Sunday, August 01, 2010

I wish Halloween would come really soon...

On friday I had a really nice day!! In the morning, I had a interview for working at the Barbie Shop here at Barcelona... there are only 3 in all around the world! I'll know about this next week, wish me luck! After having lunch, I prepared myself and went to Plaza Catalunya for meeting some gorgeous people and take some coffee with them... 

Yes, the people from Skins' blog had a meeting! We played with the happy baloon, talked and laugh a lot! I adore these guys! And it was really special because Olivia, a girl from Madrid, was staying here for the weekend, so we could meet her!!
Isn't she beautiful?
Ari with a ribbon I made!

And for dinner, I went to Mario and Javi's house, at Plaza Espanya, and ate meatballs. javi made them by himself and they were really delicious!!

We played with fake meatballs, drunk some delicious drinks and had a great time!

Did you had a good friday? I really hope so!
Next week i'll be writting from my home at Algeciras , I'm taking a flight to Malaga on Tuesday... yaw!


  1. You look so fantastic! I love your photos.

    Good luck, I hope you get that job (:

  2. uuy enviare buenas vibras, tenes que ser elegida para el trabajo *_*
    te ves super linda, esa falda me gusta mucho y tambien adoro halloween, ya casi XD.

    Pues yo he pasado bien, el jueves y viernes sali, y el sabado estube con cruda XDD.

    Bueno cuidate ;)
    saludos y disfruta

  3. Mmmm...albóndigas, qué ricas!!
    Me encanta el "monstruo de las galletas" :)
    Empápate bien de tu tierra, coje fuerzas...y respira hondo.

  4. Que bien os lo pasais!!!!
    Quiero ese cuadro del monstruo de las galletas !!!! es adorable <3
    Un achucho bien fuerte

  5. You really had a funny day!!! I wish you good luck with that job at the Barbie shop too.

  6. Una tienda de Barbie? No tenía ni idea...Mucha mierda ;)

  7. So you are from Algeciras, another andalisian who loves the, hear...
    I do hope you get the job. What exactly is a barbie shop? Do you sell barbie dolls?.
    Anyway I will be enjoying life in Berlin until the 24th August, as you know.
    I do hope you have not forgotten the mix and match Competition. As you can see I had to bring it forward to the 15th, in ordert to be able to buy the prize.
    Nobody has sent any outfit yet...
    Te abrazo fuerte

  8. Good luck! I hope You get a job in Barbie store!You had amazing day it seem's with great friends and You looked gorgeous!

  9. Siiiii ya no me queda nada! dos diitas!! ole! Espero que tu viaje vaya bien y que nos veamos a la vuelta vale??
    Mil besos neni!

  10. Jo, Saha eres un amor :D jajaja me encanta la foto de grupito jaja qué guay fue conoceros a todos persona :D:D:D:D


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