Saturday, July 10, 2010

What do you want to know about me? (my first Q&A!)

I've realized that I've never made a Q&A, so... this is your time to ask whatever you want to know about me!! Feel free of asking whatever you want hete, and next week, on Tuesday, I'll publish them with the answers!

This pictures are from about two weeks ago, when I met Lessie. It was a really funny day! I was wearing a handmade t-shirt, a BCN Syndrome skirt, H&M tights and Irregular Choice shoes.

So, what do you want to know about me?


  1. It's glorious that you decided to make an Q&A for all your readers, so I'm going to ask you a few questions I always wanted to know.
    1- When did you start to get yourself into the fashion world? What was the first thing that caught your attention?
    2- In this moment, in an outfit what is more important, the clothes or the accesories that you combine?

  2. i love your outfit and this is a question more of a request but i would love to go trhough your wardrobe like a video or something with all your cute outfits ^^

  3. I'm so bad at coming up with questions for these! I love your red outfit though! so jealous of the heart tights ;)

  4. I love your tights
    My question is a simple one; Why do you post all in english and never in spanish, though you're a spanish girl (am I wrong?)?


  5. Hi, guapa, I have just dicovered your blog and love it.
    Like your clothes combination and wonder like Lulux why don´t you post in both: Spanish and English.
    Un abrazo

  6. yayyy i love Q&A's!

    1 - what's your favourite music type?
    2 -what's your favourite video?
    3 - which foreign countries have you visited so far? which was your favourite?

    soooo excited for the answers ;D

  7. Hmm sounds cool!

    For some reason, I never seem to read about your love life. Are you with someone? Anything juicy to share with us?

    If it's too personal to share, I understand:)


  8. Te voy a pedir 3 cosas que te definan y/o describan:

    1-Una película
    2-Una canción
    3-Un poema

    No tus favoritos, sino los que te definan como persona ;-)

  9. hello darling!!
    i saw your photos and you looks very nice!!
    I want to know about you:
    1-what do you love in your life?
    2-what thing dont you change never?
    3-are you really happy?
    4-what is your favourite clothes?

    very kisses

  10. Oh, a Q and A - nice! :) You know, for some reason, even if I've been reading your blog for a long time, I can't seem to remember what exactly you do. I know that you are just finishing your degree in fashion (I believe?) and that you're doing your final project. Though, could you tell a little more about that, and if you do anything else at the same time?

    Also, I'd like to know where you see yourself in one, three, five and ten years.

    Btw, I love your interview with Aya!

  11. Guapa: Me parece una gran idea que quieras hacer Q&A.
    1. Porqué empezaste el blog?
    2. Qué estilo (hablando de moda) crees que predomina ahora?
    3. A qué te dedicas (ahora) y a qué te gustaría dedicarte en un futuro?

  12. No sé que preguntar!! Mi vena no cotilla nunca tiene nada que saber del resto, que horror!!

  13. pues voy a hacer una preguntita sencilla, porque me gusta mucho tu color de pelo: qué tinte usas?!
    (ya ves que no soy nada complicada, jéjé)


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