Thursday, November 05, 2009

Everyone's at it...

Well, as I promise, here's my little review from "El Salón del Manga de Barcelona"... here comes Thursday and Friday. 

On Thursday we open the Sugar Miss T stand at the Salon del Manga de Barcelona. The truth is that the day was exhausting, not having much work, but rather the opposite ... the lack of movement hurts anyone. Anyway, we passed well, and we walked through part of the event ... here is a small sample. Indeed, Misako, Mr. Yu and Sakurai were in our booth a couple of times throughout the day, they loved it!

Esther and Cris in our stand

Some stuff that we were selling.

Me! I was wearing:
Pink turtle neck shirt with skulls from Blanco.
Skirt from Bodyline
Pink socks from Baby, the stars shine bright
Pink tea paty shoes from Secret Shop
Black heart shaped bag from Claire's
Black ribbon necklace from Claire's
Feathers' headband from Claire's

Me with Álex, one of the most gorgeous guys I've ever met!

On Friday I played guard duty; I was all day at the salon, not working all the time at the stand but mostly a part of the day; so I had the chance to make more pictures on Thursday ... I watched the exhibition of some inspired Lolita's clothes, then went to a workshop lolita makeup and then a very interesting talk about the vision of Lolita in Japan and Spain.

Miss T and her brother, the funniest boy around the event!! (Yes, he dressed himself as a lolita, so funny!)

Me and Maka (I love this picture!)

Mavako's and Fidel's clothes from the expo, my favourite ones.

Choko, Bloodydoll, Cristian, Darko and me!

Narcissisque; she was so beautiful! I lover her hairdress!

Me with Inma, Arisu's sister... punk lolis for the win!!

Laia, amazing with her ETC jsk!

Bloodydoll in the Lolita's workshop!

Arisu's hands... I love all the stuff she was wearing.

Candy before the talk, so great! I love this picture too!

Misako Aoki

Yû Kimura, so cute!!

And me with my coordinate:
T-shirt - Handmade by me
Skirt- Putumayo
Tights - Topshop
Sock - Bodyline
Shoes - Bodyline
Hairband - Oysho
Jewlery - Handmade and offbrand

Tomorrow, more! With a great review from Pinku Jitsatsu's concert!!

Thank you for reding and for all your sweet comments!!


  1. So much pink, I love it!!! I love all the whimsical doll-like outfits!!

    Wow, Alex is definitely fine!

  2. Wow! Vaya goce para la vista :)

  3. amor total!!! me encanta candy y su pose de metalera XDD... te ves divina de rojo, siempre lo digo y diré te luce genial!! y que amor narci.

  4. aiii k guapa estabass!! aiiins me izo tanta ilu verte *w*!! ademas estabas guapisima !! *_________*!
    a ver si nos podeos vover a ver en otra ocascion ~~ =3

    besitooos *w*

  5. LOL, el hermano de Tamar parece una abuela.. xDDD
    Y me encanta la foto tuya con Maka.. :333

    Yo ya le dije a Akane (Arisu) que tengo un crush con su hermana.. xDDD
    Es divina!!

    y vasta ya, terminen con estas entradas del salon que me pongo verde!! xDDDD

  6. en esa foto se demuestra que eres mia! y que el chico de moda es una tapadera xDD

  7. Ños cuanta loli junta *_*
    Había en el salón alguna gurololi? :( tengo debilidad por ellas

  8. you have some beautiful photos here!

  9. El salón fue muy glorioso, pero es que el viernes fue dia glorioso por excelencia!
    Que me entra morriña...

  10. Qué bueno!! Me encanta esta gente del manga, tienen un estilo genial. Son muñecas! Y tu sales muy bien. Me gusta el atrevimiento de tus medias. ¿Venía así el par?

    B* a la Moda

  11. Harán una ley anti-gente mona y tú te la saltarás totalmente, ¡delincuente, criminá! xD

  12. Me encanta el anillo del lazo rosa ^^ Un beso!

  13. Qué divertido, y Alex no me extraña que triunfara!

  14. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
    me encanta las convenciuonesssssssssssssssssssssssss
    en España deben ser aun mejores que por acaaaaaa

    la ropa *-*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    besito cuidate
    viajaré pronto a asaltar tu ropero!


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