Tuesday, May 10, 2011

She moves in her own way (SOS Festival day 1)

So yes, I'm back from Murcia and I cannot explain with words the good times I had on that city with my friends and dancing in every concert we went to. It was a crazy weekend full of fun and great moments... and yes, that was me on friday!

All started on thursday morning, the day in with Meri, Vic, Micky and I travelled to Murcia and met there Sergio, Bea, Lucas, Andrea, Oli, Oct, Vane and Mel. We passed that day drinking and chatting, and on friday, we finally went to the SOS Estrella Levante 4.8 festival... that day there were playing lots of awesome bands: The Kooks, Vetusta Morla, Yan Tiersen, MGMT, Steve Aoki and Bloody Beetroots Death Crew 77.

In our way to the place in wich the festival was happening, we met Luke Pritchard, the singer of The Kooks. He was very friendly and nice with us!

So we finally arrived to the place and waited for a few hours until we could go to the main stage.

 Juls arrived on friday!
And yes, I made that t-shirt for that day, as the hairband. On the back of the t-shirt you could read "La cocaína no es buena para tu salud", a part of a DFA 1979 song that Crystal Castles sampled for "Untrust Us".
 Bea & Lucas.
 Sergio & Ana.
 Vane & me.

The first concert of the evening at the main stage were performed by The Kooks. 


Nusk was so so happy about this concert!

Then we saw Yan Tiersen, who was simply AWESOME; Vetusta Morla (aspanish band so good) and MGMT. Here you've got some pictures, but if you want to see more, please, visit my flickr accocunt!

 Yann Tiersen
 Vetusta Morla

And after this concerts, the band that I was waiting for came into the stage: Bloody Beetroots Death Crew 77. Their performance was... well, AMAZING; I think I cannot use another word for it. I almost don't have pictures 'cause it was crazy and I was dancing during all the show.


Finally, Steve Aoki closed a perfect first night of SOS Festival, with a great dj session. 

But the best part of the festival was about to come... 'cause on saturday we were seeing one of my favourite bands ever: Suede. But more about this... tomorrow!

I leave you here some press pictures that appeared on the newspapers with us!


And you, did you had a good weekend? Wich one is your next concert or festival? I'm planning right now a new Bloody Beetroots concert on June and Low Cost Festival on July!


  1. JODER! Que experiencia tan preciosa, me encantó vivirlo con vosotros, de alguna manera fue algo nuevo y genial y no puedo quitármelo de la cabeza.

    Adrenalina y Gritos por todas partes.

  2. Cool photos! I'm glad for you :)
    I would like to go to a Suede concert, I like them very much!

  3. Qué envidia que me das!!!! Jo, te echo de menos ;_;

  4. Estás preciosa :_) Se que siempre lo digo, pero es que es lo primero que se me pasa por la cabeza.

  5. i wish I could go see MGMT! and cool photos :3 i love the yellow it suits u :3

  6. loca x tu tocado de plumas!!!!!!!!!!


  7. I love The kooks and MGMT!


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