Thursday, December 16, 2010

A year in music: 2010

Hello there, how's your week going on? I'm a little bit busy with work, but today I've got time to post you about my faves artist of 2010. This are the ones I've been lisening most during this year...

Karen Elson

I'm in totally love with her soft voice and lyrics, and I wish her the best for the next year.

Fever Ray

Simply the most gorgeous sound...

Two Door Cinema Club

This band reminds me to my best friend... and I don't know why, but maybe's because their fresh sound and happy-nostalgic mood... but they teach us that something good can work ;)

Hola a todo el Mundo

This spanish band is simply magic. Give them a try.

Plan B

I recently discovered Plan B... yes, I know it's been a long time, what was I doing? I dunno, but now I can't stop listening to his great sound. Awesome.

Aloe Blacc

I started to watch How to do it in America, and the theme song is this great piece of Aloe Blacc. So I listenend to his album, and I was fascinated. Brilliant. And I must say that i normally don't listen to this kind of music...


I've been expecting the new Foals album for so long, and I was so happy when I listened to it that I almost cried with this song. Maybe I'm a nerd for loving math rock, but the sound of Foals is perfect... Math rock stolen my heart years ago, and is still with it.

The Clash

I'm always listening to The Clash, because I still think that things can change.

Julian Plenti (Paul Banks)

The debut solo album of Paul Banks, the lead singer of Interpol. First of all, I'm in love with the voice of this gentleman. Secondly, the sound of the album is simply great.I've got no words to describe it.

Mando Diao

It's not a secret how much I love Mando Diao. And during this year, I've been listening to them more than Maxïmo Park or The Smashing Pumkins (my other two top bands).
The story with Mando Diao is curious, because I've been listening them since the very begining (that's 2002) but never saw a picture of them until Ode to Ochrasy or this video (this is 2006). So that's why I consider myself a bigger fan over lots of girls who only like their music because they're goodlooking. I'm not there because they're famous, or handsome, or stars. I'm only there because their music. Funny.

I also have been listening to Florence + The Machine (of course!), Joy Division, The Kills, Patrick Wolf, The Vines, MyChem, Sex Pistols, France Gall, Iamamiwhoami, Belle and Sebastian, Paul Smith or Love of Lesbians... and I saw a few good concerts during 2010, too!

So, what have you been listening to during this year?


  1. Me alegra muchísimo saber que tu vida tiene banda sonora multicolor y multicultural.
    Un abrazo guapa.

  2. siempre interesante conocer gustos musicales tan variados!, así voy conociendo nuevas opciones, algunas seguro que me gustan!
    Y coincidimos en escuchar a The Clash, es un clásico, siempre está ahí como referencia en mi vida!.
    También escuchaba Mando Diao hace años, desde Sheepdog (creo que es de los primeros discos), pero últimamente no los seguía (y no tenía idea de que fuesen un grupo de moda!). Pero veo que me siguen gustando!

    Repito: muy interesante!!

  3. Yo también he caído en el embrujo de Karen Elson, además de ser una modelo espectacular y super extraña, su música parece un cuento oscuro de montaña :) Me la como!

  4. Este año he descubierto algunas bandas interesantes con The Nancy Fullforce o Little Fish... Por lo demás, he escuchado mucho Placebo, Nirvana y Metallica.

  5. My G is jealous of your Ramones T shirt!!!
    Music-goodness,we listen to a lot-thanks for the Spanish band recommendation,by the way-and I think the only real new thing I've been thrashing is the Karen Elson album!And Siouxsie,as always!

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