Thursday, July 29, 2010

Saga Sig makes me dream.

Maybe you don't know this gorgeous woman named Saga Sig. She's a photographer, and I really adore her artwork.
Saga is from Iceland, one of the most gorgeous places in this planet; but she's based at London.

Her art is a mixture of dreams, childhood, fairies, magic and love; if you don't believe me, just have a look at this gorgeous editorial for FLUX mag...

Or this shoots, from an editorial called Minnie...

Or Kron by KronKron shoes campaing...

Don't you wanna dream and fly away?

For more gorgeous pictures, visit SAGA SIG homepage.


  1. I've never seen her work before. Absolutely breathtaking! Thanks for posting about it (:

  2. No conocia esta fotografa :)
    las ultimas me han gustado


  3. He visto las que tiene hechas en Islandia. Y si te digo que Islandia para mi es un paraíso ya sabes que opinaré de esas fotografías. *_* puro amor!!!!

  4. I do not want to dream and fly away, i just want those blue shoes, love, love themmmmmmmmmmm.
    te abrazo

  5. ¡¡Beautiful pics!! And yes, Iceland must be a really beautiful place, even if it's too cold for me.

  6. Me encanta! gracias por el descubrimiento!

  7. cute hearts and i love the photos they make me feel creative ^^

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