Monday, May 14, 2012

Sing for r-Evolution #12m15m

We did it. Almost one year later, yesterday we took the streets and the square again; we keep on fighting for our future and for the future of those we love. The #15m movement is not dead, it is ALIVE and we keep on fighting for our rights.

So that day, I put on my creeper shoes and one of my cutiest skirt, and worked with my mates of @Acampadabcn for showing the world that we're still angry with the goverments, the banks and all the corrupt people; and that we believe that a better world can be made. Here you can see some pictures of #12mbcn. Enjoy them, and remember: take the squares!

Me yesterday arriving at our Medialab.

And on sunday... we're still at Plaza Catalunya...

Feedback & Social Media, where I work :)

Pictures from Fotomovimientobcn, Jordi Aros, Fey and me :)

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Lo hemos hecho, y esta vez hemos vuelto no para discutir cómo solucionar las cosas, sino para mostrar todo lo que hemos pensado y trabajado durante este año. Y entrar en acción. No creísteis en nosotros y, sin embargo, aquí seguimos...
...Gracias por dudar.


  1. You're very brave to protest!! The skirt is so sweet.

    Carmen Ri.

  2. This is to awesome! People in North America, or at least in Canada, ARE SO APATHETIC. They're angry, but they just want to whine about it instead of doing anything. Our Occupy movement lasted a couple months, mostly consisting of squatters playing hackey-sack. I mean, there just wasn't a communal representation. And then the city government said they were putting a "skating rink" in the Occupy area and ordered the police to throw everyone out... Which was clearly bullshit, but it died anyway. Well, I'm growing my own food garden for the first time this year. It's something! I've also been getting involved with rejecting the oil pipelines they are trying to put through British Columbia. Now, before they show any movie in theatres, there is a commercial beforehand about how the Alberta tar sands (worst environmental disaster) are Canadian and nationalistic and our Prime Minister has called anyone who opposes our oil fields a terrorist and an enemy of Canada. Disgusting!!! My point is, this is great, keep up the good work, change is our only future!


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