Monday, November 30, 2009

I don't know if it's gonna raining for today...

Monday, the weather is colder than on the past days and I feel glad about it... you know, I've been expecting the cold to come for a long time, and now it seems that is here!

How was your weekend? Mine was good, full of activities!

On friday, I went with Rocio, Esther, Edo and Jess to a Barbie expo... but it was closed! You see, on the website they didn't say that on friday and saturday it was closed... anyway, we had lunch in a japanese restaurant and we had a lovely time!

Coat - Green Coast
T-shirt - Handmade
Skirt - Metamorphose
Tights - Calzedonia
Shoes - Taobao
Bag - Swimmer
Bow - Primark
Scarf - Claire's

Then by the night, I went with Esther and her boyfriend Kim to the presentation of the new Bibian Bule's book. Bibian Blue is a corset and fashion designer from Barcelona that creates wondeful pieces of clothes... and she gave a party in order to promote the book of photos of her brand!

Bibian and one of the models with a wedding dress. 

Esther, Darko and me.

With Kim (and his sexy look, so funny, hahaha!)

One of the performers. 

Fur and minihat - H&M
T-shirt - Handmade
Bustier - Offbrand
Skirt - Putumayo
Tights - Topshop and Calzedonia
Boots - Vintage
Fan - Oysho

I spent all saturday in shopping at Encants and Rieira Baixa with Naila, Micky and Laia, I found some good treasures... but the best one was my new Sonia Rykiel's shoes... only for 15€! Second hand is so good...

I love this dress!

From H&M! So new-rave, hahaha!

And yesterday, sunday, we went to the  Creativa convention... it wasn't really good, and I almost didn't find anything interesting... I bought some things for customice the letters and a lollipop that I'll use as a necklace... and a cute piece of fabric for doing ribbons. By the way, I fix the clock I bought at Encants, and now is a necklace!

Sixties' inspiration days!
Shirt - Vintage
Skirt - Bershka (secondhand)
Shoes - Sonia Rykiel
Bag - Offbrand (my beloved Pizzicato 5 bag!)

So, how was your weekend? Was it good? I really hope so!!

Have a nice monday!

PS: I'm thinking about going next week to see Editors, who are playing at Barcelona... as long as Mando Diao is cancelled (poor dear Gustaf, get well and come back soon) I was thinking of going to see Franz Ferdinand... or Editors... I can't decide!!

PS2: I was tagged by Sher for making a cool game; I'll do it in my next post, because I have to search lots of things in my room in pink!! Thank you dear!!


  1. Nice blog!! I love your red shoes and your style (gothic lolita, no?), you must love japanese fashion (me too! ^^)
    Kisses! ^3^/

  2. ¿Santo y seña? ¡Blue Glamour!

  3. Que guapa el domingo con tus Sonia Rykiel!!!!!!!!! (L)(L)(L)(L)(L)

  4. i loooooove the last picture of you *.* you look stunning!

  5. ohhhh !!! yo tambien quiero un reloj como ese ^^*!!! me encanta las combinaciones que has hecho y qué pena que la expo de la Barbie estuviera cerrado U.U...¡un beso! a ver si nos podemos mudar algun dia al fantástico bosque-mágico-oasis-enmediodelaciudad

  6. Qué envidiaaaaaa!!!! Yo quería ir a la fiesta, pero bfffff T__T

    ¿Te apuntas este domingo al Viruss? Es la fiesta de Marilyn Manson y regalan consumiciones a los que vayan disfrazados de él xDDDDD nos podemos reir mucho!! Ya se lo comenté a Esther :)

    Tía, no se cómo lo haces para ir divina siempre <3 <3

  7. Que buenas compras!

    A mi me encanta comprar cosas de segunda mano, siempre encuentras cosas baratas y preciosas *__*

    Vivian Blue hace fiestas? eso no lo sabía! xDDDDDDD siempre que paso delante de esa tienda tan espectacular se me cae la baba *_* (lástima que mi bolsillo no sea válido para comprar nada allí xDDD).

    Me alegro de que te gusten las fotos >//> ella es mi dollfie. Ya que hablé en la publicación anterior pensé que sería chulo poner alguna foto suya ^//^

    Un beso!

  8. Me encanta el último conjuntillo, que sexxyyyy!!

  9. LA EXPO DE BARBIE!!!*__________* COMO MOLAA!!!!!!!!Seguro estubo increible!

    Por cierto requeteincreibles las fotos y wapisimo el último coordinado *_* WAPAAA!

  10. I love the Putumayo skirt and ur yellow tights ^^

  11. I am so, so, SO incredibly jealous that you live in Barcelona. After Florence, Italy, Barcelona is the next city I'd like to visit!

    I hear that Spanish fashion is not only trendy and chic right now, but that is also superbly comfortable -- what's your personal opinion?

    I adore your yellow tights, by the way. I wish I had the guts to wear such a blatant color of tights, but I'm too shy! Your third outfit is by far my favorite -- homey, casual, I love the earth tone shirt&skirt combination with the yellow. pretty :)

    (Thanks for the sweet comment you left us, by the way <3)


  12. si que estubiste bien ocupada jejeeje!! en la primera foto me recuerdas al ronald del mcdonald XDD nice!! aaay yo quisiera ir a una convencion de barbies, eso acá no existe.



  13. como siempre preciosa!! me encanta!! pareces una muñequita!! k tal la exposición de barbie??? cuando yo estuve en nyc tengo una foto con una pasarela de barbies, imaginate!! espero que todo bien!

    un besito^^

  14. So many gorgeous outfits Libs!! I so love the last one with the yellow tights!!

    Gorgeous new items and I love all the photos at the launch party!! Your outfit and striped tights are awesome.

  15. You wear such cool pieces, especially your tights and shoes. I love scrolling back and seeing your past weeks outfits.

  16. que de cosas has hechooo!! *_*
    que chulo lo de la barbie ;O;!! jopetas xD
    ai chica, que envidia, siempre estas divina x3!!!

  17. Tú estas en todos los saraos!!!!! Como tiene que ser jajajajaja.
    Siempre estas espectacular!
    Un abrazo

  18. Lo de barbie es en barcelona no? esq lei algo, q pena q no lo hagan en madrid tb!

  19. Girl, I'm gonna steal all your dresses, they are all so pretty and lovely!! ahhh, I want them all!!

    Your yellow tights are perfect too:)

  20. Such a shame the Barbie Expo was closed! Looks like you've been having a lot of fun though.

    Love those dresses and those sweet Sonia Rykiel shoes - gorgeous stuff!

    Polly x

  21. Wow me encantaron esos zapatitos!

    creo que preferiría ir a ver a Editors! ^^

  22. Aaaaaaaaaaaaay Bibian Blue!!! *___*
    Me encanta esa mujer y sus diseños (igual que con Maya Hansen xD hay que barrer pa los dos laos)
    Y me encanta el outfit de la fiesta :P chica, que glamour :P

  23. ¡OMG Esa falda que llevas es maravillosa! *o* Y Darko está taaaan genial *_*. Eso sí, medias amarillas y zapatos rojos no más porfavor x_x que me han recordado a Ronald McDonald x_x.

    Estúve mirando (vilmente en una tienda... con todo el morro del mundo xD) el book de Bibian y es realmente precioso... pero no pienso comprarmelo porque vale un dineral para 4 hojas que son y para que se lo metan los de Norma en el bolsillo... ¡Me niego! xD

  24. loving all those pics and those dresses x

  25. Aún a riesgo de ser apedreado... ¿esas medias amarillas con zapatos rojos no te dan un look como a lo Ronald McDonald?

    *(se cubre la cabeza con los brazos)


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