Friday, July 16, 2010

There she goes... there she goes again... (Bcn 080 fashion week)

Hi there! Yesterday I was at Barcelona 080 Fashion week and I spent the day there with Albert and Josep. I met some wonderful people, as javi or Manuel Bolaño, the designer whose show was closing the day; and I saw almost all the shows!

Josep's Adidas... SO COOL!
This was a dress and shoes made by Manuel Bolaño... spectacular!
Krizia Robustela, inspired in baywatch; it was really funny. 
Yiorgos Eleftheriades, so minimal but really great. 
Alexis Reyna; I didn't like the clothes but the show was really nice and original, full of color.
Juun J; the only two pieces I liked from this collection were these two outfits; it was a little bit boring for me because I had the feeling that I was looking to the same outfit during almost all the show. 
GORGEOUS Manuel Bolaño. I loved everything: the music, the outfits, the lights... you can see the full show here.

These days I'm having so much bad luck and I'm sad about it, so I feel sorry if my blog it's a little bit off... I'll come back soon with my good mood, as always :)!

Blouse - Forever 21
Shorts - Zara
Belt - H&M
Socks - Topshop
Shoes - Tao Bao
Bag - Swimmer


  1. Parece que el 080 me hubiese gustado más que el Brandery pero desgraciadamente no tengo tiempo para todo... En fin no estes triste. Muchos ánimos ;)

  2. No estés triste!
    Ánimo preciosa!
    Por cierto, a mí también me han parecido geniales esas zapatillas con alas...son divertidas!

  3. really cute bag and shoes ^^

    and nice photos as always :3

  4. la verdad sk como tu dices manuel bolaño fue espectacular! que vestidooo ^^ a ver si voy prontito a bcn y nos vemos! que tengo unas ganas..! kisses

  5. Ánimos Saha :)!

    Las adidas aladas me han encantado *o*

  6. Me alegra que hayas estado disfrutando del momento fashion, y espero que esa mala racha pase y se olvide!
    Y estás muy coqueta con los shorts de doble botonadura, y esos zapatos y ese bolso son preciosos!

  7. i did a drawing of your first drawing ^^ I hope you don't mind its not that well drawn but I hope you still like it :)

  8. Josep's Adidas shoes are so amazing! Were they inspired by Mercury? :)

  9. Madre mía!!!!It took me 15 minutes to be able to comment in your blog, any idea why it is so difficult??????.
    How interesting Manuel Bolaños. I can see a slight touch of McQueen, don´t you???. But above all I adore you and your outfit, and love, love those beautiful shoes, I want a pair at once if not sooner.
    Much love
    Wow you are so lovely!!!

  10. ánimo guapa!!Ya pasará la mala racha!

  11. Ops! Justo no fuimos el miércoles, buen review ;)
    Me encanta como iba esa chica vestida de Manuel Bolaño y los Jeremy Scott para Adidas de tu amig son una pasada!


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