Sunday, November 29, 2009

More Gaudi and thanks to...

 Last wednesday we went again to the Park Güell with my mom, it was her birthday and she wanted to go there by the morning!

The Chocolate House!

Knit - Blanco
Skirt - Mango
Tights - Calzedonia
Shoes - Secret Shop

We spent the day at the neighborhood of Gracia, and finally, we had a walk dow Passeig de Gracia... where you can see this:

This is the Batlló House, another great building from Gaudi,,, it's my favourite one, amazing!!

My mother left Barcelona that day, and since that, I'm a little bit sad... but I'll see her again on Christmas, because I'm almost sure that I'll go back home for Christmas... of course, afer that I'll come back to Barcelona... just trying to find my dreams!

Sorry for the lack of post of these days, I promise I'll be posting more ofthen this week... I was a little bit ashame about my mother and thinking in my own stuff, hahaha! And I didn't want to post about sad things, you know!

So that's why I'm doing...

My Thanksgiving list!!!

Bloglovin' asked to their bloggers just to write about their favourite people and I'm doing it right now! So this is my list!!

Elin is my muse. My inspiration. Everytime I read one of her post, I fell in love with her once again. Her naturalness, simplicity and great style made me fall in love long ago. When I need inspiration I go to her files and photographs, because she is able to do that we can see the magic in a simple sheet of paper ... for being you, thank you, Elin!

One day I met Sandra. And I found the magic of the daily life. She writes about the little things that are important, those that when you're far from home, makes you smile. That's the spell that Sandra has got over me: she always makes me smile like a child with her lovely posts... Besides all, she has a special quality about me, and is that she makes me yearn for a place, Sweden ... as my home. Hopefully someday I can go there to live, because of course, that's one of my dreams since I was a child and Sandra inspires me to do so...


Emma has got a big quality, and is that she can live nowdays like if it where in the past. She has achieved something that was sleepinf insdie me, and it is the pleasure of the old. And when I say old, I mean vintage things. With its sympathetic writings, and his wonderful style, I have learned to retrieve something I used to love from my childhood: the pleasure of the smell of used things, the feel of a pair of used shoes, the texture of the clothes from yesteryears ... Thanks, Emma, because it is for you that the word "vintage" has returned to my vocabulary!

Laia has entered in my life like a wild wave, and I very much appreciate it. She has made me see that there is no need to dream of distant places to pursue our dreams, although both dreaming to leave far from home. I discovered that I have a friend closer than I thought, someone with I can share small treasures that I had forgotten. For being my friend, thanks, Laia!

Of course, I leave here lots of wonderful people... Maria from Lulu Letty, Daria, Sher, Daisy, Ines... you all know that I love you and you're part of my inspiration too!

And you? Who do you wanna say "Thank you"?


  1. I agree all of those blogs are so inspiring!!!

    Adore your outfit here. Your shoes are so wonderful.

    I can't believe how cool the architecture is for every building you show!!

  2. the photos of the mosaic buildings are so romantic!! your outfit is lovely too, perfect shoes :)

    and i really enjoy Requiem pour un con's blog too, she's amazing <3

  3. Gaudí es lo máximo O_O que bien tu madre cumplió años, felicidades.
    ains ya vere esos blogs, se ven lindos; hay mucha gente para darle las gracias, en general me encanta ver aquellas chicas que siguen sus sueños e inpiran ;)


    pd. ains gracias por los grandes halagos!! *__* muaaaah!!

  4. Oh I love the Chocolate and Batllo house, they look so amazing!! You look so pretty in pink:)

    And I adore all the blogs you mentioned also, they're really magical and brings you to another world altogether!

  5. hola me encanta gaudí. besos

  6. NO no!! Tía!! Secuestrenme!!!!
    Que aqui es muy aburrido!!!
    Quiero ver esos edificios.., antes de venir a España siempre pensaba.. "y pensar que cuando me mude voya ver esas cosas maravillosas..!"
    Y una mierda.., no he visto un carajo en 7 años de vivir aqui! >.<

  7. Me gusta la foto de la chica con el paraguas (L


  8. [Tu comentario me ha animado muchisimo, ¡¡como un soplo de aire fresco!! xDD]

    El parque Güell fue uno de los sitios a donde no pudimos ir T__T (que estaba cerrado o algo asi).

    Me encanta la primera foto.

    Besos :D

  9. Felicidades a tu madre!

    La verdad és que desde que volví a Barcelona después de estar viviendo durante un tiempo en EEUU me dí cuenta de la riqueza y belleza arquitéctona de aquí, pero aún me cuesta ver segun qué cosas, como por ejemplo la torre Agbar, que la encuentro horrorosa!

    Me alegra de que te haya gustado lo que he escrito sobre las Dollfies! Tines razón en que és un hobbie muy caro, pero estoy totalmente enamorada T_T me encanta hacerles vestidos lolita e inventarme sus personalidades e historias *_*

  10. Barcelona es una ciudad preciosa >///<

  11. great pictures
    u look really cute in ur outfit ^^

  12. P.s. Tagged you for a fun activity at my page:)

  13. i love allll the building..and u look as cute as always doll..ur photos are all evry dreamy :) xxx

  14. btw, i prefer twilight better tahn new moon to be honest..i love robert, i like scruffy kinf of :)xxx

  15. aaa...Barcelona..been there twice already and wanna go back...especially now that it's so cold here...

    I so agree about Elin's blog..

  16. Qué bonito post! Todo lo que dices de la gente que te inspira. Ahora me paso a ver los otros blogs. Me alegro de que lo pasaras bien con tu madre. Tu foto en el paque Guell es de cuento de hadas.-
    B* a la Moda

  17. absolutely beautiful images!

  18. waa las fotos son preciosas! pero en la que sales tu me encanta *O*! estas mega preciosa tan happy *w*!! me namorao (L)! X3

  19. reinaaaaaaaaaa ainsssssss cuanto me gusta Gaudí por favor...ya te lo he dicho en alguna ocasión...

    disculpa la tardanza...ando pachuchilla y no he podido pasarme...besetes preciosa

  20. soy fan 100% de Gaudí. Lo adoro. Y Parq Güell es simplemente mágico... es como entrar en un cuento:)
    Me ha encantado el msj, me he emocionado yo con lo que has escrito de esos blogs y eso que no es el mío jaja! :)
    Besos bonita:)

  21. Like Gaudi´s work a lot! It´ll be cool to see a Gaudi inspired photoshoot!


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