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Interview: Aya Smith (Strawberry Koi); cuteness, vintage and country life.

So here you've got, another interview from the ones I made for my final project. I've decided that, once a week, I'll publish one of them, so you can enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them... hope you like it!

When I first started blogging, long time ago; one of the first persons I totally falled in love with was Aya, from Strawberry Koi. Her lovely style, full of vintage clothes; her natural form of being, simply adorable... Aya is not a person who likes to pretend something; she's so true as you can read on her posts, full of lovely stories and dreams. Her passion for vintage clothes and a romantic style makes her one of the most beloved bloggers right now...

1. Thank you so much for accepting doing this interview, Aya! So, first of all, could you please tell us who you are and a brief description of you in your own words?
My name is Aya Smith, I'm married and have been for 5 years. I also have a 3 year old son, who is my proudest achievement.

2. What do you do? What do you like to dedicate?
I work at a vintage store, run a fashion blog and an etsy store. My life wrapped up in one word: Busy, but also very much Happy.

3. Can you talk a little about your interests?
I feel so eclectic, because so many interests come to mind! I love studding languages and culture, and I also love arts and music. Fashion, traveling, web design and sewing... I think I like to try my hands at everything just for the variety of it all!

4. Tell us a book, an album and a movie without which you could not live.
"Alice in Wonderland", Lilly Allen's "It's Not Me, It's You" and Jun Henson's "Labrinth".

5. That's one of my favourite films too! Lovely! So, would you share with us a memory that makes you smile?
When my mother would say she she's proud of me.

6. Any favorite quote?
"If you have lemon's, make lemon-aid" I like the concept of using what you already have and making something very good out of it.

7. At what age did your get interested in the fashion world?
Hmm... it had to have been during my late teens that I felt a spark, but after I got married I wanted to fit the role of a woman and I re invented myself to look more feminine and mature.

8. Could you explain us a bit what has been the evolution of your image?
Mainly other fashion bloggers. I love browsing through a variety of looks and pulling away a little something from every look that inspires me.

9. How would you describe your actual style?
Eclectic, feminine, whimsical, vintage.... yeah, I think that about covers it.

10. What inspire you in choosing your clothes? Do you follow a pattern to match your clothes or just choose randomly?
I try to mix elements that make an outfit interesting as well as attractive to look at. I'm still learning how to do that, but first I pick a dress (and/or blouse/skirt combo) that are soothing in colors and comfortable to wear. Then I try to add accessories that are unique and quirky... At least that's the ideal plan!

11. Where do you usually get your clothes? Do you customize or sew any garment to you?
I buy all over! Online stores, boutiques, vintage/antique storesm H&M, Urban Outfitters... There aren't too many stores I'll turn down!

12. Have you got any special obsession (like shoes, bows, skirts...)?
Hm... unique details. I'm especially drawn to items that are embelleshed with an unusual/unique tetail, like cut-out backs and rick-rack trim. Gets me every time!

13. When and why did you decide to start writing a blog?
I started my blog almost 2 years ago. After following a couple of my favorite blogs, I wanted to give it a try... and it's been my obsession ever since.

14. What do you want to express with your blog? Do you think it adds anything to the people who read it?
I want my blog to be a piece of art. I want it to be visually stimulating as well as inspiring... I'm still working on that, but I hope one day I will be sure that's what it really is.

15. As you may know, you're such a great inspiration for people all around teh world; what do you feel whensomeone says you are his/her inspiration? What would you say to those people?
My heart explodes with happiness! I really believe there is no bigger honor than to inspire someone... it makes everything I do feel valuable and worth my hard efforts. Such a reward! 

16. What do you think about the actual Bloggers' world? Do you think they've got some influence into the fashion world? In wich way do you think they make the fashion world evolve?
Oh, I completely believe bloggers have an effect on the fashion industry! So many times I see something done through a few of my favorite blogs, I see it in a new published collection! It's a little creepy, but also pretty darn cool.

17. Have you had some experience with any fashion or beauty brand for being a bloggers, just to promote them? Wich ones? How it was?
Yes, there have been a few. I think it's to be expected, especially with online brands because they know we are a part of a community. It's only natural that we would make a good advertisement for them... I don't blame them, it's actually a very intelligent move.

18. In the USA it's very common asking for an sponsor; something that in Europe, for example, isn't very common. Can you explain a little bit more of this, please?
I think it's a bit of a trend. It spread like a virus! But it's a good way to connect with the community, while offering advertising opportunities to fellow bloggers and store owners. Done with good intentions, it can be a very heart-felt and heart-warming collaboration!

19. Wich ones are your top 5 bloggers of the moment?
I think this is a big of un unfair question, because I really do enjoy so many! I don't know, what to say, because I like following any blog I can find!

20. I understand you, it's a really hard question.... And finally (but not least), tell us a tip for your readers (a tip for their lifes, for the fashion bloggers' world or whatever you want to say to them).
Don't give up! Whatever it is that you are tempted to put forth all of your heart and effort into, just keep it up! Whether it's fashion, blogging, writing, acting, singing, work or a relationship, it doesn't matter, just don't give up and please continue putting your whole soul in to it! It'll pay off, I promise.

Thank you so much for answering my questions, Aya! This was very helpful!!

Sos, what did you know about Aya? Did you like her?


  1. Qué gran blogg tiene Aya. Me gusta mucho.
    También me gusta mucho el tuyo, Sahakiel.
    Eres como un soplo de aire fresco!

  2. i love her sailor dress :3

  3. Nice interview - it's fun to discover blogs I had never heard of!

  4. Aya fue una de las primeras bloggers que descubrí, gracias a ella y a pocas más empecé mi blog.
    Así que ella no lo sabe pero fue mi icono! jeje.
    un besazo:)


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