Monday, August 24, 2009

Back from holidays! Budapest: day 1 and 2.

Hi there everyone!

It's been a while since my last actualization, but yes, I've been on holidays for two weeks! I was back home last saturday and today I started to work again.

I've been at Barcelona and Budapest, or the Sziget Festival, at Óbuda island. It was wonderful and great! I can't understand why in Spain the music festival are so expensive and bad organized and outside here everything is gorgeous.

I've got more than 1500 photos, but I'll show you only the best (almost all of them are from concerts!).

We arrived on monday morning after almost 35 hour travelling by bus... yes, by bus! We couldn't find cheap tickets for a plane, so we buy an special offer with the bus trip... it was HELL!! The only good thing was that we see lovely places like Slovenia or Nice, a city that I must visit on the future.

This picture was taken at Monaco, where we stopped just for having lunch.

Well, the Óbuda Island was perfect, I mean, I have never imagine a better place for a music festival. The baths were cleaned every hour, the food and the drink were very cheap, cool people, good music...

The first day I ate langos, it was delicious and I really enjoyed it! Then we had some mojitos at the Chuck Norris bar (yes, it's true and I leave you a picture to prove it XD) and went to our tent just for sleep.

The second day I ate kürstoskalac, which is a typical sweet from Hungary and you can have it in different flavours, as vanilla (the one I ate) or cinnamon.

Then we leave the Óbuda Island and explored Budapest, wich is a gorgeous city! I must come back and visit it again, without concerts and that kind of stuff... here are some pictures!





We came back to the island and went to sleep, because the next day there were concerts... the music start!! But I'll talk about it tomorrow.

No I'm going out with my friend María, who is a little bit sad; and when I come back I'll upload more photoso from the concerts to my Flickr account; have a look at it!

Tomorrow I promise I would answer all the commets and have a look to all your blogs, I must read them all!!

Have a good night!


  1. bienvenida!!!!
    Lo de chuck norris bar me ha mataoooo XDDD
    Me alegro un monton de que te lo pasaras genial, esperamos las continuaciones.
    Yo hasta septiembre no tengo vacaciones >.<

  2. i love the last photo

    and 35hours on a bus seems like torture :o

    and chuck norris so cool XD

  3. Me ha encantado el Chuck Norris bar XDDDDDDD la ciudad parece una pasada! Que ganas tengo de que continues con el reportaje!

  4. Ajaaa veo que te fue bien!!! luego cuentas de la música, que me sale espumaa en la boca, porque allá si que hay buenos festivales XDDD.. lindas fotos, wow europa es una gran cosa... que rico se ve esa como tostada, parece a unas de acá que les llamamos enchilada pero lleva mas cosa ejej.
    cuidate nena ;)


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