of my blogger muses. I adore the three of them, and I thank them for made me dream, learn and smile during the past year. Of course, I hope to continue doing the same things with them in 2010!

My friends!

I always learn from my friends, and I'm learning a lot from these three little people that inspire me every day. Thanks to my Laia, Esther & Rocio, and the way they are and be loved!

And after all this boring text, I leave you with the outfit I was wearing last sunday at the mall...

Cardigan - Bershka
Shirt - Zara customized
Skirt - Green Coast
Tights - Calzedonia
Oxfords - Wonders second hand
Beret - Primark
Bag - Blanco (old)

I made a silkscreen on the shirt, and used a white ribbon. The picture is from Jesskajuice, I adore her pictures! Actually, I've been so creative these days. I made four t-shirts, a headmand and 3 ribbons I'll show you soon!

So, thanks for reading... and as always, please... have a nice day!


  1. i love this blog!
    i'm following for sure!

  2. Ay dios..... has puesto tantas cosas magníficas que no sé por donde empezar XDDD

    me ha encantado tu conjunto (L) y la entrada guardada en Bloglovin para la prosperidad!

  3. Such a wonderful post Libs!! It's filled to the brim with amazing inspiration!

    I have a fetish for menswear, too!

    Lulu Letty

  4. I just watched my first skins this weekend (we are a bit behind here in the US) and I am so with you on the Cassie inspiration. She wears the most eccentrically fabulous things! I think I'll start saying "wow" too!

  5. wow cuanta inspiración, una que otra ni idea XDD!! me encanta shirley de garbage!! que guapa amanda jenssen y esas bloggers se ven super lindas, la noruega?¿?¿ o de donde ser, la rubia con cara de muñeca, es divis!!! si naciera de nuevo quisiera ser super blanca y peliroja ejeje..

    bueno saludos guapetona muah!!!

  6. I love Elin and Niotillfem. And I feel like I know way more about how Florence and the Machine looks than how they/she sound...

  7. Eso de guardar entradas se puede hacer? Yo quiero!! Eres muy mona, como te quiero T____T vuelve pronto que mi vida está más vacía sin ti!

    (por cierto, yo también he hecho algo parecido en mi blog, aunque no lo mire nadie ajajaja)


  8. That first photo is so dreamy.

    I Love Shirley, shes so gorgeous!

    I really like retro and your outfits are great, love the last photo.

    Was looking through the previous posts and love the black and white retro outfit too.

  9. Sweet post, darling! I love the 3 swedish bloggers too, aren't they just the world's sweetest girls?? I'm totally envious of their style and their lives:)


  10. haha okey, haven't heard about that one ^^ when will it get out on the cinemas? (:

  11. All of those photos are so lovely! I especially loved the first one; that girl is GORGEOUS!

  12. love the pictrues especially the dress in the theoritical girl pic :p

  13. thanks for sharing your great music...such inspiration for style as well...

  14. This was a great post! :) Wonderful pictures, and wonderful music too!

  15. Muy buenas fuentes de inspiración todas! A mi también me encanta mirar al pasado en busca de inspiración, creo que en casi todas las décadas del siglo pasado encuentro algo que me gusta, aunque mis favoritas son el periodo eduardiano de principios de siglo (y el victoriano de finales del XIX), los años 30 y los 50 yu 60. Y por supuesto adoro a Twiggy!! En gustos musicales ya no coincidimos tanto, al menos en los modernos (porque los Sex Pistols son todo un clásico jaja), pero a mí también me encanta ese estilo de vestir en los hombres, ya podía venirme uno así, no me importaría nada jajaja

    Ays, los Reyes Magos pasaron de nosotras... en fin, siempre nos quedarán las rebajas, y a ti en Berlín, qué envidia!!

    1 beso!

  16. me ha encantado este post" la verdad sk casi todas me recuerdan a ti!! un bso

  17. Hola! Me hace mucha gracia porque tus inspiraciones son realmente muy parecidas a cómo vistes tú. Tienes una aire a casit todas. Si eres una fetichista de la ropa masculina, pásate por mi blog que hoy te va a gustar. ;)

    B* a la Moda

  18. Everyone on these pictures shared are so stylish... so many thing to check out now :)

    Thank for sharing,

    -Coco from Our Paper Moon

  19. Esta entrada es perfecta!
    Me ha encantado, de verdad T__T <3

  20. Me encantan todas las fotos! Y tú `preciosa como siempre! Te vas a Berlín??? Qué envidia! saca muchas fotitos!!! Yon en febrero me voy a Londres!!!


  21. I died when I saw that Lanvin number in Vogue. Sooooooo gorgeous!

  22. Definitivamente Interpol es una de las bandas, que tanto por su estilo y música, me inspira!

    besos! y que este año conozcas nuevas musas! ^^


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