Wednesday, May 28, 2014

As foreigners in the city we love.

Today starts the Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona, ​​and one year ago I met the gorgeous guy who accompanied me in this first photo. This year, despite the distance (he lives in Rotterdam now), Andrés has become one of the most special persons in my life, and I will miss him at this year's festival.

Hoy comienza el Primavera Sound Festival en Barcelona, y hace un año que conocí al chico que me acompaña en esta primera foto. En este año y a pesar de la distancia (él vive en Rotterdam ahora mismo), Andrés se ha convertido en una de las personas más especiales de mi vida, y voy a echarlo de menos en esta edición del festival.  

A few weeks ago, Andrés made ​​a lightning visit to Barcelona ​​and were walking all afternoon catching up. We had coffee, ate some delicious sandwiches, we walked along the beach ... as if we were foreigners in Barcelona.

Hace unas semanas, Andrés hizo una visita relámpago a Barcelona, y estuvimos paseando toda una tarde poniéndonos al día. Tomamos café, comimos unos bocatas riquísimos, paseamos junto a la playa... como si fuéramos extranjeros en Barcelona.  

Shirt & skirt - H&M
Socks - Santa Casilda
Shoes - Fashion Pills
Sunglasses - Forever21
Necklace & hairpins - Madame Chocolat

I hope he comes back soon and we'll do more things together, I miss him!

Espero que regrese pronto y hagamos más cosas juntos, ¡te echo de menos!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Dress like a fairy, eat like a fairy.

Hi hi everyone there!

A couple of weeks thanks to O lo comes o lo dejas, we discovered this great place in the neighbourhood of Poble Sec, called La Donutería.

On La Donutería they make homemade doughnuts, the most delicious I've ever had in my life ... you can check my face with enjoyment while eating a doughnut with vanilla frosting.

Hace un par de semanas, gracias a O lo comes o lo dejas, descubrimos este genial lugar en el barrio de Poble Sec, llamado La Donutería.

En La Donutería hacen donuts caseros, de los más ricos que he probado en mi vida... podéis comprobarlo con mi cara de goce al comer un donut con glaseado de vainilla.  

Ray, Vero & me, the crazy gang :D

I also want to show you a beautiful store where my friend Vane works; is called Santa Casilda and is in the neighbourhood of El Borne. As you can see by the photos, it is a beautiful place where they sell cute clothes perfect for dreamy girls, who love a more mori style or even inspired by fairies.

También quiero mostraros una tienda preciosa donde trabaja mi amiga Vane; se llama Santa Casilda y está en el barrio de El Borne. Como podéis ver por las fotos, es un local precioso donde venden ropa ideal para chicas soñadoras, a las que les guste un estilo más mori, o incluso inspirado en las hadas.

 The afternoon I was visiting Vane, Lorena from The Stylistbook came by the shop!!

On Sunday at La Donutería I was wearing my vintage tartan dress; I like a lot and I've worn very little so far this year.

El domingo en La Donutería me había puesto mi peto vintage de estampado tartán; me gusta mucho y me lo he puesto muy poco en lo que llevamos de año.  

 Dress - Vintage
Polo shirt - Ben Sherman
Tights - Madame Chocolat
Creepers - Offbrand

You shouldn't miss these places around Barcelona!

No os tenéis que perder estos sitios en Barcelona!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Tell the truth: what the fuck is in your bag.

If there is a content type that I enjoy reading blogs from girls that I follow, is the "what's in your bag" theme. It's a very interesting way to know a little more about them and better. A girl's handbag says a lot about her.

However, whenever I read one of these, I notice some things are missing. That, or maybe they're more demure than I to show it.

So, today I wanna show you what's in my bag!

Si hay un tipo de contenido que me gusta leer en los blogs de chicas a las que sigo, es el saber qué hay en sus bolsos. Es una forma muy interesante de saber un poquito más de ellas y conocerlas mejor. El bolso de una chica dice mucho de ella.

No obstante, siempre noto a faltar algunas cosas en los bolsos de las chicas que leo. Éso, o que tal vez son más recatadas que yo para mostrarlo.  

Así que, ¡hoy os muestro lo que llevo en mi bolso!

 - My wallet with all my documents, credit card, photos, card-payment of the Primavera Sound Festival for free admission to the Apolo ... actually, my wallet deserves a separate post. 
- The Keys to the House; never leave the house without them, or you will have a problem. I carry mine with three keychains: one of Moomins, another from Leonard Cohen (a present from Jairo) and a Nana Oosaki. 
- The iPod. For me, it is almost as important as the wallet or keys, even the mobile (which, incidentally, did not put in the picture, but that's mostly because it's in my jacket or hand almost all the time). 
- Underground's card, my way of transport in Barcelona. 
- Arpakasso Pinku, the plush that Carol brought me from Japan and whose adventures sometimes I show you on Instagram using the hashtag #ArpakassoPinkuAdventure. A pink gentleman with a bow tie. 
- Candies, especially now that the heat starts and I get sag.

- Mi monedero, con toda mi documentación, tarjeta de crédito, fotos, la tarjeta-abono del Primavera Sound para entrar gratis a la Sala Apolo... en realidad, mi monedero merece un post aparte.
- Las llaves de casa; nunca salgáis de casa sin ellas, o tendréis un problema. Las mías las llevo con unos llaveros de Moomins, Leonard Cohen (un regalo de Jairo) y Nana Oosaki.
- El iPod. Para mí es casi tan importante como el monedero o las llaves, y más que el móvil (el cual, por cierto, no he puesto en la foto, pero éso es porque casi siempre lo llevo en la chaqueta, a mano).
- El abono del metro, mi medio de transporte en Barcelona.
- Arpakasso Pinku, el peluche que Carol me trajo de Japón y cuyas aventuras a veces os muestro en Instagram a través del hashtag #ArpakassoPinkuAdventure. Todo un caballero con pajarita.
- Caramelos, sobre todo ahora que empieza el calor y me dan bajadas de tensión.

 - Pens; you never know when you 'll need to point something on hand when your mobile battery has been discharged. Or when you're going to have to leave a note on a napkin for a cute guy. YOU NEVER KNOW.
 - My Hello Kitty pill's box with tons of ibuprofen. See, this is a MUST in any girl 's purse and rarely seen it, is that you don't have headaches or any part of your body hurt ever?
- Sunglasses; doesn't matter if it's summer or winter ... the sun can always dazzle you.
- A lighter. I don't smoke, but you never know when a friend will need a lighter, or when you'll need to set fire to something or someone.
- The compact camera. I love taking pictures and always try to carry my compact camera to take any photos. Yes, with mobile today would not need me; but my mobile phone is rubbish (I'll never accept a mobile LG, I just said it).
- The phone charger; face it: smartphones have become idiots and we end up with our lives; we can not live without them and when we see that our battery is at 20%, we panic.
- Deodorant. I don't know about you, but I don't like to smell in a bad way.

- Bolígrafos; nunca sabes cuándo vas a necesitar apuntar algo a mano cuando la batería de tu móvil se ha descargado. O cuándo vas a tener que dejar una nota en una servilleta para un chico guapo. NUNCA SE SABE.
- Mi pastillero de Hello Kitty con ibuprofeno. A ver, esto es un MUST en el bolso de cualquier chica, y pocas veces lo veo, ¿es que a ninguna os duele la cabeza o cualquier parte de vuestro cuerpo?
- Gafas de sol; da igual sea verano o invierno... el sol siempre puede deslumbrarte.
- Un mechero. No fumo, pero nunca sabes cuándo una amiga va a necesitar un mechero, o cuándo vas a necesitar prender fuego a algo o a alguien.
- La cámara compacta. Me encanta hacer fotos, y siempre procuro llevar conmigo la cámara compacta para hacer alguna foto. Que sí, con el móvil hoy en día no me haría falta; pero es que mi teléfono móvil es una basura (nunca más aceptaré un móvil LG, ya lo he dicho).
- El cargador del móvil; reconozcámoslo: los smartphones nos han vuelto idiotas y acabarán con nuestras vidas; no podemos vivir sin ellos y cuando vemos que nuestra batería está al 20%, entramos en pánico.
- Desodorante. Yo no sé a vosotros, pero a mí me pone de los nervios oler mal. 

 - The makeup bag full of things. Yes, it also deserves a separate post, but I really show you all it's in it, named below.
- A mirror. Needless to say, all we need to carry a small mirror, right?
- Perfume. I've said before, I hate to smell bad, especially in summer. This one is strawberry perfume from Yves Rocher. 
- My lenses' box with liquid and artificial tears. When you're at a festival or nightclub at five in the morning and your eyes want to die because your lenses are dry; or when you're sleeping in a strange house unexpectedly, you thank always carry this with you.
- Compact powder to retouch up your makeup. When you out go home at half-past eight for work and you're not coming back until twelve o'clock, you must carry something on hand to touch up.- Black eye pencil, waterproof. Mine's from Sephora, and it is wonderful. 
- Lipsticks in different colours; and lip balm for when it's cold and you have dry lips. As you can see, I carry lots of lipsticks: two of Limecrime's velvetiness (Red Velvet and Wicked), two lipsticks of the same brand (Glamour 101 and  Retrofuturist, and sometimes add Geradium or Serpentine ); Bang, the orange tone from Urban Decay (highly recommended) and a lighter orange tone from The Lip Balm that I got in one of the Birchbox's boxes.- Hand cream or body milk. Right now I have this body milk of Naobay, also a gift from Birchbox; and it is wonderful.

- El necesser cargado de cosas. Sí, el necesser se merece también un post aparte, pero realmente os enseño todo lo que llevo en él, nombrado a continuación.
- Un espejo. Sobra decir que todas necesitamos llevar un espejito, ¿no?
- Colonia. Ya lo he dicho antes, odio oler mal, sobre todo en verano.
- Mi caja de lentillas con líquido y lágrima artificial. Cuando estás en un festival o de discoteca a las cinco de la mañana y tus ojos quieren morir porque tus lentillas están secas; o cuando duermes en casa ajena de imprevisto, agradeces llevar siempre esto encima.
- Polvos compactos para retocar tu maquillaje. Cuando sales de casa a las ocho y media de la mañana y no vuelves hasta las doce de la noche, tienes que llevar algo a mano para retocarte.
- Lápiz de ojos negro, waterproof. El mío es de Sephora, y es una maravilla.
- Barras de labios de diferentes colores; así como cacao para cuando hace frío y se te secan los labios. Como podéis observar, yo llevo un montón: dos velvetines de Limecrime (Red velvet y Wicked), dos barras de la misma marca (Retrofuturist y Glamour 101, a veces añado Geradium o Serpentina); el tono narajna Bang de Urban Decay (muy recomendable) y otro tono naranja más claro de The Lip Balm que me regalaron en una de las cajas Birchbox.
- Crema hidratante para las manos/cuerpo. Ahora mismo llevo este bodymilk de Naobay, también regalo de Birchbox; y es una maravilla. 

 - A comb, also gifts from Carol. With such long hair that I have it's a little bit useful, but at least to fix my bangs makes me the workaround. 
- A toothbrush and toothpaste. Like the case of the lenses, you never know where you're going to end up or what you are eating, right?
- Wipes for cleaning glasses. Whether the vision or the sunglasses, there is nothing worse than a dirty glass that doesn't allow you to see anything. Well, there are worse things, but you get my point.
- Kleenex. Because you never know if you will have no toilet paper in a bathroom or when you're gonna drop mucus.
- A sanitary napkin, or buffers. Seriously, there are few things worse than your period coming to say "Hi!" and not having NOTHING to wear. And although often there a friend or a coworker that has everything in her drawer ... other many times (more often of what you think) you can find yourself helpless and wanting to die, literally (on these occasions the ibuprofen I mentioned before will also save you, dear. And don't forget the kleenexes).
- And last but not least: condoms. Girls, sex always SAFE and well pleasurable, pretty please.

 - Un peine, también regalo de Carol. Con la melena tan larga que tengo me sirve de bien poco, pero al menos para arreglarme el flequillo me hace el apaño.
- Un cepillo de dientes y pasta. Al igual que la caja de las lentillas, nunca sabes dónde vas a acabar o qué vas a comer, ¿verdad?
- Toallitas para limpiar las gafas. Ya sean las de visión o las de sol, no hay nada peor que unas gafas sucias que no te permitan ver nada. Bueno, sí hay cosas peores, pero ya me entendéis.
- Kleenex. Porque nunca sabes cuándo no va a haver papel higiénico en un baño o cuándo se te va a caer un moco.
- Una compresa, o tampones. En serio, ésto sí que puede ser lo peor: que te venga la regla y no tengas NADA que ponerte. Y aunque muchas veces hay por allí una amiga salvavidas o una compañera de trabajo que tiene de todo en su cajón... otras muchas veces (más de las que creéis) te puedes encontrar desvalida y queriendo morirte, literalmente (en estas ocasiones el ibuprofeno que antes mencionaba también os salvará, queridas).
- Y finalmente, pero no menos importante: condones. Chicas, el sexo siempre SEGURO y bien a gusto, por favor.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Uniqbrow, a different pair of sunglasses

Last week, Marta and I were invited by Andrew and Cristina, the designers of Uniqbrow, to see their new material and try some of their amazing sunglasses.

La semana pasada, Marta y servidora fuimos invitadas por Andrew y Cristina, los diseñadores de Uniqbrow, a conocer su nueva colección de gafas de sol y probarnos algunas. 

The thing about the glasses that Uniqbrow offers us is that you can use your lenses in virtually all their pairs of glasses. Yes, your glasses are interchangeable with saddles, which (despite what it may seem on the picture) aren't wood ... but rubber, very light!
The truth is that both Martha and I were much surprised with product quality, variety and convenience; you have to try them!

La gracia de las gafas que nos ofrecen en Uniqbrow es que puedes utilizar sus lentes en prácticamente todos sus pares de gafas. Sí, sus cristales son intercambiables con las monturas, las cuales (a pesar de lo que pueda parecer en la foto) no son de madera... ¡sino de goma, muy ligeras!
La verdad es que tanto Marta como yo nos sorprendimos mucho con la calidad del producto, su variedad y comodidad; ¡tenéis que probarlas!

 Dress - H&M (old)
Socks - Calzedonia (old)
Shoes - Fashion Pills

After our visit to Uniqbrow's shop, Marta took me this lovely pictures with my star dress and my new Fashion Pills shoes, with I love.

Después de nuestra visita a la tienda de Uniqbrow, Marta me hizo estas fotos con mi vestido de estrellas y mis nuevas sandalias cangrejeras de Fashion Pills, que adoro. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

But I can only love the darkness inside you.

Today I watched the film "The Broken Circle Breakdown". And it made me think a lot about love, about life; about what we do and what we deserve.

I won't lie to you: the film is amazing, one of the best I've ever seen, as it's so real; but it broke my heart. And, as the film goes by, I was thinking "God, I don't want to love anyone again". 'Cause, as it is said on the film, "Things can't be good, when everything's alright, something brokes down and it's the end". 

After watching the film, I realized about a very important point in my life: for the first time, I'm scared of love. And it's like I don't want to love anymore, 'cause at the end, I will fail that person; or he will fail me. There would be always someone better than me to love, and so they'll let me down and go with that person. There always will be something bad around the corner, waiting for us.

I'm too scared of love. But at the same time, I believe that I deserve it. I deserve someone who would love me and take care of me. I'm a strong and independent woman; I don't look for someone who'll fight my monsters and demons, 'cause that's my fight and I'm not gonna lose it. But as almost everyone else, I need to feel that someone cares for me. That I'm important for someone, more than family, more than friendship.

Now that more than 3 months have passed away since Adolf broke my heart, I can say it really loud. I'm scared. Not of being alone, I'm more than used to it; I'm scared of being hurt again. I'm scared of hurting someone else. And I wish I could live alone into the wild mountains, so I won't hurt anyone and nobody would hurt me again.

Some of my friends say that "what you need is to fuck someone". But I can't agree with them. I'm not a person of one-night-only. I cannot go home (or whatever place) with a complete stranger. And I'm not searching for that kind of people, that kind of relations. I agree that, for some people whose hearts have been broken, this works. But not for me.

So here I stand alone again, on my road, with my little red shoes, walking around wherever it takes me. And I know I'm brave for walking alone, as I always been doing. But at the same time, I feel like I have a rabbit heart that wants to run off whatever it comes. It's good to know that I feel that, admit it.

It's like the darkness that's inside me wants to take my heart with it. And I really should let it do it. Because I can only love the darkness inside me. I can only love the darkness inside you, as you always would let me down.

Next time someone comes into my life, I'll say that. And just a few more words. "Prove it". 'Cause I don't believe in love anymore, I'm too scared for it. And maybe I need someone who can prove to me that it can be true, just for one time. 

Prove it.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Love's the greatest thing that we have (SOS 4.8 Festival day 2)

Here's a bunch of pictures from the second day at SOS 4.8 Festival! We saw that day Triángulo de Amor Bizarro, Damon Albarn (amazing!), Phoenix and Pet Shop Boys.

Aquí os dejo con un montón de fotos del segundo día en el Festival SOS 4.8. Aquel día vimos a Triángulo de Amor Bizarro, Damon Albarn (increíble!), Phoenix y Pet Shop Boys.