Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Brandery 2010 Winter Edition & Ultraplayback show

Last thursday I went with Laia and some of her classmates to The Brandery, a fashion event here at Barcelona. We saw some good stuff on the stands and discovered some new lovely brands!


diKsí, a new brand that Laia and I just love!! We'll do a review of it very soon!

Mina UK, another lovely brand!

And Konplott, wonderful accesories made by Miranda Konstantinidou.

I was wearing all my new Ben Sherman's stuff...
Pictures by Laia!
And yesterday, friday night, I went to a concert at the Sidecar Pub, where I enjoyed the music of Will Spector & The Fatus and Ultraplayback... 

Will Spector & the Fatus
Ultraplayback (Captain Miniskirt on the middle, yeah!)


So, what've you been doing this weekend? Any special plans?

Oh, yes, I didn't forgot that I must talk you about our last day on Berlin!!


  1. Den es un hombre muy majo (aguanta nuestras dudas existenciales sobre la máquina de purikuras y nos aguanta 3 horas allí metidas xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD)
    Aww, yo quería ir a ver the brandery, pero supongo qu ela entrada era un poco cara T__T y entre examenes y demás, puu~~

  2. Me encanta DiKsí!
    Genial el post.

    Por cierto me ha encantado ver las fotos de Berlin, qué ganas de ir!

    Un beso niña:)

  3. No es por nada pero solo ver la foto de esa marca me llamó la atenció y dije uuuh!! veo que el mundo lolitoso nos atrae en otras cosas XD.

  4. The bands look like a ton of fun! Loved Mina UK!


  5. Wow, you always seem to be having lots of adventures with your friends! It's great!!

    I love your new stuff, especially the argyle sweater:)


  6. me han encantado las fots......y el sitio, me vuelvo loca alli ee!!
    que preciosidades de prendas...
    un besazo

  7. i ll try to document my week ! oups sorry i didnt see you already had the award !

  8. Mina UK looks like my cup of tea. Would love to hear more about that! It sounds like such a great day in Barcelona!

  9. ahh yo quiero ir a la proxima ..ojala vuelvo a vivir a bcn pronto :-) y che, gracias por visitar CiTiEs of B ;-)
    xx cat

  10. Oye, qué chulo ese evento. Me ha encantado la diseñadora Mina UK. Me he apuntado su web para el próximo shopping online que haga.
    Muy guapa de rayas!

    B* a la Moda

  11. ive had a busy weekend so i've been slow reading blogs D:

    i love ur white shoes and great photos ^^
    ur blog is always really intresting :p

  12. im loving your blog so much , its interesting and inspiring :) ! i particularly love the title of your blog :) !

  13. These photos are amazing! I especially loves those mopeds ;)

  14. desde luego en el concierto cerca estabas eh!
    Envidia me das que puedas ir a estos sitios mientras yo estoy aquí encerrada :_

  15. you are so so lucky to be in barcelona! i went this summer and it quickly became one of my very favorite places :)
    you have a wonderful blog


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