Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas weekend

Hi there! I hope everybody's having a lovely holidays! As I can read about all of you, it is!

Today I'm extremely tired. I've been working this evening in a theatre performance on the street, I was playing the Queen of Hearts' role and my mates were another characters from children's stories... we had to dance, play with the childrens and all that kind of stuff... I hope I could show you pictures very soon!

Last weekend I spent my time with some of my friends from Algeciras. We went to El Cairo's pub, I have wrote about it before; and after that we went to Café Teatro, another nice place where we had some beers. I really missed this kind of things with my friends from Algeciras...

Cristina, María and me

María joking about the idea of drinking from her shoes

Me with Angie.

Godino and María, I love this picture, looks so funny!

Cristina and Godino blaming Rafa... for something!

Green and red hairs!!

Top - Blanco
Dress/skirt - Hellbunny
Boots - Aces of London

And I spent almost all sunday with my mum, making some Christmas shopping (here in Spain we normally don't share the presents until the 5th of January, our tradition is different), eating in a big mall and going a little time together.
A Christmas tree on the mall!

Wishing you a merry Christmas!!
Cardigan - Bershka (old)
Tiger Army t-shirt from Sziget (Budapest)
Skirt - Syndrome second hand
Shoes - offbrand

And finally this week, another year is ending... what are your plans for that night? I don't have any plan at the moment!!


  1. me mola vuestro rollo pelil :D


  2. Nuestro plan en un principio era desfasarnos un montón, pero como nuestra fiestera number three se nos ha ido a Algeciras (snif, snif) hemos planeado una noche de maratón de juegos de mesa: Atmosfear, Tabú, Party & Co...

    La megafiesta la aplazamos para el año que viene ^^

  3. Quiero verte de reina de corazones ya !!!

  4. Merry Christmas!
    those pictures are so beautiful!
    you all look like your having a blast!!!

  5. Oh I love that third pic of you, your hair is a gorgeous colour. I love the dress with the black top over it.

    Hope your Christmas was good and you have a Happy New Year wherever you are.

  6. Love the outfit in the last photo.

    Ooooh playing the queen of hearts must have been fun :)

    Have a good new year hun!


  7. Pues mi plan para nochevieja es salir con mis amigos... lo importante no es el lugar sino estar con ellos y disfrutar a tope la noche! bueno, antes cenaré con la family y eso, y las uvas.. jeje

  8. Looks like a fun time! :)
    And your skirt in the last picture is great!

  9. love these and love your profile picture- so creative and gorgeous!
    merry christmas and happy new year!
    and gorgeouss blogg!

  10. Me encantan todas las fotos, el verde y rojo del pelo les da un toque de color en la oscuridad, estais adorables ^^

  11. Tienes que verlas, sí señor!
    Si no te gustan ni lo más mínimo me haré responsable!

  12. Hola!!
    Acabo de descubrir tu blog gracias a Trendtation (ya te envié la petición de amistad por cierto jeje) y ha sido todo un descubrimiento!! Me encanta tu estilo, y mira que es difícil hoy en día encontrar a gente con un estilo propio y diferente que se salga de los canones (ya sean mayoritarios o los canones minoritarios fashion-bloggiles jeje)... veo que también eres una amante del vintage como yo, me he enamorado de tus vestiditos!!
    Y bueno, qué guay lo del teatro en la calle, seguro que os lo pasasteis genial! Lástima que por aquí no se hagan ese tipo de cosas

    1 beso!!

    P.D. Yo en fin de año dudo que salga... estoy pensando en celebrarlo por el día, comiendo fuera, y de noche después de las uvas me meto en cama. Soy más diurna que nocturna jaja

  13. Wow, a street performance sounds so interesting and exciting!! Can't wait to see pics from it!!

    Hmmm, nothing special planned yet for the new year's. Probably just spend a quiet night with my boy! Hope you have a great celebration:)


  14. looks like you had a lovely one, cheers!!!

  15. lol yes my hair is ok now, but my fammily had a good laugh !

    I might try again soon though ;-)

    i like your cardigan !

    you played in the street? how brave !! im way too shy !

  16. Si es que nena te lo pasas bien, vayas donde vayas!

    Si te sirve, yo tambien estoy currando, pero no en algo tan divertido como tú :_

  17. Oh how fun are these photos! You look adorable in both outfits, darling:) Love the shoes from the first look and the cardi from the second one<33
    Happy holidays and new year:*

  18. Pues mis fiestas han sido una puta mierda.. xDDD
    Pero es la tradición, y las tradiciones se cumplen! :DD


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