Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Fuck the Royalty.

So yes, while the world was crazy about the Royal UK wedding, I was around Barcelona with my mum and her boyfriend, who came here for the weekend!

I took them to Demasie cafe, and they loved it.

We also visited an haute couture exhibition at Passeig de Gracia, and to the event "Sing for Japan", in wich Eric was involved.

This week I'm really busy... we're leaving next Thursday to Murcia for SOS Festival... I'm so happy and excited about this!! But I'll write a better post before I leave, promise!!



  1. Me encanta ese conjunto :D tan punk-chic
    A mi tampoco me importaba la bendita boda :S, auqnue no negaré que quise ver el vestido ajaja pero eso lo hice cuando salieron fotos por todo internet XDD

    Que pases lindo día.

  2. i love ur outfit and i wish i could hauite coture in person :)

  3. Pues a mi lo de la boda me supera, todo lo que "apeste" british me gusta si o si, menuda desgracia jajaja

    Como te pareces a tu mami no?

  4. Lovely outfit ♥
    You're beautiful!


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