Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Losing time because of the summer

Maybe not officially, but summer has arrived to Barcelona and one year more, the hot weather is killing me. Also, I'm a little bit off from blogging because my computer is not working properly and I must fix it; and also we're going to Algeciras to visit my family next week and I cannot think about other thing right now.

Also, the final countdown has started: by the end of July our intention is to leave Barcelona, moving to the south for a couple of weeks and then... Moving to Holland! I'm so exited about this new adventure, but also I'm packing and sending to my boyfriend's place there some boxes with winter clothes, as september would be wet and a little bit cold there. SEPTEMBER. COLD, Cannot believe it.

Of course I'm gonna miss Barcelona and Spain, specially the lovely people around here... But everyone should follow their dreams, and mines are living abroad and try to find sense to my life there. Seriously happy about this.

Any tips for the way there? I'm hearing!

Dress - Titis Clothing
Shoes - Dr. Martens
Jacket - Cache Cacheç
Bag - Mango
Sunglasses - Asos