Monday, August 03, 2009

Quick post: vintages treasures!

Today at work I had a surprise: my beloved Rocío, one of my friends at the office, gave me a lovely old necklace made of black velvet; so when i arrived at home I search for other vintage treasures that I found yesterday searching for things that I wanted to customize.

Almost all of them were from the mother of my uncle Manolo; he gave me all those things for me just because he knew I would love them!

This old brooch and lace are almost from the begining of the XX century. The brooch is lovey and I like it so much; but I don't know what can I do with the lace... any idea?

This two pieces are a pin with oriental engraves; it's too old too and it's a little bit broken; but still looking nice. The glasses are from my mother; they're broken and I have to fix them; I'm making something with lace for it.

I found this on a very old haberdashery; it was only 2 € and I couldn't resist it! It's perfect for the scarfs.

And this is the necklace that Rocio gave to me. I find it very beautiful.

By the way, yesterday night I made this two ribbons for my hair, I really like the red one, it's so colorful and cute!

And that's all for today! Double post, wow! :D


  1. He muerto con las gafas! X___X Tendré que hacer un post similar con mis tesoros :)

    y de nada por eso mujer! Si yo siempre que viajo me lo miro todo antes pq sino luego seguro que me pierdo lo mejor XD (y aún así me pierdo cosas....)

    pues ya ves que bien eso de ir haciendo contactos, yo solo tengo a unos de un pueblucho de mala muerte en el norte de Inglaterra xD

  2. Que cositas mas chulas!! luego nos enseñas algun tutorial jeejej

  3. I love the paper or table cloth which the jewellery is on. I loe the galsses those are the cutest in my opinion and thanks again for the sweet lolita help ^^

  4. Wooo que pasada!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. that velvety black necklace with the ivory cameo is so gorgeous!! love it :D!!

  6. y tan fiesteras!!! y bueno pasarmelo bien me lo pasé, pero acabamos potando todos xD esta noche salgo otra vez, suerte que es gratis que sino me arruinaría

  7. omg
    SOOOOOOOO many good finds!

  8. heyss!! XD.
    no tengo la entrevista asi a mano, pero lo tipico preguntaron, como se dió la subcultura, que sentimos al usar la ropa, el estilo, consejos a la gente "normal", y fuera de camaras otras cosas ajajaj.

  9. wow these pieces are gorgeous. I love the lace. youre so lucky :)

  10. Gosh, so many beautiful things!! I'd definitely go crazy with so many treasures! Btw, adore the bows you made, they are sooo cute!


  11. Great treasures! They are all so pretty & intricate.


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