Friday, August 20, 2010

Things you can do with your friends during a long weekend (part II)

Hi there everyone! How's your week going? Oh, my! Mine's really busy, that's why I couldn't post about this before, so sorry about that! but imagine, yesterday I helped my friends in a theatre for children and I was a fairy... and I need some colthes! So I had to organize my wardrobe searching for something that I could use... anyway, it was really nice, and today I'm having another theatre... and two more during the weekend... yaw!!

But Here I am for showing you what we did on monday!

After spending the evening on the beach and see the sunrise again (it was a little bit cloudy and the temperature was so perfect!!), we came back home and got ready for dinner. That night we cisited Zouk, an arabian and indian restaurant near home, wich decoration is simply delightful.

First, we ate some typical arabian creams made of cheese, beet, lentils and humus, really really delicious!

Then, for the main course, Curro had some Tajin and I had some indian chicken, really delicious. Jairo had something he didn't like it, so finally he changed his meal with curro!

Finally, we ended in the top part of the restaurant, where you can have some drinks or tea... something that we, of course, had!

And on tuesday morning, we came back to Algeciras... oh, man, what a lovely weekend!!

Shirt - Pull & Bear
Shorts - Zara
Shoes - Women' Secret
Bag - Blanco (old)


  1. I envy you!!! I want to go back to the veg restaurant!! >.<

    Jo, yo quiero, leche!! Ahora Lujo Polaco está dividido!!!! T_T

    Pero siempre seremos amor ♥

    Me encanta cómo vas vestidaaaaaa !!!

  2. qué chulada de bar-restaurante, me encanta esa decoración con las lucecitas!
    Y muy guapa con tu camiseta de rayas!

  3. Love your clothes, the place, the food...
    Otro post entrañable.
    te abrazo

  4. Me gusta mucho la camiseta y el bolsito adorable ♥

  5. That restaurant is so beautiful! I must visit Spain! ... not exclusively for that restaurant. But reading your blog makes me want to visit more and more.

  6. Que bonito restaurante :) a mi me gusta mucho comer hummus, enrollados de uva, marmoon, etc XD
    bueno mi papá es descendiente libanes, asi que tengo idea de esta deliciosa comida!! pasala bien


  7. ¡Qué pasada de sitio! Que guapos estáis los tres, qué envidia me dais x)

  8. pero que buena pinta tiene todo!
    Me ha entrado hambre ;___;''!

    Por cierto, en Blanco han hecho un vestido acabado en pantalón corto (vale, no es vestido pero no se como se llama xD) super parecido a la camiseta que llevas, por si te interesa ;D)

    Un beso!

  9. What a gorgeous restaurant!!!


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