Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pink as a way of life! Laia's birthday 2012!

Hi there!

I feel sick this week due to a food allergy that I have :( but since I don't want to tell you about my health troubles, I leave you with some pictures from Laia's birthday!

As every year, Laia was making a theme party and this year it was... pink! And oh my, almost everything was pink or from a candy paradise!

The guests tried to put on their best candy dress clothes, of course... I must say that I really loved Laia Chic's unicorn costume, she was really great!

 Dani and María
 Helena, one of the cutest girls I know!
 Carlos and Carol.

 Kim and Dani loving Laia Chic

Two Laias are better than one!

I dressed in pink too for the event, of course. It was hard to find a dress I liked, but finally, I found this one from Hellbunny. The shoes are from Kling and the tights from Forever21.

And more pictures of the party!!

Cannot wait for seeing them again <3 (with or without pink!)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

At the new DESIGUAL shop.

Last Friday I was at the opening of the new DESIGUAL store in Barcelona. 
The brand aims to present a new concept of shopping in an environment surrounded by carpets, huge chandeliers and originality.  

With the help of a prepared group of personal shoppers, Desigual urges us to make our purchases well advised and the capacity to send our new acquisitions directly to our homes. An idea conceived especially for those who are living outside of Barcelona, and why not the country.

I appreciated the local a little bit Rococo decorated but full of good taste. There was a small fashion show too where we saw some ideas for summer and enjoyed a pleasant atmosphere.

Indeed, on day 23 was the feast of Sant Jordi and the World Book Day. Giving roses is typical on this day here in Catalunya ... and I got five! In addition, you can see some small details related to this: a handmade rose ring-shaped (and beautiful), a hairpin, Sant Jordi's bread, a rose candy ... I cannot complain!


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fleur de saison

The other day I bought on Primark this lovely shirt with little blue and yellow flowers. I love it; it's perfect for spring and it doesn't contain the trendy colours of this season, so I think that was one point for buying it (although the price was really nice).

As you know, I'm very interested in trends, but I normally don't follow them at all; they're an excellent guide for inspiration and buyers in big companies, but I think everyone should create their own style. I find boring seeing the same outfits in every shop or blog post, no offence!

 Shirt - Primark
Skirt - Sonia Rykiel pour H&M
Tights - Primark
Socks - Topshop
Hat - H&M Divided
Shoes - Alexandre Herchcovitch for Melissa
Ladybug brooch - off-brand


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bloggers x Fashion Pills & Vin Tee Couture

Last February I told you about a project between the brands' Fashion Pills, Vin Tee Couture and some bloggers around Barcelona. We designed a t-shirt and now, finally, you can see the result!

El pasado Febrero ya os hablé de un proyecto entre las marcasFashion Pills, Vin Tee Couture y varias bloggers de Barcelona. Cada una de nosotras diseñó una camiseta y ahora, por fin, podéis ver el resultado!

The day of the shooting was really funny; I've never been on the 'other side' of a photo session; I mean, I'm always the one who makes the stylish, makeup... but never the model! It was a great experience.

El día de la sesión de fotos fue muy divertido; nunca había estado en el 'otro lado' de una sesión de fotos... quiero decir, siempre estoy haciendo de estilista, maquillando... pero nunca haciendo de modelo! Fue una experiencia gratificante. 

And here's my t-shirt! A couple of lovely bunnies! If you want to see better my t-shirt or the rest of the bloggers, just click in the banner I've added on my sidebar! You can also buy here the t-shirt or anything I'm wearing here!

Y aquí podéis ver mi camiseta! Una parejita adorable de conejitos! Si queréis verla con más detalle o ver el resto de camisetas diseñadas por las demás bloggers, haced un click en el banner que he añadido en mi sidebar! Podéis comprar además aquí la camiseta o cualquiera de las cositas que llevo en las fotos.