Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pink as a way of life! Laia's birthday 2012!

Hi there!

I feel sick this week due to a food allergy that I have :( but since I don't want to tell you about my health troubles, I leave you with some pictures from Laia's birthday!

As every year, Laia was making a theme party and this year it was... pink! And oh my, almost everything was pink or from a candy paradise!

The guests tried to put on their best candy dress clothes, of course... I must say that I really loved Laia Chic's unicorn costume, she was really great!

 Dani and María
 Helena, one of the cutest girls I know!
 Carlos and Carol.

 Kim and Dani loving Laia Chic

Two Laias are better than one!

I dressed myself in pink too for the event, of course. It was hard to find a dress I liked, but finally I found this one from Hellbunny. The shoes are from Kling and the tights from Forever21.

And more pictures from the party!!

Cannot wait for seeing them again <3 (with or without pink!)


  1. por favor que moneria todo! pareces unas muñecas! que envidia sana de fiesta! felicidade para laia! un beso

  2. Me encanta la ropa de tu amiga de pelo rosa (aunque no sé si es pelo o una peluca buena, jisjis). Y tu ibas guapisima liber <3

  3. esa marca tiene cosas muy interesantes, el vestido está hermoso *_* te ves divis
    que bonita fiesta


  4. This party looks amazing. All the goodies... woah! Such a cute birthday. I love that you paired those black/white shoes with the hot pink! It makes the whole look so great.

  5. ¡Qué genialísimo todo! Y dios mío qué divina que ibas♥♥♥♥♥

  6. jajajaj rosa siempre!!!! :D

  7. want this rainbow cake for birthday! love this pink party ... must have been big fun.


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