Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright!

Hello everyone!! I hope everybody around here is fine! My ankle is much better, thank you for your sweet comments!!

It's been an exhausting week, we worked very hard and barely have time to connect to internet and update the blog, I'm so sorry! Finally, everything returns to normal and I will continue to update with the ease of before, thanks for your patience!

I'm going to go slowly telling my whole week, with many photos included ... and nothing better to start with the Tea Party that Baby, the Stars Shine Bright offered in Barcelona on Wednesday.

We got up early to set up the booth in which we have been working throughout the Salon del Manga de Barcelona, we were a little against the clock, but eventually all was well at five o'clock, time we went to make do with home Maka. Here is the result of some of us.

Eva (amazing in her white dress, wow)

I was wearing:
Red jsk by Baby, the Stars Shine Bright.
White shirt frm Zara
Red shoes from Tao Bao
Totebag from Alice and the Pirates
Leopard bow from Primark
Leopard offbrand tights

After a train ride, we reached the hotel where they celebrated the Tea Party, the truth is that the site was beautiful! We went down to a very nice room and there began to drink tea and eat some delicious pastries.

Mr. Sakurai, Misako and Yu representative, enlivened the tea asking questions about our understanding of the brand, lolita models or Japanese culture in general; he was pleasantly surprised to see that we were all very knowledgeable. It was also Mr. Sawada, the head of the Baby store in Paris.

Esther, Laia and me!

Finally, Misako and Yu showed up, both gracefully dressed ... Yu is pure love, and Misako chased me for half room just for taking some photos with me, she loved my whole classic jsk complemented with leopard!

I won a surprise gift, which proved a color alice blue bow ... something that I do not use much, so I gave it to my dear Maka. We also receive all lucky packs with a purse, a crown, socks, gloves and postcards from the brand... everything was lovely!

Esther, Yû and me.

Malloco and Esther.

And of course, we got a picture with Fidel David, a young fashion designer from Valencia who does not lack style and good taste ... and is a wondeful guy!

In short, an unforgettable evening.

And one thing more: my lovely friend Rocío has released a streetsnap blog, have a look at À la mode!


  1. I love all of your outfits but Esther's is my favourite!

  2. ooooh que guapaaaas todass! yo me perdí la tea party ;O;! pero fué un placer conocerte en persona en el salooon! *W* Aiii tengo k subir las fotos sta tarde ~
    Un besazo amore =D!

  3. yayyy! te voy a robar algunas fotos para mi blog! :D

  4. Y la foto con los cuernos, qué? xDDDDDDD

    Buah, fue genial :_)

  5. guapa!!! nos vemos ahora en nada :D

    anda ke no ha sido un buen finde, aunq nos hayamos visto poco T___T

    os kiero!!!

  6. De verdad me cuesta mucho no ponerme a llorar, no sabes lo triste que estoy.., me siento tan sola Saha.., ni té, ni amigas, ni regalos, ni salón.., me siento como elr everendo culo.., ya no puedo mas..!

    Y así todo me alegra ver que lo han pasado tan bonito.., te robo las fotos, me las guardo con cariño.

  7. Yo también te robo fotis, jijiji! Pero EXIJO la de los cuernos! Cuando nos veamos a ver si me puedes traer las fotis en un cd!

  8. i love everyones outfits ^^

    glad to hear you had a great tyime it sure looks like it ^^

  9. que monaaas *__* que envidia, no me canso de decirlo ejeejej! otro triunfo de las lolitas. wiiii!!
    luego sube lo que te ganaste ;)


  10. I also gave u an blog award ^^

  11. Uooo! por fin veo fotos de la tea party! XDDDDD pero que reguapas que estabamos todas, coñe! <3

    Yo te digo lo mismo que esther, ya te pasare un cd para que me las graves *3*!

  12. YAY you're back!!

    I'm so glad your ankle is feeling better.

    Wow, you all looks so amazing!! Love all the gorgeous whimsical dresses.


  13. qué guapas!!!
    le acabo de comentar a laia que necesito información sobre las lolitas para una revi que estamos haciendo en clase sobre anime, manga y cosplay


  14. Me encantaron todos los looks lolitas ^^

  15. oh wow! what a fantastic idea to have a blogger tea party! you all look beautiful!

  16. Como puedo estar tan jamona!! tengo que hacer intensivo de peso ya!

    T adoro por regalarme tu alicebow, es tan gigante y mono! mi quererte mucho!

  17. Amazing girls!!


  18. Glad your ankle's all healed up! Just in time to go to the party too!!

    Oh my, you girls certainly look ever so sweet and delightful in those dresses! I can't decide which one I like best:)

    Have a great week, darlin!

  19. Own, you all look so cuute! :)

  20. nenaaa mil perdones pero es q no soy persona...no tengo tiempo ni para abrir el blog...q horror! me encantan las fotos...no parasssssss lo pasas pipa...ya recuperada del todo? espero q siiiiiii...besetes preciosaaaaa


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