Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Machine...

It is now a couple of years ago that I discovered the heavenly sound of your throat and force of your letters, those that make your vocal cords vibrate. Screaming lessons in our ears; lessons that everyone should have already learned but that sometimes we are unable to assimilate. Whispering that we must be run through everything we love, and that sometimes we should leave behind what we love; running for our mother, fighting for what we believe. Stopping being a rabbit girl to become a lion girl, ready for battle. Jumping into the void, letting the happiness we get hit us like a train; stumbling, falling and getting up again, because that's life.

Today I dedicate my lines once again on your red head, your sighs and your passions, today I dedicate my words to you once again because sometimes when I feel sluggish, you take my smile away with every little piece of your sound ... and I smile even more thinking that I want to express this.

Today I want to scream something everybody already knows, but I do not care.

I am part of the machine. We are all parts of this machine that moves, based on valves, inspirations, throbbing and tears. Everyone, whether you like it or not, settle for a fraction of a heavy equipment: life. And within this machinery, there are sometimes sounds that guide us. The sound of Florence, among other very important sounds, guides me.

And yes, I am also a part of the machine. 

You've got the Love is original from The Source featuring Candi Staton; but I love Florence's cover too.


I didn't say anything about Daul's dead because I really think that there's nothing more about to say, except that we'll keep her in our mind :(


  1. Ay va, pues pensaba que era el primero xD Pues muchas felicidades por los anteriores también xD Si es que tu blog es precioso :3

  2. What a great post, sweetie! She's gorgeous:)

  3. she is goegeous! n she looks beautiful in the video n the photos.
    and thanx for ur lovely comment on my blog too..hope u enjoyed reading sieg ;) have a nice weekend doll x

  4. Qué bozarrón tiene! voy a buscar mas cosillas de ella :)

  5. Omg, you have lookbook, I am so jealous.

    I hope you have fun with your mum.

    And Florence is so beautiful.


  6. A veces también la todoterreno Libs se nos pone sentimentalista? Me alegro de leerte, dices cosas para que te conozcamos mejor la gente que te tenemos lejos y queremos verte en persona ^^

    Y yo que no conocía a Florence hasta que me hablaste de ella...

  7. Libe, sos maravillosa!! ♥

    Y lo siento si suelto aca lo de Daul, pero sos la primera persona que conozco que la nombra.., pero como todos estos últimos años y los suicidios en Corea (fue en Paris, lo se, pero la cuento igual), me choca, me pone mal.., sobre todo porque todas estas actrices y modelos eran bastante mas chicas que yo.., y es terrible ver como gente con tanto por delante encuentra la salida en algo tan terrible.., daul pedía ayuda a gritos.., nadie la escucho? Su última entrada fue un adiós a la vida que tanto la hacía sufrr.., y un hola a la eternidad en la que sé, estará mejor..
    A mi me duele mucho..

  8. Florence (L) me encanta la foto con el vestido negro, pero mucho mucho

  9. Que color de pelo tan impresionante (L Y qué fotazas :)


  10. Absolutely wonderful, so true we are all part of that machine.



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