Friday, August 07, 2009

Some things before holidays...

Finally, it's the day! I'm going on holiday today, I need it; I'm very tired of working almost everyday (mornings and evenings) and I feel that I need a rest.

But before leaving, I want to show you the Opera Cafe.

The Opera Cafe is the place where we normally take a coffee when we go out in the evening. It's an small place in the twon center that contains some cool and vintage stuff on its walls and where you can take a nice coffee and eat some cute cakes.

Rose and her sister Paula. Now Rose has got a piercing in her side mouth!

And this is me that day! I was wearing:
Handmade t shirt (it's the Skin's Secret pary Clown)
Putumayo's Skirt (wel, one of the two pieces XD)
Cazedonia's socks (you can't see them but they're black with red glitter hearts)
Red rocking horse shoes.
Offbrand belt.
Handmade accesories.

Well, today I'm leaving Algeciras just to travel into Barcelona; and tomorrow night we're travelling to Budapest; we're going to the Sziget Festival, and I must say that the main reason for me is just for seeing this band that I love: Maxïmo Park.

I love their work since their first album, but I couldn't see them before in concert... I'm so happy about this!
By the way, I'll meet there a girl called Nim; I met her in Flickr just because she commented at my Killers' album; she was at Lisbon too... and she's from Budapest! So we're meeting there, at Sziget Festival.

Tomorrow morning I'm meeting some of my friends at Barcelona, sweet Laia (the lovely author of Let Me Feel Like a Doll) and I are doing some shopping and then we're having lunch with the rest of the girls; that would be very nice!

And finally, the adorable Naka just tagged me for a blog award, THANK YOU SWEETHEART!

I must write seven things about me, just in order that you all know something more from myself; so here we go:

1. I love vanilla ice cream.
2. I've got a piercing on my tongue.
3. I'm a psychologist and I work in a ONG.
4. I want to live in Sweden.
5. I love cooking (I can prepare an excellent curry!)
6. I'm reading right now "A song of Fire and Ice" saga.
7. I want to work as a coolhunter!

Now I must tag 7 people to do the same, but I really don't like tagging people, sometimes they get angry when I make this XD; and i think that everyone that I read deserve this price (you are all great :) ); so feel free of doing this!!

Well, I'll read you when I come back! Enjoy your summer!




  1. I understand about having a bad day and just wanted to post about it XD

    and ur your job seems so cool! I'm into physcology XD and i love ur outfit especially the rocking horses

  2. Love the cafe, it looks like a great place to hang around with friends. The band seem really cool, I'm going to find out more about them.

    Btw, that is so cool being a psychologist.


  3. ya nos hemos visto hoy pero que te vaya muy bien por Budapest! :D

    Arctic Monkeys (L)

  4. Wow the place looks so beautiful!

    Have a great time on your holiday!

  5. Tienes un award esperando en mi blog! :D para cuando vuelvas


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