Sunday, May 29, 2011

While the world sleeps.

I normally don't ask for this, but I want to tell you all the truth about what happened today at Barcelona. I'm writing this in English 'cause I want, also, YOU ALL to understand this.


I was tired, totally fatigued. The previous night I had come home late and went to bed to try to rest as much as possible that night in May.

I was awakened by music from my mobile phone, but not the clock ... it was Pablo, calling at 7'30 am to inform the eviction that was beginning to happen at the camp of Plaza Catalunya. I wanted to go there, but he urged me to stay home and take care of the Social Media of Acampadabcn until further notice. "Stay. Wake everybody. Wake them all". Thus began my day.

I started to collect information, verify the facts that were coming from everywhere. I turned the TV on and tuned in several radio stations and TV channels through the computer to try not to miss anything. I started to encourage people through Twitter and Facebook (as I'm a member of the Subcommittee on Feedback in the Acampadabcn) to go to the plaza and act in a peaceful way to protest against the actions that the police were doing there... But nothing helped our pacifism and flowers.

The Mossos (Catalan police) charged on the young and not so young people who were gathered there, indiscriminately beating everyone who was sitting on the floor in a peaceful, quiet calling of protest. Television cameras were witness to these facts, amazed and outraged about the actions of the so-called security forces who, later, "denied" aggression or violence.

At 11.00 am I couldn't wait anymore as I was seeing through the TV how my friends were beaten by mossos, and run to Plaza Catalunya. When I arrived, I could contact Cristian, another guy of the Feedback team, and together we saw how people were protesting in a peaceful way until mossos attacked us again while we were seating on the floor. Yes, as you read. They attacked unarmed people sitting on the ground that raised their hands in peace to their attacks. Cristian and I ran everything we could, and I ended up locked in a bank, separate from others. 

I tried to contact with my teammates, but then I discovered that my phone was tracked by the police. Luckily, I found my friend Alejandro, and together again we saw how people could reach the middle of the Plaza Catalunya just before another new violent attack from the mossos outside of the square. They were firing rubber bullets from their cars as they left; one near my head, if that ball hit me on my head, I would be dead now.

They've acted violently to our flowers and smiles, our peaceful resistance. There is a guy in the hospital seriously injured. They threaten to evict us again ... But we don't want to leave the square. Because it is our claim. Our meeting point. Our way of yelling that we do not agree with their laws and policies. Our struggle. Our home.

Because we will not leave until politicians stop lying to us and give us solutions. Because we won't leave until we finish our popular debate about what WE want for our country.

If you feel outraged by what you just read, imagine how I felt as I was living this life.  
If you feel outraged, share this story so it can be read worldwide.
If you feel
outraged, just call to action... And TAKE THE SQUARE
But always in a peaceful way. 
'Cause they want violence from us. 
And we'll only give them our naked hands. 

Plaza Catalunya this evening at 7'00 p.m.

Thank you. 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Error 404: Democracy not Found.

Sorry for being a bad blogger these past few days, but if you don't know, something's happening in my country. So I think that everything is secondary until we solve this, and my blog (about me, about fashion, about lifestyle...) is a part of what I think is less important.

Until that moment, PLEASE, support the SPANISH REVOLUTION. I leave you here some links about all of this.

Twitter tags: #spanishrevolution #yeswecamp

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

She moves in her own way (SOS Festival day 1)

So yes, I'm back from Murcia and I cannot explain with words the good times I had in that city with my friends and dancing in every concert we went to. It was a crazy weekend full of fun and great moments... and yes, that was me on Friday!

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Fuck the Royalty.

So yes, while the world was crazy about the Royal UK wedding, I was around Barcelona with my mum and her boyfriend, who came here for the weekend!