Sunday, August 02, 2009

Beer night and relax sunday

Yesterday night I went with some friends to "El cairo", a pub in the town center; I guess that I've told you about it before, I'm not quite sure. The point is that all the pub has got an old-brittish -colonial-egiptyan-style on it, and it's very cool! We had some beers (I had a pint of Paulaner, of course) and chatted about lots of things, like the live role playing game we're prepairing for the end of August!

Maria, Angie and Javi.

Juan, Patricia and his brother.

Party (we call him like that becaouse his surname, long story).

My lovely Jairo, oh-hoyeah!

One of the walls from the pub; it's a real old Kodak camera!!

By the way, this is what I was wearing.. as you can see, I've put a cartoon face over mine, that express perfectly the face I was at the photoshoot moment... XD

I was wearing an H&M dress, top shop socks (with candies) and Little Chili rockinghorse shoes.

Converse and rocking love...

This are the accesories that I was wearing; the strawberry is from Oysho and the rest is handmade by me!

And yes, my face... XD

Today I'll spend the day seeing "Carnivale" and making clay things... this is what I've made this morning; some necklace and a heart-shaped cookie ring... do you like it? The brown bunny is so cute! And the lollipop too!

Enjoy the rest of your sunday!!


  1. i love your dress :) and looks like you had an amazing time

  2. que monada de vestido y que pasada de local!

    por cierto te he dejado un comentario en la entrada anterior xD

  3. QUE FUERTE!!!! Ese vestido del H&M nos lo compramos Alicia y yo el otro dia jajaja, ahora somos compis de vestido XDDD

  4. such adorable shoes and great accesorising!! wow, you got to meet Narcissique, her blog always fills me with such inspiration!

    Thank You so much for dropping by too! haha i guess all over the world, mums like do like to clear out things then =P!

  5. acá no hay cerveza tan oscura XD.
    que bonita andabas.
    me gusta el fimo, te quedaron super


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