Monday, August 03, 2009

A strange inspiration: Carnivale.

Yesterday I found my old vintage cage, full of great and old things; and I've been all the weekend seeing the TV Show "Carnivale", and I must say that I've enjoyed it very much.

The fact is that the serie show us a kind of vintage style that maybe it's less glamourous than what we're used too, but that I think it's quite interesting. You see, in the 30's, we used to imagine the vintage women that we're used to swee in cinema and old fashion magazines; but Carnivale shows us what I've called the "daily vintage" or something like that... if you look at the pictures, you'll know what I'm talking about.

I think that this is what I've most enjoyed about the serie, the way they recreate the 30's style of the old USA's villages; it's so cool and realistic.

And searching more inspiration, I has a look to my beloved Vivian Leigh; I love this woman, she was so elegant...

And I found some other cool images for a total vintage inspiration look based on the 30's and 40's!

PD: Yes, I'm at work but as you can see, it's summer and I don't have much to do... so I'm very boring and I pass my time like this XD

I hope I could find a vintage shop at Budapest :D... I'm so sad that I couldn't buy anything at Lisbon, the shop I founded was real great :( but we were out of time... sigh!


  1. Que guays las fotos! *___* y vaya serie, pinta super bien, me la pongo a la lista de pelis pendientes! :D

    Pues en Budapest hay bastantes tiendas de 2a mano, según mi guía de compras vintage (si tengo un libro con guía de tiendas y eso que me compré en NY xD)

    te dejo un comentario ahora con unas cuantas si eso :)

  2. - Bross Secondhand
    - Ciánkáli , de esta hay dos pero esta es la que me sale en el libro
    - Garderobe, de esta hay varias también
    - Gizmo (District V) y Gizmo (District VI)
    - Oké (District V) y Oké (District VI)
    - Second Hand Szinte Új Ruhák
    - Tammy

    estas son algunas de las que salen en el libro, no tienen explicación osea que nosé que tal estan ._.

  3. Me encanta ver las fotos antiguas.
    La verdad es que son una maravilla.
    Aqui en Madrid encontre una tienda que lo mismo te interesaria... no se... ya sabes, si alguna vez te pasas por aqui avisame... y hacemos un tour XD


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