Saturday, January 23, 2010

Live aus Berlin (part II) & blog awards!

Our saturday at Berlin... I still cannot believe that last saturday I was with so much snow around me! Be prepare for a good bunch of pictures...

Albert and Laia in our way to the U station

Me playing with the snow. 
T-shirt - Handmade
Red shirt - Sanrio for Oysho
Skirt - Putumayo
Socks - Claire's
Boots - Aces of London
Coat - Zara
Beret - Primark
Gloves - H&M

Frozen river... 

Bauhaus archives

At Tiegarden, the biggest park I've ever seen... 

At Branderburgo Tor

Holocaust Memorial

A part of the Berlin's Wall at Postdamer Platz

Fischbrötchen House Project


Rocío, Albert and me


Grafittis around Rocio's house.

A grafitti from Jan

Jan's sketchbook

I made this picture for Jan

Beer, Jagermeister, good company... a awesome day... 

I've receive a lot of awards!!

Irresistible blog from my lovely Fashion Freak, from Estilo In Diferente:

So I must say 3 things that I cannot resist... oh, it's so difficult for me!! Let me think...

1. Music, because is the machine that rules my world.
2. A little piece of chocolate from time to time; I don't like sweets so much but sometimes, chocolate makes me smile :)
3. Rain! I love walking in the rain!!

And I pass this lovely award to... Cris, from La petite Nymphéa!

Ines, from Cinnamon Eve gave this lovely awards!!


For the first two awards, I must say 7 facts about me (so 14, wow!)... so...

1. I've got green eyes!
2. My real hair is dark blond, but I love red hairs, so I dye it!
3. Another fact from my red hair is that my biggest inspiration for it is... Pippi Långstrump!
4. The first english song I learned to sing was Please, Mr Postman by The Beatles. 
5. I deam about living in Sweden.
6. I drink coffee a lot!
7. I want to tattoo myself!
8. And I want to pierce myself too, the septum piercing!
9. I speak a little bit of french and italian.
10. I'm a very big fan of The Little Vampire's books.
11. I've got a sixth sense with cats and dogs!
12. I love Hello Kitty, but at the same time, I hate her!
13. My favourite singer from all times is Leonard Cohen, since I was 5... but I also love Johnny Cash.
14. This summer, I want to go again to a music festival!

The You're a doll award requires me to tell you about a book/film character I resemble the most... wow, again so difficult for me! But I guess that the chosen one(at the moment) is...

Alex, from A Clockwork Orange.

I'm really fascinated by the evolution of this character in the novel, I think is an evolution that every human being should have (and unfortunately, is not having by the moment).

I pass this awards to... Pandora, from One Girl from Paris; Laia from Kyra no sekai and Yaira from Cuentos de una Princesa Moderna.

And finally, swee Naka, from Naka's Net,  gave me this award!!

And I must say another 7 facts from me! Here they are:

1. I used to hate pink colour.
2. I started wearing high heels less than a year ago!
3. I don't know how to ride a bicycle... well, I know, but I'm scared of them :(
4. I hate going to the beach during the day, but I love it by night!
5. The first time I saw snowing was at London on 2005.
6. I know every single part of the script of Gone with the Wind.
7. I hate summer!

And I pass this one to... Ariella, from Pearls in your Hair!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Eh, thanks! So I have to tell 14 things about myself and a character of a movie/book who look like me? I will do it next week!! ^3^
    It's fun, I love the Little Vampire books too!! It's sad that we can't find them in french now, they stopped to be published here =(
    Few years ago I did some illustrations about Rudiger, Anna and Anton, they are on my Myspace! ^^
    Kisses from Paris!!

  2. Que linda ella jugando en la nieve ejejejee!!! pues es agradable verte contenta y leer mas sobre vos!!
    Por cierto cuando fui a H&M no vi esas botas blancas XD solo las fucsia y negras, ni modo ejeje.


  3. Me encanto tu ropa, y tienes una falda putumayo!!
    Felicitaciones por todos los premios.

  4. Oh a mi también me encanta el Pequeño Vampiro (L) supongo que así se llama en castellano, yo me los he leído en catalán! xD

    Mañana me pasaré las fotos :)

  5. Great pictures, Berlin looks incredible!! I want to go there so badly! :D
    And congrats on all the awards!

  6. I am loooooving your stockings!! So cool! Congrats on the awards and so glad you had tons of fun!


  7. Wow Berlin in the snow! Looks amazing and super cold~

    I really love your drawing, so cute!

    And congrats on the many awards, shows what a sweetheart you are:)


  8. Aww...ojalá en Barcelona tamibén nevara, adoro la nieve!!!
    Que bien os lo pasasteis ne? con solo ver las fotos me entran unas ganas de ir! <3

    Un beso! <3

    (Y gracias por el award :3 eres un amor <3)

  9. Wahhh Berlin, *O* Quiero iiiiir!!!! Debe ser alucinante ains (L)
    Jo, porque tus fotos son tan guays siempre???? Me ha encantado sobre todo la de tus piernas con el cuaderno ese tan majerrimo!

  10. i love the photo of you playing in the snow and I love your skirt and I had to research bauhaus a couple of years ago :3

  11. que suertuda con tantos premios! XD

    a mi tb me encantan los libros del pequeño vampiro!!! los tengo todos dsd peke, bueno me falta uno que estoy buscando...

    y amo el verano... jajaja

  12. Fab pics and congrads on your awards! your blog is amazing x

    For all things fashion:

  13. en bcn no hemos tenido nieve, pero en berlin habéis compensado con creces!

  14. aah k chulo berlinnN!! que envidiaa!
    y que mona jugando en la nieve x3!!!!

  15. Oh great snow pics, wow! Looks like you guys had fun.

    Really like the drawing/card you made.

    Congrat's on the awards too and your list :)

  16. Aghhh en serio, que envidia!!
    Yo nunca he leido los libros del pequeño vampiro... supongo que es demasiado pedir haber leido tantos libros XDD
    jo, ver tanta nieve me recordó a la nevada que cayó en mi pueblo hace poco más de una semana... ojala nevara de nuevo, que me encanta ir a hacer fotos por ahí XDD

  17. I was so scared to start riding a bicycle when I was little and I love that you know Gone with the Wind by heart. I think the book is better than the movie, but it's still a huge spectacle.

  18. HIhi, yeaaah you should come to my next time going out ! ;)
    Oh awesome pictures, and how fun it looks ! :)

  19. Cool pictures, and congrats on the awards :D

    Thank you so much for your wonderful comment <3 You're such a sweetheart!

  20. Gorgoeus Libs. I would so love to see the Holocaust memorial and part of the Berlin Wall.

    Congratulations on your well deserved awards.

    Lulu Letty

  21. congrats on all the great awards !!

    so , how was germany, i mean, not too cold??

  22. Very nice and beautiful pictures. Makes me want to go to Berlin too.:-) Congrats on your blog awards. By the way, I also love coffee and drink lots of it per day.:-)

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