Sunday, July 11, 2010

Spain is different!

Everytime that I read an inspiration post, I see lovely pictures of great actress as Audrey, Marilyn, Judy Garlan, Lauren Bacall... and so. I love all these gorgeous actress, but I must say that here in Spain we had some lovely and beautiful actress too that fascinated me when I was young. Here are some of them...

Marisol (Pepa Flores) 

Carmen Sevilla

Rocío Durcal

Sara Montiel

So, as you can see, not only Hollywood gave beautiful stars to Heaven... what abou the beautiful actress of your country?


  1. I love the German-French Actress "Romy Schneider". I think she was really pretty. Unfortunately I dont know of many other "older" pretty German Actresses. Marlene Dietrich popped into my mind, but I (personally) dont think she's been pretty... *shrug*

  2. tehe i like ur inspiration post :)

  3. O,those actresses are gorgeous!
    I am Australian born,and we have a few actresses out there like Abby Cornish and Rose Burne who are lovely.I used to like Nicole Kidman,but she has gone all plastic!
    Recent Spanish actresses I like are,of course,Penelope Cruz and Paz Vega,and from the past,Soledad Miranda,who died a young and tragic death,and was the most gorgeous woman ever!

  4. Dioses nunca había visto a la durcal joven ejejejee!!!
    La primera me gustó mucho :)
    saludos y felicidades por el título campeon XD

  5. ¡Totalmente de acuerdo! Carmen Sevilla de jóven era espectacular *0*

  6. Di que si! En España tenemos de todo!
    Como era Marisol.... Espectacular!

  7. Es verdad, nosotros también hemos tenido actrices guapísimas y con mucho estilo, y los ejemplos que has puesto son perfectos! Carmen Sevilla de joven era preciosa, claro que estamos acostumbrados a verla ahora y quizás por eso se nos olvida a veces, pasa un poco igual con Sara Montiel jajaja
    Y Marisol me encantaba... incluso sus pelis, aunque no sé si que me gusten es kitsch o directamente hortera y casposo jajajaja

    Yo también quiero una cocina de Hello Kitty!! Con el tostador, el rodillo, la vajilla... quiero todo de Kitty!

    1 beso

  8. Oh, it's wonderful to see so many beautiful ladies that I've not known before! Thanks for sharing, darling:)


  9. De pequeña admiraba muchísimo a Marisol!jeje


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