Monday, December 27, 2010

A birthday after Christmas!

Last 25th of December was Vic's birthday. Vic os one of the cutest boys I've ever met. We've been friends for about two years now, as we met in a forum about the tv show Skins. And yesterday, a bunch of people from the forum decided to give him a surprise!

So he came home for having lunch with me, and after lunch we met the rest of the people... and we gave him his cake!

We had a lovely time yesterday. Finally, I met some girls, like Julia or Alicia, that I wanted to meet so much. I could see again this lovely group, they're so great... all of them!


Ari took a couple of pictures in wich you can see the Christmas' lights on the street... and my outfit!

 Dress - Vintage
Scarf (used as belt) - Offbrand
Boots - Aces of London
Headband with butterfly - Handmade by me!

So, how was your Christmas' day? Did you had lots of presents? I had a lovely t-shirt by Junko Mizuno, one of my favourite drawers!


  1. Me encanta tu vestido amarillo, los zapatos - botitas marrones y mariposas en el pelo. Qué más se puede pedir???Ah sí las fotos más grandes para ver todos los detalles, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Me encantaaaaaaaaaaas.
    Recuerdas que me preguntaste por mis hijas??' pués he hecho un post breve sobre y con ellas, por si quieres echarles un ojo jejejje.

  2. this looks like so much fun and your yellow dress is awesome!

  3. dile a rame que se corte el peloooooooooo

  4. Me encanta ese vestido. Espero que estes pasando unas buenas fiestas :)

  5. :D!!!!

    Quiero más, la bomba explotó y yo quiero más :)

    Esta tarde curro si no subía a barcelona otra vez :3

  6. Me gusta tu estilo , ese vestido amarillo es perfecto.
    Yo , la unica pega que te puedo poner es el cinturón , que yo se lo hubiese quitado , pero el resultado final tampoco me desagrada.

    Buen blog!!

  7. Looking gorgeous!
    I was camping and swimming in a river on Christmas day,it was lovely!


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