Sunday, December 20, 2009

That boy, that girl...

On Friday night, Laia and I were at the Albert's fluoride party... and here you can see part of our night!


Me with my new H&M dress and leopard trainers!

Sugar... oh honey honey!

You're my candy girl...

Alvaro was great with his Johnny Cash-alike shirt!!

The three braves that are travelling to Berlin on January!!

And tonight I had a surprise at Mario and Javi's house...

Oh, my! A birthday cake!!

Javi's birthday is next week, and mine was last week... so this was a surprise for both of us!!

Lidya and Sergio gave me this lovely brooche, thank you!!

After this I went to a new disco around the city, but I'll show you tomorrow when I get the pictures... anyway, how was your saturday?

Ps: I've received two awards... yaw!!

From Carmen

Thank you, girls! I'll pass them in my next entry!!


  1. Love that floral frock. And that brooch is beautiful. What a fab gift!

  2. Gracias diva ejejeje!!! que guapas salen, laia parece un duendecito de santa claus XDD, y tu que sexy.
    Hey que linda tu bufanda de cuadritos, adoro ese print ^^
    Bueno espero estes bien, cuidate.

  3. such a fun night...and what a beautiful gift...

  4. Oh I love your new dress, sweetie! The floral print is so pretty!! And yummy candies, I want them all:)


  5. Floweeeeers *3*
    Great dress, it's in H&M now? I never saw it =(
    I love so much floral fabric!

  6. Oooooh your dress, love it!! Can I have your glasses? They're brilliant, heehee.

    Eeeeeeee thank you, my email is


  7. Ese vestido... esas gafas... te odio ;_; ¿por que tienes cosas tan chachis? xDD

  8. guapa!!el vestido de H&M de las flores estuve a puntito de comprarmelo, pero preferi esperar a rebajas, aunque ahora que te lo veo me ha vuelto a picar el gusanillo hahha
    1 besazo cielo

  9. oo that seemed like such a fun night, i love how colorful you girls were dressed up !!!

    your second bday cake looked yummy !

    and congrats on the award !

  10. Hey there. I hope you're having a good weekend. It's been cold and rainy here. Our internet keeps going out so I did want to leave a comment on your blog. Take care. Have a great week. Cheers!

  11. sounds like u ahd a great time ^^

    love the war paint and glasses ^^

  12. reina pues no sabría q decirte....hahaha...igual si te presentas así ni te conocen...hahaha!

    besetes preciosaaaaaaa

  13. Looks like a fun time and you look great in that new dress!

    Happy belated birthday!!

  14. La tarta tiene buenísima pinta, pero mejor te como a ti, ¡ÑAM! Bueno, y a Laia, que estáis tan divertidas en las fotos... :)

  15. Las fotos son muy gloriosas!!
    El broche me ha enamorado!

  16. me explicas porque siempre vas tan monaaa??? te adoroo!! jajajaja bsitossS^^ como se presentan las navidades!!?? yo todavía stoy sin vacacioness...:S

  17. wiiii !!! quiero tu chaqueta cómic !!!!

    jopé, te montas unas fiestas *_* !!!

  18. wiiii !!! quiero tu chaqueta cómic !!!!

    jopé, te montas unas fiestas *_* !!!

  19. I love the eylashes! They look so fun and playful!

    Hope you all had a great time!


  20. Congratulations on your well deserved awards Libs!!

    You and Laia looks so lovely!! Adore the fun makeup!

  21. It look like a really fun night! You look great in your new H&M Dress!

    -Coco From Our Paper Moon

  22. siempre e pensado que las medias de ese color son geniales pero no sabria nunca con que ponermelas y si es que tenias que ser tu la tia mas chachi que sabe siempre como conbinarlo todo!! xD
    estas guapisima! para raptarte *_*!!

  23. Insisto...! Lo único que hacen ustedes ahí es ir de fiesta?! xDDDD

  24. Vosotras si que sabeis montaroslo bien, tieneis unas caritas de pasarlo bien...¡da gusto veros!
    Por cierto Libe, este vestido floral te queda que ni estubiera hecho a medida >///< Y Laioncia con esas pestañotas~ ¡apas las dos!!


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