Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Man's Machine

Hi everybody! How was your friday? Mine was quite and with good company, my dearest Laia and Rocío! Laia and I went to Rocio's house this evening just for talk about our inminet trip to Berlin on January... guess ehat? We've got the tickets!! So, from January the 15th until the 20th, you could find us at Berlin!!

And after this short notice, I would like to thank you! Yes, you all! Finally, I've got 101 followers, I cannot believe it! When I started blogging I never imagined I would have more than 30 followers... but here I am, thank you all, who read me, comment me and encourage me about continuing this project. Thank you so much, it means a lot for me!

Today I dyed my hair, yes! It's red, of course, but the color is so brilliant now!

I love how red looks on me!

And my lovely Cris came this evening to my home with this lovely cakes... they were so delicious! I made some coffee and we had a little chat; since she's studying for her exams I haven't seen her in weeks! But of course, her exams are more important than me!

I think I haven't told you before, but I'm a translator and writer in a small blog about the series "Skins". Some time ago I translated an interview we did with questions from fans at Ollie Barbieri;the guy who plays JJ in the third season of the serie... and I would like to share it with you here. I think that you can read the interview in spanish and english here at Skins, El foro; but if you can't, please, tell me and I'll blog about it! The only thing that I can say about Ollie is that he's really cute and very smart; and he was son kind and friendly!

At the moment we're trying to contact the rest of the cast... I would like to interview Jack O'connell; he plays Cook in the third season, a character adored by some and hated by others, but certainly not indifferent for the fans of the serie.

Ollie (left) and Jack (right).

Luke Pasqualino, Jack and Ollie.
The cast at FHM Magazine

Have you ever see "Skins"? Wich one is your favourite character from the 1st and 2nd generation?

And before I leave, one thing more... the title of this post is a Jamie T's song; I adore his music and if you haven't listened him, you should!

Enjoy your weekend :)! And again... thanks for being there!

PS: I forgot it, yesterday I was (again) the cover of Trendtation... here you can see the picture!

Cool :)


  1. Congrats on your 100th+ followers!

    Wow love your hair color! it is so shiny and perfect tone of red!

    Yummmy Cake! (I'm a huge cake fanatics!) These strawberry cream one look yummy!

    -Coco from Our Paper Moon

  2. felicidadeees!! y esperaa que va aumentar esa cantidad ajajaja!! yo apenas tengo unos cuantos y no me imaginé que tendría mas de 4 XDDD,, es lo triste de ser una x jaajaja.
    Hey este es mi nuevo blog, ando viendo acá con este perfil!!

    por cierto aca dan skins en mtv, y honestamente no me gusto O_o no se si es algo muy europeo o que ejej pero no me atrapó... bueno tu sigue ahi de translator

    cuidatee. muah!!

  3. congratulations! and your hair looks fantastic!

  4. Enhorabuena por lo followers. Aqui tienes una que te sigue pero por Blogloving. Oye, qué suerte lo de Berlín. Yo quería ir en Navidad.
    Ya me había dado cuenta de lo de que te gustan las medias y los calcetines. ;)
    B* a la Moda

  5. Congrats!

    I LOVE the colour your hair, it's so fantastic!

    Cake is awesome :)

  6. Helloo Libs.

    Yes we can swap houses any time. I'm sick of the cold haha.

    Heehee ooooh have fun in Berlin.

    I adore the red on you, it looks so pretty.

    Congrats on the followers!


  7. Helloo Libs.

    Yes we can swap houses any time. I'm sick of the cold haha.

    Heehee ooooh have fun in Berlin.

    I adore the red on you, it looks so pretty.

    Congrats on the followers!


  8. Enhorabuena! Me encanta que seas tan constante con el blog, eso lo notan los lectores ;)
    Creo que no te lo había comentado, pero Skins se graba aquí en Bristol (o por lo menos la primera temporada) y en su día, cuando me tocaba buscar localizaciones para algún programa de la tele, me encontraba con que ya habían filmado Skins en todas partes xD
    Antes de que vayas a Berlín tengo que recomendarte un bar muy muy underground vestigio de la guerra, con las paredes cubiertas de fotos de hace décadas y un rollo muy Cabaret!

  9. Wooow felicidades por los watchers lady!!!
    Uhmmm pelirroja... estuve una temporada pensando en teñirme de rojo, pero desistí XDD
    Personaje favorito 1 temp: Christ
    Personaje favorito 2 temp: Cook... xDDD
    Estaba claro XDD

    (Pd: Contaré las veces que me choco contra alguien cuando lleve mis super headphones XDD)

  10. congrats on the folowers ^

    I love your hair colour too the cakes look really nice to eat and I've only watch some skins I like the first series i think :3

  11. he visto solo la primera temporada de skins. Y me encanta Sid. no se porque. es como alguien que aun no "florece" completamente.
    me encanata el color de tu cabello!
    muchas gracias por tu propuesta, la tendre muy presente. ahora quede en banca rota luego de unas compras en amazon.
    Gracias por tu comentario!

  12. no era una "snake party", jeje, puse de titulo lo de snake & party pq no sabía q poner, iba de "snake" y me fui de "party".. jajajaja

  13. Que pinta que tiene la tarta :)
    Por cierto me encantan tus ojazos ^^

  14. sabía que pronto serías portada de trentantion! bsitos wapisima!^^

  15. Pues ese color te quda que ni pintado!! Yo tengo que teñirme que ya se me ven de nuevo las canas.. DD: Un día de estos me tiño de blanco y listo! xDDD

    Esa tarta se ve SO YUMMY!!!! *O*


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