Friday, May 20, 2011

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Sorry for being a bad blogger these past few days, but if you don't know, something's happening on my country. So I think that everything is secondary until we solve this, and my blog (about me, about fashion, about lifestyle...) is a part of what I think is less important.

Until that moment, PLEASE, support the SPANISH REVOLUTION. I leave you here some links about all of this.

Spanish Revolution at Facebook
Acampadabcn at Facebook
Acampadabcn Twitter
Twitter tags: #spanishrevolution #yeswecamp
Acampadabcn (and other spanish city) atTumblr


  1. I think its amazing what the young people in your country are doing. The unemployment rate is ridiculous! You're all in my prayers for a safe and speedy resolution of the issues!

  2. Ojalá se consiga algo. Yo les apoyo totalmente pero soy bastante pesimista con todo esto. Sobretodo por no poder apoyar in situ todo esto. Espero que la mentalidad española cambie pronto y empecemos a caminar con paso firme hacia el cambio que un país necesita.

  3. Creo que a lo largo de los días algo que empezó en una idea común empieza a disgregarse en pequeños intereses corpusculares... En fin, a ver si las aguas vuelven a su cauce y se reclaman de nuevo objetivos comunes porque si no veo que toda la lucha será en vano...

  4. I heard about these manifestations. I hope things will positively change... Actually it's the same problem everywhere... If only we could have pacifist manifestations like these in France. Next year there will be elections in France, and I still don't know who to trust... But I can't stand anymore these politics that are making laws only to protect rich peoples, and steal more and more money from the poorest. Money rules the world... =(
    Kisses from Paris


  5. how you say in spanish : quiet we dont want the greeks to wake up?

    A greek


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