Monday, August 31, 2009

Current Obsession: Sailor style.

I've got some fashion obsessions that I can't get out of my head: leopard prints, tartan fabric and sailor style.

And seeing cute dresses and skirts like the ones of ModCloth doesn't help me much!

I also love this Liebemarlene vintage sailor dress, it's so lovely!

And of course, I'm in totally love with the sailor Lolita style...

The last one is pure love! I love that Metamorphose collection!

I'm obsessed with this, and with mix it with a punk style... sailor punk Lolita? What do you think? I guess I need a sailor hat like the last one... and that Liebemarlene Vintage dress, yes... maybe... maybe...

By the way, I didn't show you my last acquisitions...

This navy brooch is from a shop at Barcelona called "Chandal"; the girls who make them have got a very funny name, "La Virgen de Los Broches"; something like "The virgin of the brooches" in English! You can visit her page here.

And I bought this lovely pin-up dress in Barcelona too; it's from Hellbunny and I paid for it 45 €. I've worked with this brand and I really think it's a good price for it.

I've got more new stuff, but I must take pictures of them!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Budapest day 4: Mercury Madness!

Hi there everyone! I've been very busy with work, and I'm really very tired... this week has been hell for me at work! We had lots of activities: hip-hop fights, flamenco dance, breakdance fights, live role-playing games... and I've to organize all of them! But here I am back again!

Well, last time I wrote here I was talking about the first shows... so now, the second day of concerts! We saw some cool groups like The Ting Tings, which I was very glad about seeing them. It's great seeing that the only two members of the band, Jules de Martino and Katie White, makes all on stage... ALL! Drums, guitars, bass... it was amazing!

After the Ting Tings, we saw Die Toen hosen, a punk German band which has been playing for 30 years... I was really excited about this because they're one of my favourite punk bands and I never thought that I could see them (and so close!); they don't usually play outside Germany! And Andreas Frege (aka Campino, the singer) was so friendly and a great showman! This is my favourite picture of all I made.

After them, Bloc Party jumped on the stage, and people got crazy... I can't understand why they were fighting as if we were at a punk concert... I mean, at Die Toten hosen was a normal situation... but with Bloc Party? Anyway, I enjoyed the show and made lots of pictures, they've got excellent sound in live concerts!

Then we went to another stage for seeing Tricky, who gave an excellent show too, and then we had dinner and dance in one of the pubs of the Sziget Festival.

I don't remember the name of this, but it was delicious! It was chicken, with onion and mushrooms, almost like a carbonara sauce...

The two most elegant guys at the pub!

By the way, I mentioned before that this week I've been very busy with work, but I leave you here a pair of pictures... the first one it's from the flamenco night, I was wearing my Bodyline pink and black fruit parlour, a Zara t-shirt and my new H&M pink boots, I love them!

And this second one it's from Friday when I was playing at the role-playing game night. I was some kind of bunny, so I had a pair of bunny ears and a look inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

Well, that's all for the moment... I'll write more often! Promise!

Enjoy your Sunday!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Budapest day 3: the show starts!

On our third day at Budapest, the Sziget started and we saw some good concerts that day; but some of them weren't that good.

We woke up at 10 in the morning and had breakfast, and about one o'clock in the evening we sat down at the main stage just to be at the first line of the concerts.

We saw at three o'clock IAMX; I was expecting this very much because I really like IAMX and Chris Corner is a cool frontman... but OMG, I fell in totally love with their bassist-keyboard girl... she was wearing an extremely cool look and almost captured all the attention!

By the way, in this concert, I get Chris' towel, because he stared at me while I was taking pictures and said: "You, get that camera off your face, I want to see you". After that comment, I smiled and he said again "Oh, I love you, you've got a lovely smile... I like you!" and he gave me his towel, it was very funny.

After this great show, Nouvelle vague jumped into the stage and gave another amazing concert. Nadeah and Melanie Pain are excellent front girls and it was a lovely concert; they played their covers of "God save the Queen", "This is not a love song", "The guns of Brixton" or "Love will tear us apart", the final theme they played.

After two great shows, the massacre comes to us... yes, MASSACRE!! Ska-P, a Spanish band, was playing at six o'clock on the main stage... and EVERYONE was there! And for me, who was at the first line, it was Hell... people get crazy and started to push, fight and well, imagine about that! I couldn't take any good picture... I was afraid about my life! XD

When Ska-p finished, it was Snow Patrol's moment; it was a very relaxing concert (everything is relaxing after Ska-p) and we had a lovely time.

And finally, Lily Allen! What a lovely and funny show! Lily was so friendly and talkative, and we enjoyed her concert very much. She played lots of good songs and make her live cover of Britney's "Womanizer" and Kaiser chiefs' "Oh my God"; so cool! oh, and she gave al the first line beer for free!! Yeah!

So the main stage was close for that day, but we went to the A-38 stage for seeing White Lies... and yes, here it comes the deception... OMG, WHAT A CRAP!! I'm sorry about that, I was very excited about seeing them... and it disappointed me so deeply! The voice was HORRIBLE! And no, it wasn't for the stage (at the next day I saw tricky and it was perfect)... the suck in live events T_T...

Anyway, that was the first day of concerts!! You can see more pictures at my Flickr account.

Yaw, that's all for today!! Have a nice Wednesday

Monday, August 24, 2009

Back from holidays! Budapest: day 1 and 2.

Hi there everyone!

It's been a while since my last actualization, but yes, I've been on holidays for two weeks! I was back home last Saturday and today I started to work again.

I've been to Barcelona and Budapest, or the Sziget Festival, at Óbuda island. It was wonderful and great! I can't understand why in Spain the music festivals are so expensive and bad organized and outside here everything is gorgeous.

I've got more than 1500 photos, but I'll show you only the best (almost all of them are from concerts!).

We arrived on Monday morning after almost 35 hours travelling by bus... yes, by bus! We couldn't find cheap tickets for a plane, so we buy a special offer on the bus trip... it was HELL!! The only good thing was that we see lovely places like Slovenia or Nice, a city that I must visit in the future.

This picture was taken at Monaco, where we stopped just for having lunch.

Well, Óbuda Island was perfect, I mean, I have never imagined a better place for a music festival. The baths were cleaned every hour, the food and the drink were very cheap, cool people, good music...

The first day I ate langos, it was delicious and I really enjoyed it! Then we had some mojitos at the Chuck Norris bar (yes, it's true and I leave you a picture to prove it XD) and went to our tent just for sleep.

The second day I ate kürstoskalac, which is a typical sweet from Hungary and you can have it in different flavours, like vanilla (the one I ate) or cinnamon.

Then we leave the Óbuda Island and explored Budapest, which is a gorgeous city! I must come back and visit it again, without concerts and that kind of stuff... here are some pictures!





We came back to the island and went to sleep, because the next day there were concerts... the music start!! But I'll talk about it tomorrow.

No I'm going out with my friend María, who is a little bit sad; and when I come back I'll upload more photos from the concerts to my Flickr account; have a look at it!

Tomorrow I promise I would answer all the comments and have a look to all your blogs, I must read them all!!

Have a good night!

Friday, August 07, 2009

Some things before holidays...

Finally, it's the day! I'm going on holiday today, I need it; I'm very tired of working almost every day (mornings and evenings) and I feel that I need a rest.

But before leaving, I want to show you the Opera Cafe.

The Opera Cafe is the place where we normally take a coffee when we go out in the evening. It's a small place in the town centre that contains some cool and vintage stuff on its walls and where you can take a nice coffee and eat some cute cakes.

Rose and her sister Paula. Now Rose has got a piercing in her side mouth!

And this is me that day! I was wearing:
Handmade t-shirt (it's the Skin's Secret party Clown)
Putumayo's Skirt (well, one of the two pieces XD)
Calzedonia's socks (you can't see them but they're black with red glitter hearts)
Red rocking-horse shoes.
Offbrand belt.
Handmade accessories.

Well, today I'm leaving Algeciras just to travel into Barcelona; and tomorrow night we're travelling to Budapest; we're going to the Sziget Festival, and I must say that the main reason for me is just for seeing this band that I love: Maxïmo Park.

I love their work since their first album, but I couldn't see them before in concert... I'm so happy about this!
By the way, I'll meet there a girl called Nim; I met her in Flickr just because she commented at my Killers' album; she was at Lisbon too... and she's from Budapest! So we're meeting there, at Sziget Festival.

Tomorrow morning I'm meeting some of my friends at Barcelona, sweet Laia (the lovely author of Let Me Feel Like a Doll) and I are doing some shopping and then we're having lunch with the rest of the girls; that would be very nice!

And finally, the adorable Naka just tagged me for a blog award, THANK YOU, SWEETHEART!

I must write seven things about me, just in order that you all know something more from myself; so here we go:

1. I love vanilla ice cream.
2. I've got a piercing on my tongue.
3. I'm a psychologist and I work in an ONG.
4. I want to live in Sweden.
5. I love cooking (I can prepare an excellent curry!)
6. I'm reading right now "A song of Fire and Ice" saga.
7. I want to work as a coolhunter!

Now I must tag 7 people to do the same, but I really don't like tagging people, sometimes they get angry when I make this XD, and I think that everyone that I read deserves this price (you are all great :) ); so feel free of doing this!!

Well, I'll read your comments when I come back! Enjoy your summer!



Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Quick Post: Hedi Slimane

Yesterday I was without computer because the memory didn't work, but today I fixed it, so this evening I would take some pictures (I'm taking coffee with Rose and tonight I'm having a customized paint shop fans).

But anyway, I want to share two things with you. First of all, do you know Hedi Slimane? I'm a very big fan of his work in desing and photography; he's simply great and his male's desings are SO elegant... yaw... (by the way, I LOVE men clothes, it's one of my fetish obsessions).

By the way... JOSH BEECH! YAW! I love him!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Quick post: vintages treasures!

Today at work I had a surprise: my beloved Rocío, one of my friends at the office, gave me a lovely old necklace made of black velvet; so when I arrived at home I search for other vintage treasures that I found yesterday searching for things that I wanted to customize.

Almost all of them were from the mother of my uncle Manolo; he gave me all those things for me just because he knew I would love them!

This old brooch and lace are almost from the beginning of the XX century. The brooch is lovey and I like it so much; but I don't know what can I do with the lace... any idea?

These two pieces are a pin with oriental engraves; it's too old too and it's a little bit broken, but still looking nice. The glasses are from my mother; they're broken and I have to fix them; I'm making something with lace for it.

I found this on a very old haberdashery; it was only 2 € and I couldn't resist it! It's perfect for the scarfs.

And this is the necklace that Rocio gave to me. I find it very beautiful.

By the way, yesterday night I made these two ribbons for my hair, I really like the red one, it's so colourful and cute!

And that's all for today!