Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Budapest day 3: the show starts!

On our third day at Budapest the sziget started and we saw some good concerts that day; but some of them weren't that good.

We woke up at 10 in the morning and had breakfast, and about one o'clock in the evening we sat down at the main stage just for be at the first line of the concerts.

We saw at three o'clock IAMX; I was expecting this very much because I really like IAMX and Chris Corner is a cool frontman... but OMG, I felll in totally love qith their bassit-keyboard girl... she was wearing a extremely cool look and almost capted all the attention!

By the way, in this concert I get Chris' towel, because he stared at me while I was making pictures and said "You, get that camera off your face, I want to see you". After that comment, I smiled and he said again "Oh, I love you, you've got a lovely smile... I like you!" and he gave me his towel, it was very funny.

After this great show, Nouvelle vague jumped into the stage and gave another amazing concert. Nadeah and Melanie Pain are excellent frontgirls and it was a lovely concert; they played their covers of "God save the Queen", "This is not a love song", "The guns of Brixton" or "Love will tear us apart", the final theme they played.

After two great shows, the massacre come to us... yes, MASSACRE!! Ska-P, an spanish band, was playing at six o'clock on the main stage... and EVERYONE was there! And for me, who was at the firs line, it was Hell... people get crazy and started to push, fight and well, imagine about that! I couldn't take any good picture... I was afraid about my life! XD

When Ska-p finnished, it was Snow Patrol's moment; it was a very relaxing concert (everything is relaxing after Ska-p) and we had a lovely time.

And finally, Lily Allen! What a lovely and funny show! Lily was so friendly and talkative, and we enjoyed her concert very much. She played lots of good songs and make her live cover of britney's "Womanizer" and Kaiser chiefs' "Oh my God"; so cool! oh, and she gave al the first line beer for free!! Yeah!

So the main stage was close for that day, but we went to the A-38 stage for seeing White Lies... and yes, here it come the deception... OMG WHAT A CRAP!! I'm sorry about that, I was very exitec for seeing them... and it dissapointed me so deeply! The voice was HORRIBLE! And no, it wasn't for the stage (at the next day I saw tricky and it was perfect)... the suck in live events T_T...

Anyway, that was the first day of concerts!! You can see more pictures at my flickr account.

In other way; yesterday i bought the new issue of Vogue Magazine and... OMG!! Have you seen the new Prada pumps? They're PERFECT! so punk, so chic... and SO expensive, sigh... I wish I could have a pair...

I love them I love them I LOVE THEM! In red and black are just so gorgeous!

And I'm thinking about buying a leopard coat I saw at H&M; if my boss pays this week... I'll go to Marbella and get it!! It's very similar to the one of the picture, which is from Zara (I couldn't find the H&M's picture).

That would be a total look for this winter: tube black skirt, leopard coat and pumps... with my blonde hair, of course. I was thinking about turning it into red, but definitly blonde is the color for this winter, so I will stay with it for a few months...

By the way, I'm thinking about making a collection of a Hello Kitty's tableware, so lovely and funny!

Yaw, that's all for today!! Have a nice wendesday


  1. woww qué de grupos más geniales! lástima lo de White Lies, ultimamente me están viciando mucho <3 y Lily Allen que mona ella, no es que me encante pero tiene una canción, Fuck You, que es lo más XD

    sobre el abrigo de leopardo.... pffff sq llevo yo una relación amor odio con todos los abrigos de pelo, amor amor porqué los adoro a todos y quiero uno para este invierno, pero odio porqué ya han llegado a todas las tiendas y no quiero ver a todo el mundo con abrigo de pelo!! claro que seguro que no mucha gente se atreve con ellos puesto que es novedad, y también quiero uno de leopardo como el de Zara (el de H&M ya lo he visto, es que que sea gris me echa un poco para atrás)

  2. hello kitty table wear!!! omg i cant wait and i love those prada shoes T_T

    vogue is torture to me XD everything is so pretty but so expensive

  3. Ah how fun! Lucky you that you've been on that festival! And that's such a cool story with that Chris thing! Lucky you! I wish Brian Molko would say something to me during the concert haha;DD

  4. WOW
    its good to see someone else likes those prada shoes too! my friends are all like "eugh"
    keep blogging!


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