Friday, January 22, 2010

Live aus Berlin (part I)

So... we're back from Berlin!! It's been a lovely time thare, woth snow and cold but not the cold I was expecting... I can't believe I'm back to Barcelona! it was so awesome... I don't know where to start!

So I guess that the best thing is start from the begining...

Germany is totally different to Spain. I was completely captivated, and I cannot help getting excited when I think I'll come back, maybe in spring or early summer. In fact I'm seriously considering spending the summer there, I'm sure is that's wonderful experience ...
I mean, I'm sure Berlin has its good and its bad things, but I definitely want to live in this town for a while and experience being a real "European", live a different culture from mine, which promotes recycling, Vegetarian food and social projects ...

Anyway, we arrived to Schönefeld airport on friday, and we get the tickets to the SBahn, just for going into the Ostkreuz station at Berlin, where my cousin Rocío was waiting for us with little Kora, her dog!

Laia and Albert at the train. 

Tierpark is the place where we were staying, at my friend Jorge's house... so Rocío took us to that place. We left the suitcases and went to dinner to Friedrichstein, where she's living at the moment. We had one of the most lovely pizzas that I ever had... and I was so hungry that I didn't take a picture of it, sorry! But I took some from the restaurant, full of thanks notes...

Of course we leave a note...

An finally Rocío took us into Roses, a awesome pub in the heart of Berlin... I couldnt take so much pictures, but what you're seeing in the frist one is a wall ful of pink plush fabric...

Rocío and Albert. 

So, this was our first day there... and on saturday... we had lot of snow...

But I'll talk about it tomorrow!!

Oh, by the way... this is what I was wearing that day... thanks to Laia for the pictures on the airport!

Cardigan - H&M
Stripes knit - Zara
Jumper - Zara (old)
Black tights - H&M
Boots - Aces of London
Beret - Primark
Red bow - Claire's (old)

So, today was my first "official" day at Barcelona, and I went with my Micky to Hard Rock Cafe, where we ate a great burguers and a lovely desserts... cheescake and chocolate mousse!

Micky and I before eating our burguers! Mine was with apple, yummy!

By the way, this is what I was wearing today... My new Ben Sherman's coat, bought at Berlin (I love sales, it was 70% off!); and my new Criminal Damage dress!

Coat - Ben Sherman
Jumper - Criminal Damage
Shirt - Blanco
Socks - Alice and the Pirates (Baby the Stars Shine Bright)
Boots - H&M

Thanks for reading... I'm back, yaw!


  1. Waaaw I love the last outfit you posted, with this beautiful coat and these withe boots, and the dresses of course!! So nice!!!
    It sound good to travel in Berlin... I'd never thought about it. I think I would like to visit first Barcelona, and Lisboa ;) I love sun!
    Eeeh I'm hungry now because of these photos of burgers... Yummyyy... ;3;
    Kisses from Paris! ^^

  2. ains yo no he visitado Berlin, solo Hamburgo y deberías ir allá es muy bonito!!! bueno mi hermana vive ahi y visito con su esposo Berlin, a ella no le gustó O_O mucho edificio ajajaaja!! y algo irónico, es que uno de los lugares que mas disfruta mi cuñado es Barcelona, como se ve la diferencia entre español y aleman ejeje!!! luego subes mas info de tu viaje.
    Por cierto que bonita la ropa, y ya sacó H&M mas botas estilo Dr. marteen O_O ains que lastima acá no hay, quisiera esa blancas ejeje


  3. Sounds like you had a lot of fun! :D And your outfits are adorable, I'm sure everyone in Berlin was impressed!

    Hard Rock is the best, I love their fries! I go to the one in Hollywood whenever I'm in the area! :)

  4. porfavor que mona!! me encanta tu primer conjunto!! (L)
    se ve que berlin es fantasticooO! queremos saber mas ò.o xD
    un besoo!

  5. It must have been soooo cold; but sounds like you had a great time. Sabine x

  6. Nunca he conseguido comer en el Hard Rock sin pillar una indigestión... Seguro que puede hacerse, sólo debo encontrar la manera... No te pregunto nada sobre Berlín porque esta tarde you'll tell me EVEREYTHING, ok, love??? ^^

  7. no me llama demasiado la atención berlin, pero mi principal pasión junto con la música y el cine es viajar, así que te envidio al máximo

  8. Reina!! pero qué envidia en Berlín!!! Me encantan los dos looks, pero sobre todo el primero! Y esos Oxford.. Son una pasda!
    Mil besosssssssssssss

  9. ahhhh que envidia me das... como me gustaría viajar a cualquier parte!!!

    me alegro que te lo hayas pasado bien!!

  10. LOL! You know I'll marry you in a heartbeat!

    It's nice to see you enjoyed your stay in Berlin! Maybe you'll go back soon again and stay longer the next time!!

    And how do you stay so beautiful at the airport! I always feel like wearing loose t-shirts and pants when I'm flying:P

    Those burgers are making me real hungry now! And I love today's monochrome outfit too!! Pretty as always!


  11. que bueno que te encanto Berlin :-) the city rocks!
    pero a mi me encanta Barcelona un poco mas, no se pq jajaja...xx cat
    CiTiEs of B

  12. ay dios q hambre me da cuando veo esa comilonaaa...q bueno por dios...

    ufff jersey a rayas? pues no se..yo es q llevo tiempo sin pasarme por las tiendas...y y mejor q así siga siendo...hahaha!

    besetessssss preciosaa

  13. Yo tengo muchisimas ganas de viajar, tantas que creo que voy a estallar. Si te vas a vivir a Berlín (o a London, o donde sea) me tendrás de acople total xD
    Me encanta tu conjunto del aeropuerto ;)

  14. Love both of your outfit! I must say you dress so chic for traveling! adorable!

    -Coco from Our Paper Moon

  15. Que mona va esta niña siempre.
    Seguro que os lo habeis pasado en grande, si es que no hay nada como hacer viajes con los amigos :D

  16. adoro tus oxford bicolor de las primeras fotos, de donde son??vas genial neni
    1 besazo

  17. Looks like lots of fun Sahakiel!
    Berlin is such an amazing city, still need to go there and still don't know when exactly :(

    Man, the upcoming gigs you are attending are sick! I am jealous :))

  18. Qué envidia me das! xD

    Ya me dijo Candy que decías de quedar el jueves :D ya me comentarás mejor!!

  19. Looks like a great trip and I cannot wait to see more!

    Haha, no, I am not moving to Israel forever. Just for a year or two so that my boyfriend can finish his degree and then we'll see where we'll go. It will definitely be a big change though!

  20. great pics and outfits ^^

    i love ur shirt and yor cardigan :3

    the thank you otes are the cutest ^^

  21. Qué bien que has vuelto!
    Me alegro un montón de que lo pasarais tan bien en Berlín y sobre todo de que no hiciese tanto frío como pensabais, que seguro que ibais pensando que era como Siberia jaja
    Jo, pues ahora me has dado ganas de ir a Alemania... hay tantos sitios a los que quiero ir!! A ver si me toca la lotería o algo jaja
    Por cierto, guapísima en los dos looks, me encanta la combinación de blanco y negro, y además con tu toque personal en los dos
    Hablando de lo cual, te he dejado un premio por mi blog ;)

    1 beso!

  22. Ahora sabes porqué quiero una casa en Alemania ¿verdad perra? Ay cuanto te odio xD

  23. Te has comprado una también??? DIOOOS QUE BIEEEN *___*!!!!

    Pues mira, yo el primer carrete lo compré en una tienda que se llama Chandal y esta aquí: Valldonzella 29

    La web es esta:

    Peeero~~ se ve que en la tienda de fotografía Casanovas que esta en la calle Pelayo hacen descuento y los carretes estan más baratos, asi que yo iría a comprarlos allí~~

    (Por cierto, en Chandal tienen cosas preciosas, estoy segura que te encantará esa tienda!)

  24. cuanto tiempo sin visitar tu blog!! como estas bonita??? has estado en berlin?? yo creo voy en breves xD cuentame k ay k visitar!! BSITOS^^

  25. so nice love all the lovely pictures!
    thanks for your comment on my blog xox

  26. Wonderful Libs! I love these pics. The clothes, the food are all amazing.

    Adore your black and white outfits.

    Lulu Letty

  27. pero qe mona qe eres Sahakiel !<3


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